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2016 Last Practice - Ball Control Skills
A Time of Reckoning, of Making Power Surge History, The Time is Now!
Thursday, May 26
Last Practice - 2016 Power Surge Volleyball

Ball Control Test, Players vs Parents, Pizza Party

Aloha Power Surge Ohana,

Last night, Thursday 5/26/16, was our final practice for the 2016 season. And as history would have it, time is set aside the final night of practice for two very important Power Surge traditions; 1) Parents versus Players, where each team play against their parents. And 2) the final ball control test, where players get to step into Power Surge history by completing all 6 ball control drills consecutively. Those who succeed in completing all 6 ball control drills consecutively get their names printed on our website in the Power Surge Ball Control Specialists Hall of Fame. They also get a medal for accomplishing this extraordinary feat.

The Power Surge Hall of Fame Ball Control Skills test is very unforgiving in that it is only administered once a year, and only at the very last practice of the season. It consists of 6 individual ball control drills and all 6 drills must be successfully completed one after the other. If you fail in just one drill, you are out of the rest of the competition. Each drill requires 40 repetitions; 39.5 is not good enough. At the final practice of the season is your one and only chance to get into our Power Surge Ball Control Specialists Hall of Fame. Fail to complete all 6 drills or all 240 repetitions, and you need to wait an entire year for another rare window of opportunity. And while you are waiting for that next opportunity, a word to the wise: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Earlier this month, our babies (Power Surge 12s) had their final practice on Thursday May 12, 2016. And at that final team practice for the 12s, our babies yielded just one player who successfully completed all 6 ball control drills consecutively. That player was Sesilia Felagai, or Lia for short. It wasn’t a huge surprise that Lia would be a contender, because throughout the entire season, she has consistently won the intermittent ball control tests I would administer weekly and especially at the beginning of each month when the repetition goals increase by increments of 10. A bit surprising was the fact that there were 2 other players who also won a few intermittent tests throughout the season, but was not able to make it all happen when it mattered. Great job ladies, but not good enough. Seems a bit harsh, but it is what it is. 
There are many things in life where you don’t get a 2nd chance. Better luck next year.

So getting back to last night…we had 2 players who successfully completed all 6 ball control drills consecutively. They are both on our 14 Black team: Eliana Luteru and Harmony Tialavea. Unfortunately, no one from our 17 Black team successfully completed all 6 drills. Many came close, some even got through the 5th drill. A great number fell out on the 5th drill, so close, they could almost taste it. But close is not good enough, is it?

And then came the Parents versus Players matches, more intimately referred to by the Power Surge Ohana as Power Surge versus Power Outage. I don’t think I have seen a more impressive PSvPO match than the one last night between our 17s and their parents. The parents came from behind 18-22 in both sets to finally win both sets, 26-24 and 25-23. Unbelievable! Congratulations 17s parents, great, great win!

I wish I had better news on the 14s’ front, unfortunately I don’t. Parents won that match too (don’t know what the scores were, perhaps better that way, hehee). So in 2016, our parents dominate once again. Our parents must be on some kind of renewable energy that doesn’t suffer from any Power Outages, or someone spiked their punch, lol. Congrats 14s’ parents, another job well done.

Don’t forget, we have our Summer Ball Control School (BCS) program and our Summer League program. Both are posted on our website. Please register and attend our next practice, if you are already registered or if you wish to sign up. Our first summer league matches are on Monday Jun 6th.

Finally our 14s and 17s are in the Emerald City Classic (ECC) 3-Day tourney this Memorial Day weekend at UW Seattle, PM Wave. Come out and support them if you can. Good luck to both teams, Go Power Surge!

After ECC, see you all at the Power Surge end-of-season banquets. 12s and 14s are at noon at Spanaway Park on Sat Jun 4th. They will be having a family style pot luck. Bring your favorite dish, and your own drinks. 17s will meet for dinner right after our last ECC match on Monday May 30th. Contact your team moms for more info.

Great season everyone. In a few months we’ll be starting it all over again. Have a great and wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Remember those who have fought for our freedoms and all those who have put their lives on the line for us every day both home and abroad and have gone on before us.

And finally God’s grace, favor and abundant blessings pursue you and your loved ones continuously and overtake you constantly without ceasing, until we all meet again.

God bless!

