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Football Practices
This is a letter from the City sent directly to Mary Margaret Taylor, Exec. Dir. PSA

Please communicate to your respective programs that football practices
are restricted to the sites identified by the City of Plano for
football. This includes "pre-season" training of any manner!

Apparently, there are coaches that feel "speed," or "agility," or
"skills" type of practices may be conducted at any park site so long as the team is not running plays or blocking or tackling, etc. This
definition of "practice" is clearly unacceptable.

The City of Plano and the local youth sports organizations have had a
long standing agreement to allow football to practicing early on game
fields. This is due to the nature of organizing and teaching football in addition to issues of supervision.

However, City staff for the past couple of years has routinely found
football practices at other athletic-oriented park sites. When
confronted, the coaches say, "We aren't practicing. We are working on

That is the exact comment heard by City Staff repeatedly this year from local football teams that were found practicing at inappropriate park sites.

If the program of allowing early football practices is to continue at
the City's park sites, it is paramount for the local youth sports
organizations to control the actions of these teams. If the teams choose not to comply, then it may become necessary for the City to end the early practice agreement in future seasons.

Currently, Plano Sports Authority football is allowed to practice during daylight hours at Jack Carter Park. The Plano Family YMCA sponsored league is allowed to practice at Hoblitzelle Park and Carpenter Park's two football fields during daylight hours. The "early practice" phase of the football season ends Thursday, September 2.

Football practices may resume at identified locations on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, effective September 7. Fields are closed on Mondays and Fridays. Game days are Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Teams that feel they must practice more than Tuesday and Thursday must
find locations other than the City's athletic-oriented park sites, such as the City's neighborhood park sites (I have attached a list of these sited to this e-mail). The park sites that football may not practice at are: Old Shepard's Place, Cheyenne, Carpenter (other than Fields N & O), Russell Creek, High Point, Horseshoe, Harrington, McCreary, Schell (other than the outfield of ballfield #5), Enfield, the Youth Ball Park, and Heritage Yards.

Local football teams that choose not to play in the PSA or YMCA leagues, and as such are not allocated game fields, must find locations to practice other than the athletic-oriented park sites. In addition to the list above, Jack Carter and Hoblitzelle are also not available to these teams.

As always, the City appreciates the support and cooperation of the youth sports groups. Hopefully, the youth sports groups will take action against coaches (suspension?) that fail to adhere to the City's
ordinances, park rules and agreements between the City and the football organizations. If there are any questions, please contact your football director, John Blessing.

Registration Form

... about PSA


PSA football kicks off the weekend of Sept. 11 with a full schedule of games across the field. For youth football fans that also means it's time get back to the bench and sidelines as we start our 23rd season of Youth Football in Plano.

There is an average of 57 teams playing football each year, with over 900 players! We are all very excited to get the season started.

For more information about the Fall 2004 Football program, please email the Football Director at PSA Football Email.


Each team can have their very own web page! Coaches can use it to post information about practices and games. You can click on any team for access to their web page (if provided by the Head Coach of that team!) Send an email to League Director to get access for your team! Teams are listed here by league. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! WHEN CHECKING YOUR SCHEDULES MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE CORRECT TEAM. ALL TEAMS ARE LISTED LIKE THIS: TEAM NAME (COACH'S NAME).

Pictures from the season. If you have pictures you wish to submit email them to Marsha Kirchmeier.

A List of PSA Football Sponsors. If you have a sponsor you wish to post, Please contact your League Coordinator. If you would like to sponsor a team or the program, please contact the PSA Football Director at PSA Football Email.
CHEERLEADING The PSA Cheerleading program provides cheerleaders for our PSA Football program For more information check the PSA cheer website or contact Cheerleading Director.

Plano Sports Authority Football
Plano Sports Authority Football
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