Mountain Pointe Boys Basketball : Welcome

Boys Basketball  Practice Schedule!


Mon 20th,Tue 21st, Wed 22nd Practice Times 

Monday June 20th "NO PRACTICE"

Fr & JV (5:00PM-6:20PM)

Varisty (6:20PM-8:00PM)


Wedensday Game June 22nd

Varsity Play @ Central HS 7:00PM

7:00 PM Mountain Pointe (Var) vs. Sandra Day (Var)


JV Play @ Central HS 8:00 PM

8:00 PM Mountain Pointe (JV) vs. Sandra Day(JV)

Thursday June 23rd "NO Practice"  


 June Fri 24th,Sat 25th,Sun 26th

Tournament (Varsity Arizona Christian University)

Tournament (FR&JV Central High Sch)

Click on "handouts" link for schedule



Fee”s for Pride Basketball Summer Participation

Only $75.00

Covers all 4 Tournaments

              Fee’s must be paid !!!!!!                                  


Or make arrangements with Booster Club President: (Charity Williams)

Make check payable to: 

   MPHS Boys Basketball Boosters Club


Get Recruited”

MPHS Boys Basketball Program be will provide knowledge sharing sessions with parentsand players in the program and conducting “Get Recruited” training sessions,facilitated

by College Recruiting Guidance Professional. We will have one Mid November 2016 & Mid-February 2017

Helpful sites for parents to get the basics


Please visit the NCAA Eligibility Center