Puyallup Juniors Volleyball Club: PLAYER COSTS

2014-15 Player Tuition

Puyallup Juniors Volleyball Club prides itself on keeping our costs accurate and low. We want to make to club experience available for all players who have the skill and desire to play competitive volleyball. Each age group varies by cost due to the tournament schedule, the coaching staff and the level at which the team competes.


Conditioning twice a week with our certified sports trainer

Skills Coaches to work with girls on improving specific skill sets

Jump Training once a week with our sports training specialist 

Sports Medicine Program which includes: Video analysis of each player by Olympic Sports &

  Spine, recommendations and targeted training to reduce the risk of injury specific to each player,

  and our Bumps & Bruises Program

Coaches Travel & Tournament Costs - except for GJNC tournament

 U12 Purple • $2,000.00

U12 Black • $1,600.00

U13 Purple • $2,400.00

U13 Black • $2,100.00

U14 Purple • $2,400.00

U14 Black • $2,100.00

U15 Purple Open Division • $2,700.00

U15 Purple American Division • $2,700.00

U15 Black • $2,100.00

U16 Purple • $2,700.00

U16 Black • $2,500.00

U17 Purple • $2,900.00

U17 Black • $2,500.00

U18 Purple • $2,500.00


Download the handout for a full breakdown of deposits and payments  


Purple Team Players are expected to attend all travel tournaments scheduled.


Coaches travel costs are included for all tournaments with the exception of the Junior National Championship Tournament scheduled for late June, 2015.


Player travel costs are NOT included in the above rates and will be additional.

player pack 2015.jpg
Handout: Player Costs

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