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2004 Parent Information


Important Dates
Sunday, August 22 First Contact Practice at Jack Carter Park 5-7
Thursday, September 2 Parents Code of Conduct Signature Acknowledgement turned into PSA
Saturday, September 11 Games Start
Saturday, October 9 No Games Played - PISD Fall Break
Saturday, November 20 Super Bowl All Tackle Leagues

Practices (Locations and Dates)
Practice frequency, locations, length are controlled to ensure that your player has time to participate in other activities (such as school) with out over emphasizing football. Please ensure that you make the most of the practices that are available. We strongly encourage you to contact your coach to keep him posted of conflicts.
Contact football practices are only allowed at Jack Carter Park (6500 Roundrock Trail) or locations approved in advance by the Football Director. Contact practices start Monday August 23. The first two weeks teams may hold practice on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. The third week of practices will be Tuesday and Thursday Sept.7 and Sept 9th due to the Labor Day holiday. The first game being played September 11. Beginning with the week of September 13 teams will only be allowed two contact practices each week. These practices will be on Tuesday and Thursday nights throughout the season.
Flag Practices are limited to Tuesday and Thursday nights from August 24 - September 9. Starting September 14, the Dallas League (age 6) will practice on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Starting September 14, the Plano League (ages 4-5) will practice on EITHER Tuesday or Thursday nights.

Length of Practices
For tackle leagues no practice shall be longer than two hours in length. Contact practices will be held from 6:00 - 8:00 PM or teams may choose to practice from 6:30 - 8:30. For Flag Leagues (Plano and Dallas Leagues), practice shall be no longer than one hour in length. It will be held from 6:00 - 7:00 PM.
Any practice or work out held without approval of the Football Director will be considered an illegal team meeting. A practice is a meeting (workout or film session) with more than two players. If a Coach holds an unauthorized practice, he may be suspended for one week (practices and game) or more severe penalties as deemed by the Football Board. Any coach not following their designated practice times may be suspended for a practice or receive penalties upon the discretion of the Football Board.

Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Practice        
Mandatory practices are on Tuesday and Thursday nights during the season. Mandatory practices include the practice period from August 23 - September 9. Players may have their minimum playtime affected if they do not attend mandatory practices. Coaches must provide evidence of an attendance roster to the league to allow verification of non-attendance. Players may NOT have minimum playtime restricted due to absence from non-mandatory workouts and team activities. It is very important for players to attend practices. In the event you cannot be at practice, please notify the coach as soon as possible.
Coaches are allowed to have a maximum of 1-hour, non-contact, non-mandatory practice each week. These practices will NOT be allowed at Jack Carter Park. Helmets are allowed during these practices.

Minimum Playtime for Players
All players must start on either offense or defense and play the entire game.   A player may change units only at half time. Any coach who violates this rule may be suspended. All coaches are required to have a documented attendance policy which has been reviewed with the parents. Players may have their minimum playtime revoked for un-excused absences from practice or for personal misconduct. If a player will not be allowed minimum playtime:
  • The Head Coach shall notify the Parents of the player being disciplined at least twelve hours prior to the starting game time.
  • The League Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator, or the Football Director shall also be notified in writing of the action at least twelve hours prior to the starting game time, email is acceptable. The League Coordinator will make an attempt to contact the parent after receipt of the written notification by the Coach. When possible the League Coordinator shall provide a copy of such notification and recommendations to the Football Director before the game in question commences.
  • If disciplinary action is required during the game or an injury occurs that prohibits a player from playing, the Coach must explain the reasons to the Parents and League Coordinator immediately following the game. In the event their League Coordinator is not available, they should seek out the nearest Football Board Member. The League Coordinator shall provide a written report to the Football Director by the Monday following a Saturday game or within two days after a non-Saturday game.
  • If mandatory playing time is not met, the Coach may be subject to suspension for two full weeks (includes all games and practices), forfeiting of game in question, or other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the Football Board.

Sideline Areas
The Head Coach and four Assistants will be the only non-players authorized in the team area. The team area will be defined as an area within the 20-yard lines and 5 yards from the sideline. The Head Coach will keep all authorized personnel inside the team area. Please keep the area within 5 yards of the sidelines clear of parents, cheerleaders, children and equipment. The Head Coach is responsible for keeping the five-yard side zone cleared.

Parental support is critical to the success of all of our sports programs. The majority of parents, whose children participate, are well behaved. PSA wishes to thank all those parents for their excellent behavior and to enlist their support in this up coming season.

Football is fantastic sport to help players to develop confidence in their abilities on and off the field. Football can also bring out a wide range of emotions for all those involved. The Football Board encourages all participants (parents and players) to behave in a courteous and respectful manor towards their teammates, the coaches, officials and their opponents. We encourage everyone to cheer their teams on, but we request that it be done in a way that is not demeaning or taunting towards others.

Alcohol and Tobacco Use at the Fields
It is illegal to use alcohol or tobacco IN ANY FORM on the public fields in the City of Plano. Any person caught with alcohol at the fields will be asked to leave and not allowed to attend any event for the remainder of the season. They will also be reported to Plano Sports Authority for further action at other PSA sporting events.

Parents and spectators are prohibited from questioning or confronting officials at any time. Coaches are responsible for the parents and players on their sidelines.

Parking should only be done on the paved area marked for the parking of a vehicle. Anyone parking or driving on the grass is subject to being ticketed.

Questions or Concerns
If at any time you have a question or concern please let your coach know. In most cases they can answer your question. We encourage you to address any team concerns with your coach prior to coming to the Football Board. If you can not resolve the issue with your coach, have them contact the appropriate league coordinator to facilitate resolution.   

Web Site Access
This sheet is posted on the PSA football website at
All PSA schedules and team links can also be found on the Website.


Each Head Coach is required to ensure that the each player’s family has received a copy of the 2004 Information sheet. Each Head Coach is required to read the following to the guardians of each player. The guardians of each player are required to sign the reverse of this form. Your signature indicates that your coach has discussed these items with you and that you are aware of the PSA Football policies and rules. Coaches are responsible for turning the signed form into PSA no later than Thursday Sept. 2

  1. You are your child's number one role model.
  2. Treat all participants (players, coaches, officials and spectators) with the same respect that you would want for your own child.
  3. Allow the coach to coach the team! Keep your sideline comments to supportive ones only. Do not yell instructions to the players, coaches or officials. NEVER YELL AT OR TOUCH AN OFFICIAL
  4. Relieve the pressure of competition by helping players enjoy practices and games. Players feel enough pressure on their own.
  5. Help the coach and your player by making sure they are on time and properly equipped for all practices and games.
  6. Learn all you can about the game. Before you attempt to interpret the laws of the game, be sure you know and understand them.
  7. Show your appreciation for good play, no matter who makes it.
  8. Remember the game is for the players and no one else. Do all you can to support them.
    Take an active interest in how participation within sports affects your child. Help them know that good sportsmanship is as important as winning.
  9. Support the team, club, and league, as they strive to give your child a positive experience. Volunteer when you can. Say "thanks" to those who give their free time.

Together we can build the best possible sports experience for our children..


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Plano Sports Authority Football
Plano Sports Authority Football
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