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Thursday, March 19

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  Dallas Bolts 3 7 1  
Game Played 3/19/2015 6:15PM  

Tripsy Do
"Trip" Somers singled and scored leading off for the Knights in the 1st.
Thriller Griller
Stacy Scott allowed one earned in opening day start.
Spring 2015 Golden Terds:

Game 1:

Tim Trout gets the inaugural terd of the season for his middle of the first inning arrival, when scheduled for the highly coveted opening day start on the mound. Trout once again sets the example and raises the bar high for terd aspiring rookies and veterans alike.

Hunter "Skywalker" Thomas picked up a fecal gem for loly gagging his way to first base on his fly ball to the outfield. Thomas underestimated the force of the blind blowing out and was caught by surprise when the baseball landed behind the fielder. Had the young charge hustled out of the box, he would have cruised into second base with a standup double. Hunter followed up his faux pas with a caught stealing, albeit a blown call at second base. All points would have been moot, had he been standing on second base, as he should have been.

Rodger "The Poet" Battani earned a terd for failure to consider a recent four pound weight loss, resulting in the loss of necessary belly fat, to assist in a put out. The veteran catcher hustled to a pop foul on the third base side of the dugout and used both the catcher's mitt and his open right hand to cradle the ball against his belly, with a sliding basket catch. "The Poet" forgot to take the absence of Buddha into the equation, and the ball slipped through the triangle created by the glove and the void created by Battani's off season fitness program. The batter took advantage of the second opportunity and promptly singled to left field, leading off the crucial fourth inning.

Trout earned a second terd for his mental breakdown at third base in the crucial 4th inning. With the bases loaded and one out, The Mighty Crush cleanly fielded a ground ball to the bag and then froze with indecision about what to do next. Instead of stepping on third and throwing to first or home for the double play, he threw the knuckle slerve on one hop and wide of the plate to the backstop. Not that unusual for that pitch, however, two runs scored on the miscue. Trout apparently forgot to run through his mental calisthenics, as well as his physical stretching, due to his late arrival.

Stacy "The Grill Master" Scott earned a terd for accepting the offer from his coach to borrow one of his bats, and then slathering stickum all over the already tacky rubberized grip, designed to be used without the added substance. He then promptly never made contact in either of his at bats.

Do Not Go Gently
Rodger "The Poet" Battani singled with two outs in the last inning.



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