Coach Kama

2014 SL at Sunnyside4
3rd in League - Way to Go Power Surge Summer League
Friday, June 27
It's Official, 3rd Place in Summer League

Aloha Power Surge Ohana,

It’s official, we finished in 3rd place out of 7 teams in Summer League! Although we could have done a little better, it is still a very respectable finish for a bunch of 5th/6th and 7th/8th graders playing in a high school league against 9th, 10th and 11th graders. Great job ladies. Lincoln finished 1st and Steilacoom 2nd, congrats to those schools. Next time we’ll bring home the championship and the trophy.

This past Monday night we started the evening off by beating Mt. Tahoma in 3 straight sets. This was our 4th time playing Mt. Tahoma and all 4 times we beat them in 3 straight sets. We almost gave away the 2nd set but managed to pull it together eventually to get the win. In the 3rd set we fell behind a bit but came back to win it at the end.. But the biggest game of the night and perhaps the season was our 2nd match of the night against Lincoln, the final match of the season. This will be the 4th time we get to play Lincoln and the previous 3 times we played Lincoln, we lost all 3 sets every time. So we really wanted to kick their butts tonight, we needed to kick their butts tonight.

We started strong in the first set, led all the way until the very end when Lincoln came from behind to steal that first set. We should have beaten Lincoln in that first game but ended up losing it 20-22 (we only play to 21). We just couldn’t close out that first set, which we were leading through the red zone. We ended up winning the 2nd game comfortably but lost the 3rd deciding game. In the 3rd game we had dug ourselves too big of a hole from the very beginning with poor passing on serve-receive, something that every team has to constantly work on. The culprit, two things: serve receive of course, and not hitting our targets. There’s also still some confusion on where to go on defense. All three of these things need to be spot on in order to get this team to the next level. We also need to be more aggressive on defense, that’s something that is very hard to teach. Being aggressive by covering more area and having a “not on my watch, and not in my area” attitude on defense is something that must come from within. When you make a quality decision to defend your territory with your “life,” so to speak, and you are fully persuaded that nothing will fall in your area of responsibility, your entire body will kick into a Defcon 5 mode. But when you’re not defending with a DefCon 5 attitude, there will be holes in your defense and you will be reacting instead of anticipating. Too often we are standing straight up on defense, and not covering our hitters, a telltale sign that we’re not 100% committed to defend.

Winning teams have 3 things going for them. They are superior ball handlers, they are 100% committed on defense, and they can hit their various targets at will and on demand. And for short teams like ours, keeping the sets on the 5 ft. line makes it so much easier for our hitters to hit their targets. I cannot emphasize how important it is for hitters to know where their targets are, and then put it there. If you cannot hit your targets, you cannot call yourself a hitter. Hitters either hit like rockets or they hit like missiles. Unfortunately over 90 percent of high school hitters hit like rockets. Very few even know how to hit like missiles. What’s the difference? The difference is, rockets are ballistic, their flight path is random and in a general direction, they have no brain in their head, and it’s a mystery where exactly they end up. Missiles on the other hand are smart, they have a brain, they are guided, and they seek and hit a very specific target. The great majority of high school hitters hit like rockets, brain less, random, suicidal because they fly right into the defense. Missiles are smart, they find their very specific target, and they are lethal. Don’t be rocket-like hitters, instead challenge yourselves to be missile-like hitters. Don’t be satisfied to just hit the ball over the net and into the court. If you want to be extraordinary, you need to do extraordinary things.

Here’s something extraordinary you can do as a hitter. Hit like a guided missile, know your targets and go after your targets. There are 4 young players on our team who I feel have come a long way in becoming missile-like hitters. These players are not perfect but they have demonstrated that as hitters they are becoming more missile-like in their hitting. Everyone should be missile-like hitters and everyone can be missile-like hitters. However, I feel these players are at the forefront of this transition and I’d like to recognize them because they deserve such recognition and to encourage others to keep trying. Madison, Kiana, Kayly, and Harmony. Last night Kayly, Harmony, and Kiana hit some beautifully guided missiles right to their targets. Kiana hit an incredible roll shot right over the block in the middle and down inside the 5 ft. line. The defense was there but they could only watch the ball hit the floor because it was so perfectly executed. She can also lob a missile deep down the line, although she struggled a bit with that last night. The point is, however, she is always trying to hit her targets. Harmony hit several balls deep toward the line which the defense got to because it wasn’t quite down the line enough. But we got free balls back as a result. But then, against Lincoln, she threaded one so beautifully down the line for a stunning, and unchallenged kill. Harmony cannot jump to get above the net, but because the set was on the 5 ft line, she was able to hit the ball over the block and deep down the line where no one could even smell it, much less get to it. And Kayly’s roll shot in the middle is awesome, when she executes. Our opponents all know, however, that we can hit that shot so they are prepared for it. The next shot for Kayly (and everyone else hitting in the middle), is to over-power the short defenders (sharp right, or sharp cut to the left), or lob into the deep corners.

