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Spanaway VBC: Practice Policy
Spanaway VBC

Practice Policy
Practices are mandatory.  If you miss a practice for any reason, you need to inform your coach in advance and explain your reason for missing practice.  You also get to sit out an entire match in pool play at the next tournament.  An entire pool match, not games from multiple pool matches to equal a match's worth of games.  For example, if a pool match is 2/3 games, then players subject to our sit out policy will sit for both games, if that pool match is decided in 2 games, all 3 games if that pool match goes to a 3rd and deciding game.  

There are many legitimate reasons for missing practice, but the reason for missing practice is irrelevant with regard to this "sit out" policy and does not exempt anyone from it.  This policy does not judge one's reason for missing practice, it merely imposes the consequence when someone is absent.  School functions (i.e. sports, band concerts, plays, etc.), illnesses, family emergencies, all take precedence over our practices, but these fine reasons do not exempt anyone from the "sit out" policy. 

Time Management.  If you miss practice because you have a school project or term paper due the next morning, this is a time management issue.  We expect our extraordinary athletes to make wise decisions on how to spend their very limited and valuable time.  In team sports, what you do or don't do off the court, does indeed affect the team.  The sit out policy is intended to reward those who make sacrifices to be at practice, not those who make excuses.  If attendance at practices become an issue, players may be kicked off a team with no refunds. In some extreme cases, teams may be terminated with no refunds.  If absences become problematic, especially for players on our elite black teams, we also reserve the right to move a player to our gold team, again no refunds.  Life can be described as a series of decisions, decisions that can have positive or negative consequences.  Some of those consequences can also be costly, which is why there are no refunds. 

Late To Practice.  If you are late getting to practice or have to leave practice early for any reason, the "sit out" policy does not apply to you.  However, you must let your coach know beforehand.  And the point here is for everyone to make the effort to get to practice, even if you can't stay the entire time.  When you show up for practice in spite of competing priorities that sometimes are more important than volleyball practices, you are demonstrating your commitment.  On a team sport, commitment is something we do, not something we just talk about.  And, commitment is certainly not something we endeavor to do only when it is convenient!

Being On Time.  If you are walking onto the court at the start time, you are very late.  If you are tying your shoes or putting on your knee pads on the sideline at the start time, you are late.  If you are five minutes early, you are late.  Everyone needs to be completely ready to go no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled start time.  If you are walking into the gym 15 minutes before the start time, you are late.  Setup the nets/court and start your warm up. 

Practice LocationsAlthough we try to schedule regular practices at regular locations, it is possible that our practices could be scheduled anywhere in the south puget sound area.  If a practice is canceled for any reason, it may or may not be rescheduled.  Also, Sterling Athletics has just 2 courts so we may need to schedule practices at other locations in our community to accomodate additional teams or additional practices.  Some of these locations are listed below.

     Auburn Riverside HS, 501 Oravetz Rd SE, Auburn, WA 98092
     Ballou Junior High, 9916 136th St. E., Puyallup, BJH
     Brouillet Elementary, 17207 94th Ave. E., Puyallup - BE
     Cedarcrest Junior High, 19120 13th Ave. Ct. E., Spanaway - CJH
     Lakewood Community Center, 9112 Lakewood Drive SW, Lakewood - LCC
     Mt. Rainier Lutheran High School, 7306 Waller Road E, Tacoma, WA - MRLH
     Pierce College Steilacoom, 9401 Farwest Drive W., Lakewood, WA 98498 - PC
     Pioneer Valley Elementary, 7315 Eustis Hunt Road, Spanaway, WA - PVE
Spanaway Middle School, 15701 B St. East, Tacoma - SMS
     Spanaway Lake High School, 1305 168th St. E., Spanaway - SLHS
Thompson Elementary, 303 159th St. E., Tacoma - TE
     Washington High Scool, 12420 Ainsworth Ave S, Tacoma, WHS
     Zeiger Elementary, 13008 94th Ave. E., Puyallup - ZE

At each of our practice sites, please take care of the gyms.  It is a privilege to practice at the facilities that are available to us and we must be careful that we don't abuse that privilege.  When we are done with our practices, please pick up after yourselves and put everything away in it's proper location.  We want to leave the gym in better shape than when we received it.  Pets are not permitted in the gyms and siblings may not roam around unsupervised.  We have access to the gyms only and not the hallways, classrooms, exercise equipment, etc.  At the end of practices, coaches will have their teams police the entire gym before dismissing anyone. 

Picking Up Players On Time After Practice.  Parents, please pick up your extraordinary champions at least 15 minutes before the end of practice as we must vacate the practice locations by the end time.  Coaches may not leave until all their players are picked up.  Coaches will conclude their practices/meetings before the end time so everyone can vacate the area by the end time. If picking up kids on time become an issue, the "sit out" policy will apply at tournaments to those kids who are picked up consistently late.    

Practice Schedule Changes.  Please check your practice schedule often and right before leaving home as it can and will change for so many unique and unexpected reasons.  Although we may have the use of school facilities, last minute school functions take priority over our practices and we can get bumped the day of.  Be flexible and keep a smile on your face.
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