Puyallup Juniors Volleyball Club: COACHES & STAFF


Maria Brauner - In 2009 my husband Chris and I became owners/operators of PJVBC and since that time we have worked hard to grow this club to new heights. As director, my philosophy of “Hard Work Beats Talent” and “We Not Me” are not only words that I live by, but that also drive PJVBC. I am dedicated to providing our athletes with the technical, tactical, physical and mental training needed to promote the desire to compete at their highest potential as a junior volleyball player. I desire to improve the skill level of each player through quality coaching of the fundamentals of the game while promoting respect and the importance of good sportsmanship. I strive to surround our athletes with the very best coaches, those with the commitment and knowledge to obtain the aforementioned goals. I believe you need to be “One of the six on the team, not the one of the six.”

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Becky Neuman - Travel Coordinator/Administration

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Erin CravenWeb Content Administrator/Tournament Operations Coordinator


12 NATIONAL - Salina Herd / Cindy Reopelle / Izzy Zubrod  

12 REGIONAL - Courtney Copeland

13 NATIONAL - Kim Jackson / Marissa Aloisio

13 REGIONAL - Alyssa LaBrash / Brandi Green 

14 NATIONAL - Hannah Merritt / Alex Bloss

14 REGIONAL - Ashley Parries / Jessica Morse

15 NATIONAL - Cindy Reopelle / Karissa Mack

15 REGIONAL - Alyssa LaBrash / Brandi Green

16 NATIONAL - Maria Brauner / Nikki Grissom

16 REGIONAL - Samantha Mason / Brandi Siguenza

17 NATIONAL - Tina Brooks / Michele Mallery / Craig Faagai (skill coach) 

17 REGIONAL - Alex Brain / Dre'Shun Harvey

18 NATIONAL - John Reopelle / Hannah Merritt / Craig Faagai (skill coach)




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