Puyallup Juniors Volleyball Club: HANDBOOK


The 2013-14 Player/Parent Handbook is available for download below. Please familiarize yourselves with the contents of this handbook and use it as a reference throughout the season should questions or concerns arise. It has been created by Puyallup Juniors Volleyball Club (PJVBC) to better inform you about the club’s organization, the club’s rules and regulations, and the club’s expectations of each player and parent. The club expects the coaches, players, and parents to appreciate and adhere to the philosophy, policies and guidelines outlined in the 2013-14 Player/Parent Handbook. It is our goal to provide its members with a rich experience that will stay with them!


Please sign, date and return the form located on page 18 of the Handbook with your signed contract upon accepting an offer to play for one of our teams.


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