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Sunday, October 10
Top Notch CUSTOMIZED Uniforms Without Breaking The Bank!

Coaches / Coordinators:  Go to for more information.

I guarantee you will not find a better combination of quality and pricing for CUSTOM MADE Pro Quality FINISHED uniforms (means all lettering & numbers in tackle twill , logos, custom design, multiple fabrics, etc is included) than you will at Prime Time Sports Apparel.   

Wouldn’t you like to have the nicest uniforms in the gym
AND save the team a ton of money for the season?

Prime Time Sports makes this a reality for you and your team!

You can literally have any uniform style you like produced.  Whether it is in the catalog or something new and unique, we can have your team outfitted exactly to your specifications – and it won’t cost an arm and a leg! 

But how can we charge less if they can’t?  That’s simple:

They don’t want to.  They could - but that would force them to lower their pricing on their printed uniforms and they’ve been killing you on those for years!

Let’s face it, not even the printed stuff you’ve been getting is cheap (by the way, we do that too for less than your other guy), so they’ve got to charge more for a better, more custom product like ours for it to make sense to their print customers.  And boy do those folks charge…

Also somebody’s got to pay for their overhead -- that has been folks like you.  Primetime’s overhead is very low.  Our showroom is on the internet at so rent is cheap. By working efficiently and accurately, Prime Time has greatly reduced or eliminated many of the costs you have encountered in the past with other uniform suppliers.

In a nutshell, Prime Time has made high quality uniforms affordable.  Here’s what we mean:

Get a fully customized top shelf individual home / away uniform starting at just $45. 
If you prefer reversibles you can have them fully customized starting at $75. 
Our packages and deals are a no-brainer for anyone needing basketball apparel.

To view samples and pictures of our fine work, go to our website .  Also, attached are some uniform pictures that you could check out as well.I would love to help you save a ton of money on new uniforms, warmup gear, or coaches apparel and fanwear for your squads this season.  My teams use them and they look great even after years of use.

Let me know if you would like help getting your team looking good without going broke. 

I guarantee you will save a ton of money...use it for another tourney!

I look forward to helping you outfit your team.

Ray K II