Prescott Girls Softball Association: FAQ

Saturday, April 24

How do I register my child for the 2010 season?
If your child played last year, and the address we have on file is correct, you should receive a registration form in the mail, which you may return by mail or to the Prescott Parks and Rec office drop box.  This must reach us no later than March 20, 2010.

Where can I get a form if my child is new or we have changed our address?
Blank forms can be picked up at All Star Sports or the Prescott Parks and Recreation office in the Old Armory building.  You may also print a form from our website.

Can I wait to register my child at tryout day?
Yes, but you will pay a $10 late fee.

Do you offer scholarships?
If you are unable to pay the league registration fee, please write a letter of explanation, send it in with your registration information and the league will consider your request.  Please advise us of any volunteer work that you are willing to offer.

What if my child can’t make any of the tryouts?
For Recreation, if your child can’t attend either of the tryouts, please make sure that their registration is in and your child will be placed on a team. 
For Competitive, please contact a board member to discuss options.

What do I need to purchase for my child?
The league will provide each player with a uniform shirt and socks.  You need to supply a mitt and proper clothing.  Cleats are recommended.  Teams will have bats, helmets, balls, etc. for game/practice use.

What division should my child play in?
Your child’s “playing age” is how old they were on January 1, 2010.  (Example: Mary turned 13 on 1/3/09; Mary is a league age 12 year old.)

Can my child play in a division that is not her playing age?
If you wish, your child may move up to the division higher than their age if you feel they have mastered their own age group.  A player that is older than a division may not move down a division.  (If you feel strongly about moving down, please approach the Board to make a decision).  In rare cases, exceptions are allowed.

Does my child have to play recreation league in order to tryout for competitive teams?
YES, however, there may be a few exceptions to this rule in the older age group due to team availability.  The Board will have to make this decision upon your request.

What does Competitive play involve?
This question will be answered in detail at a future parent meeting, before tryouts, including fees, time commitments, etc.

Does the league need volunteer help?
YES, YES, and YES!  PGSA has been growing in leaps and bounds over the past few years.  We are hosting the Prescott Beat the Heat Tournament as well as working with the Olympic development ladies.  There are many jobs that need to be filled to make these things happen.  Please contact a Board member if you can help.