Madison was not with us this past week but her sharp angles as an outside are phenomenal. She demonstrated that a few times in summer league play. Sometimes players hit their targets by accident and not because they are trying to hit a particular target. These 4 players know where their targets are and they hit their targets on purpose.

The more we develop the skills to hit our targets the more dangerous and effective our offense will become. Back that up with strong ball control and a strong committed defense, you cannot lose.

Final practice this Thu at SMS, 6 PM to 7:30 PM. You all will be given the ball control test at this final practice of the summer. Here is your final chance to earn your Power Surge ball control medal. See you all Thursday, and again, great job in summer league, 3rd overall.

Coach Kama

2014 Power Surge 15 Gold Picnic2
2014 Power Surge 15 Gold - Finishing Strong!
Monday, October 27
3rd in Silver, 2014 U15 D2 PSR Regional Championships, 7th Overall U15 D2

Aloha Power Surge Ohana,

What a weekend! This past weekend was the culmination of an amazing 6-month long journey. Our Power Surge 15 Gold team wrapped up the 2014 season by playing in the 2-day U15 Division 2 Regional Championships, which consisted of 16 teams. We started this 2-day journey as the 9th overall seed, and finished as the 7th overall seed.  What an incredible journey indeed!!!

Some background Division 1 there were 24 teams, Division 2 16 teams, and Division 3 15 teams, total for all 3 divisions, 55 teams. Based on our Power League performance throughout the season, we qualified for Div 2. In Div 2, we were seeded #9 going into Regionals, and #3 in Pool A.

The tournament format is 2 rounds of pool play, and then bracket play. In the first round of pool, the top 2 teams play each other in a 2nd round of pool play (8 teams total) for the gold championship. The bottom 2 teams play each other in a 2nd round of pool play (8 remaining teams) for the silver championship. After the 2nd round of pool, the top 2 teams compete for their respective gold or silver championships, the bottom 2 teams compete for their respective gold consolation or silver consolation championships. Long story short, we ended up competing for the silver championship (not the silver consolation championship, I might proudly add).

Regardless of the where a team ended up, at this point in the season, every team is similar in skill, knowledge, and experience. The only difference between us and the other teams was the fact that we only had 2-3 U15 players on the court at any given time, while the rest were 12 and 13 year olds for the most part, and occasionally, our single 9, 11, and 14 year olds got some playing time too. I can say with almost 100% certainty, that no other team in the entire U15 championships had younger starting players than us. And I’ve said this many times before, it’s not about the age of a player, it’s all about a player’s skill or ability. Having said that, still, no matter how you look at it, it is still very impressive, that our team of very young players can compete and have competed so well against players 3 to 6 years older – very impressive indeed.

The overwhelming impression you could have had about our team’s performance this past weekend must be none other than a very positive impression. If you were there seeing our young ladies compete, you would have had to conclude that our girls saved their best performance for this final and most important tournament of the season. They couldn’t have peaked at a more appropriate time or tournament, the Regional Championships!

Regionals is a 2-day tournament, our only 2-day tournament of the season. Although we technically have not played in a 2-day tournament prior to Regionals, I did schedule our team to play in a U13 and U15 tournament back to back last month in order to give us some experience playing multiple consecutive days. By the end of the 2nd day, we were exhausted. Divisions 1 and 2 were in the Tacoma area, but Div 2 was a little over an hour away in Bothel. The travel time there early in the morning had a bit of an impact on our stamina but not enough to keep us from competing well any way.

Day 1 – In Round 1 of pool play we were seeded #3 in pool A. At the end of the first pool play, we fell to #4. In a pool of 4 teams, each team has 3 matches. Once you lose a match, you must win the next 2 matches in order to finish in the top 2 and be eligible to compete for the gold championships, which is always our goal when we go to a tournament. By the same token, once you lose 2 matches, it’s almost impossible to get into the top 2, unless there’s a 3 way tie for 2nd, which can and often happen.

