Pride Lacrosse, Inc.: Welcome

2013 Pride Lacrosse
 Welcome to the official website of the Pride Lacrosse Club at Mountain Pointe High School.

Fall ball practice will begin Oct. 1st at Pecos Park field #1


6:00pm to 8:00pm 10/1 - 10/29

4:00pm - 6:00pm 11/5 - 12/17



6:00pm to 8:00pm 10/1 - 12/19


Pride Lacrosse is a proud member of the Arizona Lacrosse League.  The league web page can be found at

 Any male student athlete residing in the Mountain Pointe HS district may join the boys lacrosse club, and one need not have prior experience to play. Seniors with no prior lacrosse experience must attend fall practices to be eligible to participate in season games. No exceptions to this rule! Part of the club's mission is to teach the game and skills of lacrosse to anyone interested.  Only males may be players, but males and females alike are encouraged to become members by learning how to keep official scorebooks and become scorekeepers and official timers.(service hours credit available!)  Come join in the fastest growing sports phenomenon in the Valley.  Come and catch the PRIDE!

For more information about Pride Lacrosse  or to join the team, please contact:

Coach Larry Noble at 480-390-1200

  Club President Dan Pacioni at 480-688-5206 Banner

There is a direct  playing time!