Puyallup Juniors Volleyball Club: PJVBC TOURNAMENTS

Sunrise Tournaments 2015-2016
January 16th - 14s
January 17th - 16s
January 30th - 12s
January 31st - 18s
February 13th - 15s
February 20th - 13s
February 21st - 17s
February 27th - 12s
Febrary 28th - 18s
April 16th - 13s
April 17th - 16s
Select the handout at the bottom of the page for tournament registration information.
Sunrise Tournament Pools & Information
*We will not be posting pools or brackets until just before the tournament due to constant changes.

Doors open at 8:00am, play begins at 9:00am, coaches meeting at 8:30am. All coaches are required to be at the coaches meeting.


Playing schedules for both 4 team pools and 3 team pools for this weekend are posted under the "Forms" tab at left. 


U13 Sunrise Tournament



Saturday's Pools will be available tomorrow morning at the tournament site. Pools are being finalized. Thanks for your understanding. 


U16 Sunrise Tournament



  Pool A

  1. PJVBC 16 National
  2. High Velocity 16
  3. Stanwood Camano White
  4. LT 16 Valley

Pool B

  1. PJVBC 16 Regional
  2. Rain City 16 Intensity
  3. LT 16 Blue
  4. LC Spikers

Pool C

  1. Evergreen 16
  2. High Velocity 15
  3. LT 16 Ocean

Handout: Tournament Registration

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