We played well the first day, even though our record and scores did not reflect it. Our ball control is what always keeps us competitive. I’m still amazed at how some of our young players (12 and 13 year olds) pass the ball so effortlessly to the target. If we didn’t have this kind of ball control, we would be blown out of the water, it would not be fun at all.

The scores can tell you a lot, but it never tells you the whole story. We competed well in the first round of pool, because of our ball control, but a little too conservatively. Our game plan on offense is to always play smart, but sometimes playing smart can be too conservative where we don’t challenge the defense enough. But this is where experience and skill comes in. As our girls gain more experience and develop more refined and consistent skills, they’ll be able to do both, play smart and challenge the defense with more consistent and precise hitting. Too often we hit right into the defense instead of hitting our targets, or if we hit our targets it was too high, giving the defense too much time to get to the ball.

However, our greatest failing on day 1 was our transitions or lack thereof. We were very lazy on defense, forgetting to get to our bases, leaving our bases too early, not reading the hitter, forgetting to transition from defense to offense (front row players not getting into an approach and defense not preparing to cover), not covering the hitter. Also, on defense, we were not reading ahead or staying ahead of the ball to read the passer first, then the setter, and finally the hitter. When you’re not reading ahead of the ball, then you’re reacting instead of reading, anticipating and moving. And if you’re not reading, anticipating and moving, then you’re not playing defense, you’re just taking up space out there.

People say that defense is what wins games, and offense puts points on the scoreboard. It’s true in many sports and I believe it’s also true in volleyball. I’m a firm believer in a strong defense, but I’m also a firm believer in a smart offense. There are lots of strong offensive teams out there, but when they come up against a great blocking team, they will fall apart, especially if they don’t have a strong defense to fall back on.

Our first match was against Skagit, the #1 seed in our Pool A, and the #1 overall seed in Div 2. We lost in straight sets to them, 19-25, 17-25. Although the scores were ok, we simply were not mentally prepared, making too many unforced errors, not able to string together enough points to recover. Serve receive kept us in a hole, and every time we made some progress, untimely unforced errors would rear it’s ugly head. On serve-receive, we were not communicating in the seams, often a passer would take the wrong seam and cause confusion, or a passer would take the correct seam but bail at the last second, etc. On serve-receive, once you commit, commit, there’s not room or time to change your mind.

After losing that first match to Skagit, it meant we needed to win the next two matches in order to be in contention for the gold. Our next match was against the #2 seed, a team we have played several times this season and have never beaten. Winning this time would have been a huge confidence booster, but it was not to be as we lose 22-25, 19-25. We played them better than we’ve ever played them, we had our opportunities in the first set but we just didn’t capitalize on those few opportunities, for the reasons I stated earlier.

The final match in the first pool play was against Relentless Pursuit, the #4 team. At this point, since we had already lost the first two matches and there was no chance of contending for gold, I decided to play my bench. Our starters just weren’t making it happen. Although I played my bench, in order to remain somewhat competitive, I maintained some consistent structure by keeping my starting setter and one of my starting middles in place. The other middle was my backup setter, Eliana, and I sat my 2 starting outsides, Kiana and Miah. This way my bench, who are mostly outsides, get to play on a firm foundation.

The bench did well, they accomplished some good things, and I kept them in the entire game. Although it was exciting to see them play, in fact there were a few comical moments too, it still wasn’t good enough for me to sit through another set of senseless torture. That would be inhumane treatment of the self-inflicted kind. Mercifully, the set ended quickly at 15-25. 

I put the starters in the 2nd set and moved Eliana to the outside position because she is one of our more powerful hitters with a good top spin, and I also wanted to challenge the defense a little more. Jaz came in at Right Side and off we went. This line up played well also, earning five more points but still losing 20-25 to Relentless. After almost a 3 hour break, the 2nd round of pool play started. Because we finished #4 in Pool A after the first round of pool play, that placed us as the #4 seed in Pool D for round 2, contending for Silver against all the other 1st round 3rd and 4th placed teams. And per the format, the first 2 matches of round 2 pool play is to be played on Day 1, and the remaining 4 matches on Day 2, then single elimination bracket play.

Our first match in round 2 is against the #2 seed, OPVBC. This time that 3 hour break helped us recover and get fired up because we came out swinging, winning the first set with ease 25-15. I used some of my bench players in the second set based on the results of the first set, something I do sparingly and with much discretion and caution. Winning 2 out 3 matches is difficult under any circumstances and round 2 pool play is no time for experimenting. But OPVBC was a little shocked and we played so well I thought I’d give some of my bench players an opportunity to play. But OPVBC recovered nicely to stop us in the 2nd set, 23-25. We missed some serves in the red zone but so did they and we just didn’t capitalize on it. Regardless, the 2nd set was very exciting, both teams fighting hard, lots of long rallies, high level playing.

