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Thursday, October 9
Pride Coach Applications Due October 20

Pride Tournament Team Coach Applications are Due October 20, 2014. Find an application on the HANDOUTS page, complete, and turn in to Jeff Miles, Coach Admin., or Gordon Bowers, Region Commissioner.


Monday, October 20
2014 NJCAA Division I National Men's Soccer Tournament

2014 NJCAA Division I National Men’s Soccer Tournament

When: November 18-23, 2014
Where: Ken Lindley Field, Prescott Mountain Valley Park, Prescott Valley

Purchase tournament passes early and save! 
Pre-purchase passes for $25 prior to October 25th
$40 after the 25th.

 Tickets can be purchased HERE

$25.00 Tournament Passes will also be sold at Pioneer Park on Saturday, October 25.

Thursday, September 25
Leave Your Furry Friends At Home On Gameday

Remember to Leave Your Furry Friends At Home On Gameday.

Pets are a special part of everyone's family! There are plenty of people, though, who are either allergic to or scared of animals. Even the best-behaved pets can become frightened and react to people and things around them; for those reasons, many AYSO fields across the country don't allow pets. Animals and their leashes can become tripping hazards to people along the sidelines in addition to being at risk of injury themselves. Many field-use permits prohibit dogs and other pets as a condition for using the field, and AYSO's failure to abide by those restrictions could result in the loss of those permits.

For all of the above reasons, consider asking families in your Region to leave their beloved family pets at home on gamedays, communicating that it is AYSO's goal to make their soccer experience as safe as possible for everyone!

Lets make sure we keep the kids safe and reduce our liability!!!

Thank you.