Puyallup Juniors Volleyball Club: PRIVATE LESSONS


Interested in private volleyball lessons? 

Let your coach help you get better at the sport you love! 

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Private volleyball coaching gives athletes the ability to have their coach spend some one-on-one time with their athlete giving instruction on their personal position and helping elevate their overall game. This focused approach gives privately coached athletes a competitive advantage. On the whole, private lessons are a perfect way for volleyball players trying to get the most out of the game improve their talents and become a more competitive athlete.

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All athletes, regardless of club affiliation, are welcome at

Puyallup Juniors for private lessons!

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Payment in the form of a check or cash is payable to the coach and is due by the start of your lesson. 

Court Fee: $20

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Number of athletes & cost per hour is determined by the coach ($40-$50 per hour with price breaks for more than one athlete at a time).  This includes the court fee.

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  Please contact Maria Brauner at 360.367.1821, email puyallupjuniorsvbc@gmail.com or speak directly with your coach to arrange a private lesson.

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