In the 3rd and final set against OPVBC the battle continues just as violently. At the mid-set switch, we get to 8 first after the score ties at 7-7. The lead changes multiple times all the way to the very end. Our girls were playing so well, however, I never once believed that we would lose this set, and we didn’t. We final close it out with tough serves, great defensive plays and smart placement hitting, 15-13. One down, at least one more match to win.

Winning this match against OPVBC was the highlight of the day and such a confidence booster. In this match, we played the best we have ever played and apparently it had set the tone for the rest of round 2 pool play. This match was supposed to be played at 4:30 PM and be done by 5:30 PM. We did not get out of there until after 6:30 PM, extremely late, and had to be back first thing at 8 AM to play right away. I dismissed everyone quickly at court side so everyone can head home right away to get some much needed rest.

Day 2 – we show up bright eyed and bushy tailed for our 2nd match of round 2 pool play against NW Jrs Heat, a team we have beaten at our last Power League but they ended up finishing above us at that tournament. This team also ref’d our previous match against OPVBC and so they had a very good look at us in that match and were well prepared. But it didn’t matter, we were so fired up that we took the first set with ease, 25-15. But NW Jrs comes back to take the 2nd set 25-20. We bounce back with confidence to win the 3rd and final set 15-11. Although we won the first set easily, this was another incredible match, lots of long rallies, lots of great digs and smart hitting, both teams playing with conviction. But once again our girls played very tough on defense, made some very smart plays on offense, and served very tough with their jump serves. Like the previous match, we were battling so well, the girls were so confident playing with a lot of heart, the thought of losing never once crossed my mind.

That made 2 wins, qualifying us for a crack at the silver championship title. So far we have beaten the #2 and #1 teams in pool. The only team left is the #3 seed, Ridge Valley. However to solidify our silver contention, we had to win the final match to avoid any potential 3 way ties. And that’s what we did once again. We played brilliantly against Ridge Valley, defeating them in 3 sets also, 19-25, 25-22, 15-10. It was a very close match, Ridge Valley, like all the other teams had some tall middles and outsides. But co-captain, Vallerie Noa, sealed our victory with an outstanding jump float into 33, exactly where I told her to put it, the perfect jump float serve, like a smart bomb, zeroing in and hitting it’s target. Ridge Valley’s libero worked hard trying to get to it but it was way too good. That serve, no spin, perfect elevation, landed inside the 5 ft. line. What’s so amazing is that we just started working on our jump floats this past week where I saw Vallerie hit that floater so well. But practice is one thing, match point at a tournament is another. I can tell you to jump float and to put it short at 33, but to do it at match point in front of all those people in the gym who heard me give you those instructions, and then to actually do it exactly as ordered, is simply phenomenal. I was definitely impressed myself, well done Val!!!

At this point, we have had the toughest 3 matches of the season, back to back, and in each match, we played the best we have ever played all season long. All the hard work we have put in all season long has finally paid off. On Day 2 we lost our libero Tyra due to illness, and so the libero was to be Molly who did not have her black jersey and so I couldn’t play her as libero. So Malia stepped into that role as libero. But what is so amazing is the fact that the average age of our starting 6 players is 13.5 years old. Add the Malia to that, on Day 2 the average age of our starting 7 drops to 13.2 years old. These are very young players playing up against 15 year olds, and playing brilliantly.

Enough about the age, but let’s talk about the height difference. Our 13 year old middle, little Haylee (probably 5’3”) playing middle against 5’8”, 5’9”, 5’10” middles, hitting around them and overpowering the short defender, hitting over them into the deep court, rolling short into the middle court, constantly keeping our opponents out of system so they cannot run their offense effectively against us and thus using their tremendous height advantage in the middle. That’s what smart hitting does, it keeps our opponents constantly off balance so that they cannot use their big guns in the middle.

