ProStyle Volleyball: Welcome

2012 Volleyball Season

Welcome to the ProStyle Volleyball website. We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to become a part of a quality program that will meet your family's needs. 

ProStyle Volleyball Club is excited to begin its inaugural season and begin the development some of El Paso’s finest talent at the amateur level.

We are committed to instructing, guiding and exposing young players to the most prestigious level that each athlete is capable of. Through our sports specific training and coaching style, each athlete will learn the benefit of competitiveness, integrity and dedication while also maintaining sportsmanship.

Our primary goal will be to develop the individual skill level of every player and to perform at a high level in a team environment, ultimately providing opportunity to our athletes in gaining collegiate scholarships.



Wednesday, January 25
Congratulations!!!! ProStyle 14s


We at ProStyle would like to Congratulate the ProStyle 14s for an extraornary 1st Place finish demonstrating great sportsmanship at the SunSpots tournament on January 21st. They Battled every team with confidence and never showed defeat. We are exceptionally proud of our girls and their accomplishments. We know they are only going to improve as the season progresses. Coach Irma, you did a wonderful job exhibiting patience and perserverance as you coached the girls to victory. 



We will be having a fundraiser by selling Krispy Kreme discount cards. A percentage of the funds will be used for fees, traveling expenses, ect. 

For further question please contact coordinators. 

ALL Krispy Kreme cards are due before Feb. 10th 


Marco and Carmela