Prince William Girls Fastpitch Softball: About PWGFS

Prince William GirlsFastpitch Softball is a volunteer-based recreational league serving PrinceWilliam County, Virginia and the surrounding areas. PWGFS is an USA Softball (formerly the AmateurSoftball Association [ASA]) affiliated organization and accepts ALL girls ages 5 to18 regardless of skill level. We are proud to offer both Spring and Fallseasons as well as Winter Clinics and Summer Camps. Our volunteer coaches arecertified and background-checked through the ACE Coach CertificationProgram, must take online concussion training and are comprised of parents and other volunteers from our community.Some of our coaches have remained with the league long after their owndaughters have moved on to High School and College. All of our generousvolunteers are dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of fastpitch softball aswell as skills that could lead to making a Middle School or High School teamand quite possibly a College Scholarship. We strive to offer a positive, safe,fun environment in which the following values are maintained:










Although not everychild has the desire to play at a higher level, Prince William Girls FastpitchSoftball provides a positive, healthy, fun outlet in their childhood and teendevelopment.


8 & Under Division

The PWGFS 8 &Under Division (8U) is completely instructional and based on teaching theplayers the basic fundamentals, all positions, general knowledge of how thegame is played as well as teamwork. Our 8U coaches commonly remain on the fieldinstructing both offensively and defensively. An 11" Softee ball is usedat all times to prevent injuries which could occur with a normal ball. The 8Udivision is machine pitched however, a hitting tee may be used at times; thisis intended to build the confidence of the young players and help to eliminatethe basic fears associated with learning to hit. Scores and standings are notkept for the 8U division.

10 & Under Division

The PWGFS 10 &Under Division (10U) is where the players will learn to apply their skills. Inthe 10U division, our players will learn to better understand the rules andconcepts of the game. The players are still rotated to different positions atthis level and while it is still instructional, the players are introduced tothe competitive side of the game. Scores and standings are kept and ASAcertified umpires are behind the plate calling the games. At the 10U level, theplayers still face coach pitching however; they will also face "kid"pitchers too. Yes, this is fastpitch softball but, remember the pitchers areonly beginners at this level. For more information on the 10U rules and format,see the Local Rules page.


12U, 14U, 16U & 18U Divisions

The PWGFS 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U Divisions are more competitive in nature as the players are beginningto hone in on their skills at certain positions. By now, many of the playershave a few years under their belt, some playing school ball, others playingcompetitive travel ball. Although many of the players have the advantage of ahead start, each year we see many new, beginning or inexperienced players in each of these age groups and they typically blend right inand pick up things quickly. Our teams are usually well-balanced andprovide all players, regardless of skill level, a great opportunity to have funand make quality friendships that go beyond the softball field while learningthe great game of fastpitch softball.


PWGFS Mission Statement

Prince William Girls Fastpitch Softball (PWGFS)is a 501c non-profit organization which exists to provide girls ages 5-18 ofPrince William County, Virginia and its surrounding areas with recreationalopportunities in the game of fastpitch softball. We are fully committed toproviding a safe, competitive, and friendly atmosphere where ALL girls,regardless of their skill level, are valued and provided an opportunity tolearn the skills of the game to enhance both their physical and mentaldevelopment. More importantly, we are committed to teaching life lessons (likeSportsmanship, Winning, Losing with Pride, and Teamwork) and to honor the game,its participants, coaches, umpires and fans. We will strive to provide the bestsports experience possible to assure that each child has FUN as they improvetheir skills and learn to enjoy the spirit of competition.

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