Our other middle is LeeTana, who isn’t much taller either, doing the same thing, overpowering the short defenders, hitting into the deep court, keeping our opponents off balance and basically shutting down their offense. Most people think you can only shut down an offense with blocking. That will do it, but when you have short players who cannot get above the net to block, the other way to shut down an offense is with smart precision hitting. Even if you don’t get a kill, you do enough damage to keep their offense off balance. And it just amazes me to see our short middles keeping our opponents’ tall middles out of the game and uninvolved. But when you watch these tall teams play against other teams, those tall middles are awesome, and extremely dangerous, on offense and defense. These tall players can pound and block, and they get lots of licks and blocks in against other teams. But when they play us, they suddenly become irrelevant, under utilized and therefore ineffective.

The taller teams rarely block or pound against us. The only time their tall middles can hurt us is when our sets are too tight. But here again, we purposely train all season long to hit our sets at least 5-10 feet off the net, other teams do not. So when they get a set that’s far off the net, they often miss because they never practice hitting sets that far off the net, easy points for us. We even practice hitting from the back row so when we are out of system, hitting from the back row is a piece of cake. And even hitting from the back row, we have specific targets to hit into in order to keep our opponents off balance.

There’s so many advantages hitting sets 5 to 10 feet off the net. First it gives our short hitters lots of room to hit around the block, most blockers cannot time hits that far off (they usually go up too early), and the defense usually stays deep making the short court a more viable target. And so we purposefully practice hitting sets at least 5 feet off the net and we purposely practice rolling the ball into the short court or hitting angle to overpower the short defender, or lobbing it deep down the line or into the deep court pushing the defenders backwards to try and make a difficult pass. Where other teams are just trying to keep the ball in, we’re hitting to place the ball at very specific target areas. When hitters are focusing on just hitting the ball, we already know where our targets are before we even get the set. Just that kind of strategic thinking, and tailoring our practices to develop the skills necessary to achieve our precision hitting goals, is the secret to our phenomenal success against taller players and teams. I’m very proud of our average 13.2 year old starters, who can barely get their hands above the net, competing well against much older and much taller teams.

Back to the round 2 of pool play we went 3-0, thus securing our spot among the top 4 teams contending for the silver championship title. At this point we’re just 2 matches away from winning silver. This season we have had 2 Bronze titles courtesy of our boys team. It would be really nice if the girls can secure a silver championship title at the most important tournament of the season. That’s the goal at least.

We’re in the the silver championship bracket, and our first match is against Sabotage. This team will not put up a block. Their front row simply falls back on the 10 foot line to play defense. Over the years I’ve had just a few teams (like 3 total over 15 years of club ball) who play defense like that. This kind of defense can work short term wise, but not good long term wise. The best way to defeat a team like this is to set the ball close to the net and have our hitters over power the front line players. But none of our players are tall enough to get above the net except for Vallerie, who’s our setter. But more importantly, for some reason we were extremely exhausted. It was evident that the incredibly tough matches we just played over 2 days were starting to take it’s toll on us. We were a half step behind on defense, our movement very sluggish, and our hitting was starting to miss it’s target. Despite a very respectable showing and effort, we lose in 2 straight sets, 21-25, 21-25, still very close matches. This loss places us tied for 3rd in Silver, U15 Div 2, our official finish and our final report card. Not too shabby at all. 3rd in Silver means we are 7th overall out of 16 teams in U15 Div 2, and 31st overall out of 55 teams in the entire PSR U15 Division. 

As I stated earlier, no matter how you look at this team’s performance this past weekend (and actually throughout the entire season), they far exceeded expectations. There’s still a lot more work to be done, but they are well on their way. We still need to work on the quick attack in the middle and a quicker offense to beat the block, something that is absolutely essential for short players playing against top level teams. W still need to work on tightening up our defense by getting into the mind of the hitter and reading ahead, but all of that will come in time. To run the quicker offense our passing needs to be a lot tighter, our setting much more accurate and our hitters need to be quicker, smarter and more consistent. This season our stronger hitters were our middles which is why we ran a higher set in the middle and off the net. But to run a quicker offense, you need strong hitters all across the front row and the sets must be tighter to the net, so we can beat the block. And with a quicker offense, timing is everything. But a quicker offense requires accuracy in everything we do. Once that is in place, then we can start transitioning to the quicker offense. But that’s what summer clinics are all about, developing individual skills.

Congrats ladies, well done, great final report card. BE VERY PROUD!!!

Finishing Strong!

