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Get Directions to Arapahoe Ice Warriors Pee Wee A NavyMonument Local Weather
Arapahoe Ice Warriors Pee Wee A Navy
Lenina Close
Fax: 7208706507
750 Trumpeters Court
Monument, Colorado

Arapahoe Ice Warriors Pee Wee A Navy
Vince with Logos

Welcome to the Home of the Arapahoe Pee Wee A Navy Youth Hockey Team


We Are the Champions

Phoenix team photo
Pee Wee A Navy Desert Youth Hockey Spring Tournament 2006 Champions

Wednesday, April 12
Party This Saturday!

Our Season end party will be held this Saturday at 5:00pm. To get there from I-25 take the Lincoln exit. Go west past Yosemite (i.e., past the Super Target). Turn left at next light, Stoneglen Trail. You will go through the Heritage Estates gate, which will be open. Go up the hill past a stop sign, past the 17th green and turn left on the first full street, Harbortown Place. Stop at 8228 Harbortown Place, the second house on your right.

If you are coming from the west, go south on University until it becomes Lincoln (it changes to Lincoln at Quebec). Keep going east past the light at Lone Tree. Stoneglen Trail is the next light. Turn right at Stoneglen.

Monday, April 3

Pee Wee A Navy defeats a strong field, including the top three teams in the Southwest Youth Hockey League, to win the 2006 Desert Youth Hockey Spring Tournament this past weekend in Phoenix! The Championship game was an exciting 4/1 victory over the Phoenix Firebirds -- the 2006 Southwest Youth Hockey League and Sonoran Hockey League champion and runner up in the State and Regional Championships. What a way to end the season, boys! You elevated your game throughout the season and finished with a decisive victory over some of the top teams in the west! You should be very proud of yourselves! And, hats off to our coaches for a wonderful season and their big part in our successes!

Now, THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

Monday, March 13
Pee Wee A Navy 1/8th of an Inch From Advancing to League Championship Game

Takin' Charge (See It Now, Inc. Photography)
1/8th of an inch! 1/8th of an inch closer and our penalty shot would have gone in! What a game boys! You should be very proud of yourselves. You played a tough team to a very exciting 0/1 loss in overtime, ending the season with a bang! Now its time to rest up for a few weeks and get ready to play some hockey in Phoenix!


puck shatters head gif
Friday, March 10
Pee Wee A Navy Knocks Off CSAHA 94 in League Playoffs; Proceeds to Semi-finals

Momentum (Joe Sport Photography)
Great game boys! You cycled the puck well, you were physical, the defense was solid and goaltending was outstanding. A complete effort from everyone! Keep it up for the semi-finals on Saturday!

Decorating the Locker Room

Tuesday, March 7
Velocity Tonight; No Practice Wednesday

Heads Up (Sweetshots, Inc.)
The late-evening practice scheduled for Wednesday, March 8, 2006 has been cancelled, to allow the boys to rest up for Thursday's playoff game.

There will be a session at Velocity Sports tonight after practice, from 6:30-7:30pm. As this session was not included in our original package, the cost will be $10 per head, payable to Velocity tonight.

Saturday, March 4
Two Scrimmages Added

Coach Vince has set up two scrimmages this weekend against the top Pee Wee A teams in their divisions, to tune us up for the playoffs. We will be playing Littleton Pee Wee A at 5:30pm at Family Sports today, Saturday March 4, 2006, and Colorado Hockey Club at 11:15am tomorrow at the Soc n' Roll Indoor Sports Center in Monument.

To get to Soc n' Roll go south on I-25 to exit 158, Baptist Road. Go west on Baptist Road 1/2 mile. Turn right onto Old Denver Highway. Soc n' Roll is on the left at 16240 Old Denver Highway. Check out the Locations section of this website for a map.

Remember, we will also be having a practice from 4:30 to 5:20pm at Family Sports today. Snacks and drinks will be provided for the boys between the practice and scrimmage.

Brand New Ice at the Roc n Soc n Roll!

cactusdesert landscape gif
Tuesday, February 28
Tournament No. 7 -- Phoenix -- All Set

Game No. 1 of our Phoenix tournament is set for 12:00 noon to 1:15pm on Friday March 31, 2006. See the Calendar for the rest of the game times, and the Links section for links to the DYHL, Caleo and Springfield websites. What a season -- 7 tournaments! Bring your skates and your suntan lotion, its gonna be a lot of fun!


Monday, February 27
Pee Wee A Navy Triumphant in Final Two League Games

The Cha Cha Slide (SweetShots, Inc.)
Great wins against Hyland Hills '93 and Northern Colorado this weekend, boys! What a way to end the season and kick off the playoffs! Keep up the good work!

New flames gif
Monday, February 27
Schedule Changes

Please note the following added practices and games:

Our practice on Saturday March 4, 2006 has been lengthened. It is now
from 4:30-6:40pm.

A practice has been added on Tuesday, March 7, 2006 at 4:50-5:50pm, full ice, Hamilton Rink.

