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Spanaway VBC: Summer Ball Control School
Spanaway VBC

Summer Ball Control School (BCS)

Spanaway Volleyball Club/Power Surge will be hosting our premium Beginner's volleyball Ball Control School (BCS) once again.  This is where it all begins.  This program is primarily for current 5th and 6th graders, or beginner 7th & 8th graders.  The goals of this program are to develop ball control skills, develop ball control skills, and develop ball control skills.  Other purposes include (1) continue promoting the sport of volleyball in our community, (2) prepare kids for competitive volleyball at the Junior High/Middle School level and (3) introduce kids to the club volleyball experience.


In our communities, many kids are turning out for Junior High volleyball each fall totally unprepared.  When 60 players show up for a  7th grade volleyball tryout and only one or two teams are kept (12-24 players), the rest have to be cut.  Unfortunately that is the trend for most sports now days.   To help better prepare our kids for volleyball at the 7th grade level, Spanaway Volleyball Club will host summer ball control school/clinics this summer instead of mini clinics.


As stated earlier, this summer program will focus primarily on controlling the ball in every way; passing, setting, hitting, serving, digging, and blocking.  The team that best controls the ball controls the game.  And the team that controls the game will win.  To control the ball, you must develop sound individual volleyball skills, solid fundamentals, consistent mechanics, proper footwork, great touch, and perfect timing.  You must be able to pass, set, hit, and serve with absolute control.  Getting the ball over the net and in is not good enough.  The ball should go exactly where you need it to go.  If it isn't, you need to work on your ball control skills.  And the summer is when it all has to happen. 

There will be lots of repetition, lots of drills and touches, lots of contests to develop a competitive mindset, to practice performing under pressure, and to enhance the overall learning experience.  There will be lots of instruction and opportunity to learn and develop.  This program is a complete ball control program and it is all about individual skill development.  During the school volleyball season and during the club volleyball season, coaches do not have the time to work on ball control skills with each individual so the summer is when players must develop their individual ball control skills.   


There isn't a better, more complete, or more effective ball control program in the puget sound area.  You must come ready to learn, you have to be paying attention the entire time, and you must be ready to work hard. 

Mastering these basic individual ball control skills is paramount and absolutely crucial in order to qualify for any team.  Secondary and later in the program, players will be introduced to various team skills such as offense, defense, transitions, and team strategies.  Team skills are also critical skills that players must understand and master in order to succeed on a team.  But before all these things can happen, the very first thing every player needs to bring with them to every session is a healthy and positive attitude.


There are several 3 to 5 day volleyball clinics that focus on similar things.  It is quick, and before you know it, it's over.  What sets our program apart is the fact that our instructions are over a longer period of time, spread out over several weeks in a month, rather than over only a few consecutive days.  To develop lasting skills, players must continue developing and practicing their skills over several weeks, which is what our program offers.  Also, the way we present our training is unique, fun, competitive, and effective.  No other program will accomplish more for the beginner player than our program. 


We also have a healthy diet of scrimmages so players have the opportunity to put it all together in game like situations.

SessionsPlease check our "Team Practices" link for the Dates and Times of each practice in May, June, July and August.  Any updates and changes will be noted there. 

     August Sessions: 
          U12-14 (Beginners) - Coming Soon

          U14-U16 (Advanced) - Coming Soon
          Note:  This advanced class is not for beginners, even if you are a U16 player.  You must have skills to attend this session.  If you are a beginner U16 player you can still sign up for this session but may be required to attend the Beginner class instead or attend the Beginner course too for extra training (at no extra cost).   

Cost:  The price is the same if you attend all classes in each session or just a few for each session.  For the maximum benefit, we encourage our ball control school (BCS) players to sign up for the entire summer.  So if you sign up for May, June and July, the cost is $150 for all 3 months, the best and most valuable deal available.  The August session is our back-to-school sessions.  It will be condensed into 2-weeks, instead of the entire month long.    

     May Session:  $100 per player - Limited to 20 Players
     June Session:  $100 per player - Limited to 20 Players
     July Session:  $75 per player - Limited to 20 Players - Indoors and outdoors on grass and sand
     Aug Session:  $90 per player - Limited to 20 Players - Indoors and outdoors on grass and sand

Location:  Spanaway Middle School, 15701 B Street E, Tacoma, WA 98445   Can also be held at other local high schools, Sunnyside beach in Steilacoom, The Edge at the South Hill Mall, etc.  Please click on our Team Practice link for the latest practice locations. 


To reserve a spot:  Send an email to  Include the following. 
     Player's Name, Address, Home Phone, Emergency Phone

     Player's Birthdate, Current Grade, Current School
     Session or Sessions to Attend

Registration:  Download/Print the registration form, complete, sign, and mail with your check or money order to Power Surge Volleyball, 15429 14th Ave Ct E, Tacoma, WA  98445. 

Required Equipment:  Positive 'can-do' attitude, shorts, t-shirt, court shoes, knee pads, water bottle, sun screen.  On cold days, warm clothing.

Questions may be emailed to
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