Coach Kama

2013 Boys Banquet at OCB
Friday, July 5
Boys End 2013 Season With Great Food and Great Company!

Our 2013 season have finally come to a very memorable end.  We had our banquet at the Lakewood Towne Center Old Country Buffet Restaurant on June 18th.  Great food, great conversation, great company.  Unfortunately LaShawn and Andrew were not able to make it.  But besides those two absences, it was the perfect celebration of a fantastic season, following an incredible 2-day boy's international volleyball tournament in Spokane, WA in mid May. 

The highlight of our season was definitely the Border Smackdown (BSD) tournament in Spokane, 18-19 May.  8 boys were able to attend.  
     1.  Nate Peredo - Setter, Senior, Washington HS
     2.  Jacob Ruley - Right/Backup Setter, Freshman, Graham-Kapowsin HS
     3.  Daniel Stakhovich - Middle, Senior, Curtis HS
     4.  LaShawn Kapenda - Middle, Senior, Washington HS
     5.  Andrew Cruz - Outside, Senior, Spanaway Lake HS
     6.  Rodion Zuravlev - Outside, Senior, Lakes HS
     7.  Vaa Noa - Junior, DS/Right, Graham-Kapowsin HS
     8.  Ramsey Noa - Freshman, DS/Middle, Graham-Kapowsin
     9.  Anthony Martinez - DS/Right, Senior, Bethel HS (Did not attend Spokane Tourney)

Last year, May 2012, was the inaugural year of the Border Smackdown (BSD) tourney and we just barely had enough players to enter a team in it.  We had 7 players total, but 2 players had to get an exception to policy approved before they could play:  the coaches daughter, and a player who had already graduated the year before.  We also picked up a last minute player who was only able to attend the last 3 practices before heading to Spokane.  So really, we only had 4 legitimate players, which meant we had to redo all our systems.  On the way there and while there, the team had to learn their rotations and serve-receive formations.  Out of 8 matches, we won 1 match and lost several close ones.  In spite of all the last minute changes, it was still a great and exciting experience for the team. 

This year we had 8 solid players heading to Spokane, however, only 3 of them were on the 2012 team (Nate, Vaa & Ramsey) and 3 were first year players (Andrew, LaShawn, and Jacob).  But right before heading to Spokane, we entered a Boy's tournament at Sunrise Courts in Puyallup.  There were 6 boy's teams in attendance and after winning that tournament, it gave us a much needed boost for the Border Smackdown.  Many good things happened at this tune-up tournament at Sunrise Courts.  Our offense really started to click, especially the quick attack in the middle, and our passing, something we have been working on so much all season long, started to come together in this tournament.  It was exactly what we needed to prepare for Spokane. 

Finally after working out all the transportation and hotel arrangements, after all the fundraising, we headed to Spokane for the BSD on Friday 17 May 2013.  It was an exciting adventure for the boys, we were a much improved team from last year, which made this trip even more exciting. But the results also bore that out too.  Last year's 1-7 record was easily surpassed by this year's team record, 5-3.  The competition was amazing, as usual.  We lost to the top 2 teams from Canada and to the #1 team from Spokane.  We played well against these 3 teams but couldn't string enough consecutive points for the win.  These 3 teams also played so much better against us than when they played against the other teams, a testament to the reputation and high standard our boys set on day 1 of the tournament. 

The BSD tournament forced our team to kick it up another notch, which we did.  But not having sufficient experience playing constantly at a very high level, kept us a bit on par with the best, but not enough to surpass the best.  Had we experienced more matches like these throughout our season, we would have been much more prepared.  But still, winning the boys tournament at Sunrise, then winning 5 of 8 matches in Spokane, it was an amazing and very satisfying experience and accomplishment for our boys.  

This 2013 season we had only 3 months of preparation, starting our first practices in early February.  Normally our season would have started in November, the same time as the girls.  But there just wasn't enough interest in November, no matter how much we tried to get the team going, too many other conflicting interests.  But in this short 3 month period, our preparation was stripped down to only the things that matter most, ball control and systems.  Add to that the boys' unusual and high level of commitment, the team made some astounding leaps and bounds in their game.  All experienced major improvements in their ball control skills, and it was amazing to watch the inevitable improvement in their overall game as individuals and as a team, when the focus is on the things that matter most.  I couldn't be any prouder of every single one of them.  One can only wonder what they would have accomplished had they started the season 3 months earlier.

It would have been enough if their volleyball skills and knowledge were the only things that improved so remarkably.  But what set this team apart from all previous boys teams we have had over the years, was the chemistry and relationships the guys developed with one another over their very short season.  They all got along so well, no drama, and that is what we all will remember, more than anything - the very close bond and relationships.  As a coach, I couldn't have asked for a better group of guys.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. 