A practice has been added on Wednesday, March 8, 2006 at 8:30-9:20pm, half ice with Pee Wee A Maize, Hamilton Rink.

Our first play-off game will be on Thursday, March 9, 2006 at 7:45pm against CSAHA 94 at the World Arena in Colorado Springs. The remainder of the play-off games are set out on the Schedule and Calendar on this web site.

Wednesday, February 22
Pee Wee A Navy Defeats CCYHL Rival Foothills 5/0 But Faces Stiff Competition in Arvada Tournament

Deflection (Joe Sport Photography)
Boys, you had a decisive 5/0 victory over a good Foothills team, but faced a very tough Ventura CA team and two top-ranked CDYHL teams in a hard-fought Arvada Tournament this Presidents Day. You played 'em tough, but just didn't get the bounces.   Its this type of competition that helps raise our game to the next level. Keep it up, boys!

cowboy shooting gif
Thursday, February 16
Pee Wee A Navy Victorious in Shoot Out at Big Bear

On the Move (Joe Sport Photography)
Pee Wee A Navy defeats top-ranked Dallas Ice-Jets 5/1 in re-match scrimmage at Big Bear this afternoon. Remember, boys, the last time we played this team in Dallas we tied 2/2. But, that was our third game of the day and our fifth game in two days. It's amazing what fresh legs will do! Keep on dancin' an' shootin', we got a tournament comin' up!

Tuesday, February 14
Scrimmage Rescheduled . . . Again

The scrimmage against the Dallas Ice Jets has been rescheduled again! It will now be at 2:15pm on Thursday February 16, 2006 AT BIG BEAR.

Crunch (Shotmakers Photography)

Wednesday, February 8
Additions and Changes To Calendar

Please note the following additions/changes to our game and practice schedule:

The practice scheduled for 3:10-4:20pm on Saturday February 25, 2006 has been cancelled, due to a conflict with the rescheduled Hyland Hills 93 game (which is at 5:00pm on February 25, 2006 at the Sun Microsystems Center).

A scrimmage against the Dallas Ice Jets at 2:15pm on Thursday February 16, 2006 at Big Bear. Lunch will be available at the rink for the kids before the game. The 45-minute rule is waived for this game.

A practice has been added at 9:15-10:15pm on Thursday February 23, 2006 at Family Sports.

The 5:00-6:30am practice on Wednesday February 22, 2006 is an optional practice.

Agility (See It Now, Inc. Photography)

Monday, February 6
Highland Hills 93 Game Rescheduled

Confidence (Shotmakers Photography)
Mark your calendars. Our game against Highland Hills 93 has been rescheduled for 5:00pm Saturday February 25, 2006 at Sun Microsystems.


Sunday, February 5
No Game Today

Due to a flood at the Sun Microsystems Center, there will be no game today against Hyland Hills 93.
Keep posted for re-scheduling information.


Sunday, February 5
Pee Wee A Navy Earns Shut Out in Win Against Hyland Hills 94

Shut Out ! (Joe Sport Photography)
You did everything right. You passed the puck, you shot, you cycled, you outshot your opposition 30/10 and you earned a shut out in a fast-paced game. What should have been a blow-out, resulted in a 1/0 win, due to some outstanding goaltending from both teams. Keep it up!


Monday, January 30
February 16th Practice Cancelled

Please mark your calendars. Our February 16, 2006 practice has been cancelled, in order to provide ice for the Mile High Meltdown tournament at Family Sports.

Sunday, January 29
Pee Wee A Navy Lets Littleton Back Into Game in 4/4 Tie

On the Hunt
You took it to 'em big time, holding a 4/2 lead into the last two minutes of the game (not counting a 5th goal that was disallowed) . . . then you hit the breaks, a little too early! You let up on 'em, let 'em back in the game and let 'em get two easy goals! Let's take that as a tough learning experience, let's get it out of our system and let's keep on rockin 'n rollin for the rest of the season!

Saturday, January 28
Pee Wee A Navy on a Roll With 7/1 Win Over Boulder

Let's Get 'em Boys
Strong game boys. Good production from everyone on the team. Keep on rollin'.


Monday, January 23
Pee Wee A Navy Defeats Front Range in Convincing 11/1 Victory

Teamwork (Joe Sport Photography)
Good work boys. You played well in every respect. Practice hard this week, and keep up the momementum for next week end's games.

team with hitmen 2
Wednesday, January 18
Pee Wee A Navy Steps it up in Dallas

(Sweetshots Inc. Photography)
Great performance in Dallas boys! You played 7 games in 3 days against AA and top-ranked A teams, losing only once -- by one goal to an AA team that ended up winning the tournament!   Keep up the good work boys, and keep on havin' fun!

Wow, that water's cold!

Wednesday, January 18
Practice Added

Mark your calendars. We swapped our Tuesday January 17, 2006 practice for a full ice practice on February 20, 2006 from 7:50 to 8:50 pm, Avalanche Rink.

