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Tuesday, February 19
Volunteer Information

‘‘Every girl, every young girl, needs the love and support of somebody. I was, and am blessed to have that love and support come from my parents, who made a commitment to doing everything it took to see their children have better lives than they did. But not every child has that support. So I challenge each of you here tonight to look at life as not being defined by the medals we wear around our neck, or the promotions we get at work, but rather the difference we can make in the life of someone else. Someone who may not have that support, have not been given the chance to pick up a ball, or even have a field to play on. So pass this torch, get others to think outside the box of their everyday lives and give those opportunities to so many out there that need it.”


USA Softball’s Jessica Mendoza


PWGFS has a mandatory volunteer policy. PWGFS has always been an all-volunteer league and without dedicated volunteers, we would not exist. During the registration process, you will be given a list of available volunteer positions to choose from. If you decide that you do not wish to volunteer, there is a $50 opt-out fee per family, per season.


  • If signing up for spring/fall $100
  • If multiple children for spring/fall $100
  • If multiple children for spring $50
  • If multiple children for fall $50


By the end of the season, if it has been determined that the family did not fulfill its volunteer obligation, the $50 opt-out fee will be billed. It is the goal of PWGFS to keep the registration fees as low as possible. In order to achieve this goal, PWGFS utilizes monetary donations and resources provided by generous sponsors to offset our related costs associated to maintaining the league.   



It is the intent of PWGFS to keep the Spring teams intact into the Fall season using new players to fill in open spots on the team rosters. This will be done using our Fall Blind Hat-Pick Draft Rules conducted by the PWGFS Player Agent and witnessed by the PWGFS Board. PWGFS provides one uniform per year Spring & Fall. In the Fall, new uniforms are issued only to new players and teams. Replacement uniforms may be purchased at an additional fee of $15 - $20 per player. Please notify your coach who will collect the added fee(s) prior to ordering the uniform(s). For assistance with or questions regarding our online registration contact:




As a PWGFS Coach youwill be required to be certified through the USA Softball ACE Coach CertificationProgram, as well as taking mandatory online conussion training ( There will be a mandatory one time coach training session for new Coaches. The training session will be held by PWGFS and will last 1 or 2 hours.The PWGFS Board or the Division Commissioner will hold a coach meeting you willbe required to attend. Each spring, PWGFS holds a tryout session. Coaches willattend the tryout session for the purpose of evaluating the players’ skills.The PWGFS Board will then hold a meeting with the Coaches during which, thePlayer Agent will conduct the player draft. Following the player draft, Coachesmay contact their teams and begin practicing. All PWGFS Coaches will beassigned team equipment and appropriate league contacts for handling variouscoaching related issues. In addition to "on field" coaching, PWGFSencourages all coaches to take part in our Winter Clinics and Summer Camps asthey can be a great learning experience.

Assistant Coach

As a PWGFS AssistantCoach, you will be required to be certified through the USA Softball ACE CoachCertification Program, as well as taking mandatory online concussion training. PWGFS will allow up to two (2) official assistantcoaches per team for the purposes of fulfilling mandatory volunteerobligations. Assistant Coaches will be required to help the Coach duringpractices and games. In the Coach's absence, the Assistant Coaches will becalled upon to run practices or games as needed. In addition to "onfield" coaching, PWGFS encourages all assistant coaches to take part inour Winter Clinics and Summer Camps as they can be a great learning experience.Many Assistant Coaches find their comfort in coaching as an assistant and laterprogress to coaching.NOTE: Based on the PWGFS Draft Rules, Assistant Coaches will not be assigned toteams. During the draft process, Coaches may draft players based on getting Assistant Coaches through their picks but, team placement is not guaranteed. Ifa team has more than two (2) assistant coaches assigned to a team, the coachwill decide his two (2) official assistants. Others may still help as needed however;PWGFS will use their secondary volunteer options.

Team Parent

Are you a good organizer who could help a head coach by keeping track of game and practice schedules, processing uniform orders, or managing your team's concessions volunteer schedule? Then fulfill your volunteer requirement by being a Team Parent. This role does not require getting USA Softball background check and certification, but you may want to do so anyway in order to be able to help in the dugout.


Curious about who is winning, what inning is being played, and who is coming up next? Then you may be the perfect candidate as your team's scorekeeper. The Home Team has the "official book", but both teams are encouraged to maintain their own scorebook. The scorekeeper is responsible for tracking the number of outs, runs, batting order, where runners are on the bases, and other vital data. The scorekeeper allows the head coach to focus on the game and will be a source of information to make strategic decisions. This role does not require getting USA Softball background check and certification, but you may want to do so anyway in order to be able to help in the dugout.

Concessions Committee

Besides the registration fees, the concession stand (aka the "Snack Shack") is the primary means of revenue for the league. Assist the Concessions Coordinator ( with scheduling and manning the Snack Shack, as well as forecast shopping needs. The more parents that volunteer for the Concessions Committee, the more revenue the league can generate, and that will allow us to lower costs, as well as purchase newer equipment. This role does not require getting USA Softball background check and certification, but you may want to do so anyway.

Field Maintainence Committee

Prior to every game, field maintainence is necessary, to include placing bases, pitching plate and drawing the lines to indicate where the batter's box, on-deck circle, base/foul lines, and pitcher's circle. Dragging of the field, removal of water, and drying saturated areas are under an as-needed basis.  Additionally, the Field Maintainence Committee assists the Equipment & Fields Coordinator ( to ensure that equipment boxes are stocked and plan on when replacements are needed.


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