Power (See It Now, Inc. Photography)

Monday, January 9
Pee Wee A Navy Plays Hard in Two Games Over the Weekend

Close One (Joe Sport Photography)
Pee Wee A Navy battles to a 2/1 victory over DU on Saturday, and loses 2/4 to a motivated Steamboat Springs team in a closely fought scrimmage on Sunday. Let's savor the victory, learn from the loss and take our "A" game to Dallas this weekend!

Redondo beach composition
Saturday, January 7
Pee Wee A Navy Kicks Some Butt in LA LA Land

Great competition in Anaheim. You beat some of the best teams in California and had a good time to boot! Our team definitely raised its game to the next level. Keep it up boys over the second half of the season.


Friday, January 6
Three Practices Added

Please note the following three practices have been added to our schedule:

Sunday, February 12, 2006 -- 7:00-8:00am Avalanche Rink, half ice with Bantam A Navy

Saturday, February 25, 2006 -- 3:10-4:20pm Avalanche Rink, half ice with Bantam A Maize

Saturday, March 4, 2006 -- 5:40-6:40pm Avalanche Rink, full ice

Thursday, December 22
Awsome Win Over Highland Hills 93

Rifle (Sweetshots, Inc.)
Great all around performance -- amassing 22 shots while holding a tough 93 team to only 15 shots in an exciting 3 to 1 victory on home ice. Keep the momentum up for Anaheim boys! And . . . have a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20
Another Big Weekend

Cat and Mouse (Shotmakers Photography)
Two tough teams. Two great games. A command performance in our victory over CSAHA-94. As for CSAHA-93, keep out hustlin' 'em and keep outshootin' 'em. Our day'll come!

Tuesday, December 13
Fast Paced Game Against CSAHA 94

On the Attack (Joe Sport Photography)
Good hustle out there boys. All that hard work at practice is paying off! Keep it up!

Sunday, December 4
Pee Wee A Navy Triumphant over Girls U14

He Shoots. . . He Scores!
Boys, hope you had as much fun playing as we had fun watching. Good, fast-paced hockey!
Keep it up.


Sunday, November 27
Pee Wee A Navy Shakes it up at Hyland Cup

Great tournament boys! We may not have won the championship, but we played some great hockey along the way. Let's hope every tournament will be this much fun! And, to Tristan, who suffered a concussion during the third game, you played strong and you played with heart. Get better soon, we need your skill and leadership back on the ice as soon as you're ready!

Thursday, November 24
Pee Wee A Navy on Fire at Hyland Cup

Two tough teams, two big games. The 4/0 win over Highland Hills-93 was awesome. Way to pass the puck! The 1/2 loss against a very tough Colorado Hockey Club team was equally awesome. You outshot them and outhustled them all the way. We'll be ready for 'em next time! Keep it up for the rest of the tournament, boys! And,. . . . have a happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 20
Big Win Against Northern Colorado

Catch Me If You Can (Shotmakers Photography)
Exciting 5/2 win over Northern Colorado this morning. Five goals from five different players sealed this victory. Keep shootin' and keep smilin'. The Hyland Cup, is comin' up!

Sunday, November 6
Big Weekend Boys

Takin' the Lead
Great 2/1 win against Boulder on Saturday. You played as a team and you passed the puck well.

Terrific game this morning against the Arapahoe Maize team. You played with finesse and class and should be proud of your efforts. The game was close all the way to the controversial goal in the final 1.9 seconds of the game. Although the 2/3 loss is hard to take, don't let it get you down. We may have another crack at this team in the playoffs!

Sunday, October 30
Arapahoe Pee Wee A Navy Takes Second at the Frightfest

Congratulations boys! You played hard and you played smart. You won every game leading up to the championship game, only to fall to a tough Colorado Hockey Club team in a hard-fought battle for the title. You should be very proud of yourselves. Add that trophy to your shelves, but keep room for a few more this season!

Sunday, October 23
Pee Wee A Navy Ties Arvada 2 to 2

Ready for Battle
Good work boys in a close game against Arvada. One bad bounce stole the win from us. Next time will be different. Keep up the good work!

Monday, October 10
Arapahoe Pee Wee A Navy Defeats Foothills 4 to 1

Pre Game Conference
Great Job Boys. You beat a competitive Foothills team in your home opener for the season. Good passing, good hustle. Keep it up.

Sunday, October 2
Pee Wee A Navy Upset in Final Minutes by CSAHA 93 in 1/2 Loss

Tough luck boys. You had the lead until the final minutes. Keep up the good work.


Thursday, September 22
Check out the Links section.

Its been updated to include tournament websites etc. and other useful information.

Sunday, September 25
Arapahoe Pee Wee A Navy Takes a Close Second Place in Breckenridge

Jubilation (Shotmakers Photography)
Congratulations boys! You made it to the championship game in your first tournament of the year. You beat Littleton, tied Summit and outplayed the CSAHA Pee Wee A Major 93 team in two close games, outshooting them a combined 34 to 30. Next tournament the bounces will go our way. Keep up the good work!

Coach Vince & Brandon with Trophy

Arapahoe Ice Warriors Pee Wee A Navy
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