Coach Stan Stakhovich, our boys coach from 2 years ago, is back and was gracious enough to celebrate with our team at Old Country Buffet.  Miss Niva and Miss Emily were also great team Moms, organizing team fundraisers, coordinating transportation, schedules, equipment, etc.  I could always count on Miss Niva to have our volleyball equipment at every practice.  She committed going to Spokane even though she knew it would be right during her birthday.  When Miss Emily found out, her family in Spokane made a birthday cake for her and the team sang Happy Birthday to her.  She cried.  A big thank you also to Miss Emily's family in Spokane who hosted us for dinner at their home once again this year.  They always put out a great spread.  Thank you soooo much!

Although Anthony did not attend the BSD in Spokane with the team, he was able to join us late, after work, at the team banquet.

Great job gentlemen, great season, great memories!!!

Coach Kama
Respect All, Fear None!


Power Surge Boys 18 Silver
Power Surge Boys 18 Silver
Sunday, February 24
Power Surge 18 Boys Debut at Highline Community College
Aloha Power Surge Ohana,
Yesterday, Sat 2/23, our boys played in their very first tournament of the season at Highline CC.  It was a men’s B/BB tournament and it was and is a great tune up tournament for our boys who are preparing to play against other U17/18 teams in the Pacific Northwest, namely the Spokane Boys Volleyball Club, next week Sun 3/2 at Highline Community College again. 
But stepping back a little, since Nov of 2012, I’ve been trying to get a boys team going by running boys open practices, but to no avail.  Finally this past Jan 2013, I called it quits, it just wasn’t happening.  But then basketball season was over for some, boredom sets in a bit, a few boys started asking if the team was still playing, and voilà, the guys started to get serious about playing.  Last week they all came together for the first time, about 9 or 10 of them for their very first practice of the season.  Two practices that week, two practices this week, and here we are in a men’s tournament.  Go figure!
So now the guys (sometimes I slip and call them ladies, no disrespect to either the guys or the ladies, just habit) are legit, they have a practice schedule, a tournament schedule, and they even have a team picture on our website.  Check it out ladies, the only legitimate U18 Boys team this side of Snoqualmie.  Actually our boys’ ages range from 14 to 17, but per USAV’s age definition, we are a U18 team.  And they all come from 5 different high schools; Washington, Lakes, University Place, Graham-Kapowsin and Spanaway Lake (need someone from Bethel, please, maybe... Spencer???).  The south sound is well represented on our boys team for sure. 
Long story short, the boys won one match and that was the final match in the playoffs against a team who’s name I won’t mention but their initials are HISYM.  In that match we won in 2 straight games, 25-22, 33-31.  Yes, that is not a typo, that 2nd set went into triple overtime.  There were 9 B/BB teams, 3 pools of 3 teams each.  At the end of the day we finished with a 1-3 record, finishing 3rd in the Silver Bracket.  In all 4 matches, the boys played well.  In fact, I would say, considering their very late start in the season, their performance was exemplary. 
The boys definitely have some structure in their game:  the foundation (ball control) is there but still a little shaky, the walls (serve-receive formations, offense, defense, transitions) are up but need strengthening here and there, and the roof (setting, communication, chemistry) has a few leaks but its all coming together.  And come together they must, because next Sunday is their real test.  If I could wave a wand and choose one thing that would be improved right now in the boys’ game, I would choose ball control.  Because when you possesses strong ball control skills, you have a strong and sure foundation.  And when you have a sure foundation, anything you build on it can and will stand. 
A lot of very good things happened at the tournament.  There were some great blocking by our middles and right sides, some great digs by our back row, several long and exhausting rallies, and execution of some very good plays.  Usually it takes months before a team will even attempt a quick attack in the middle at a tournament.  But the boys ran several quick attacks in the middle from the get go and they even ran some successful quick back sets, which is simply outstanding.  On the officiating end, Vaa (with help from his mom) did a great job keeping score, and the rest of the team did a great job paying attention, calling lines or serving as the R2. 
I don’t normally do this because I strongly feel it takes a team effort to win.  But every so often you get a player who, through his athleticism, his experience and knowledge of the game, his amazing all-around skills, and his humble and unassuming leadership, brings the whole team together and makes the team perform much better.  He is the one who can take any good or bad pass and connect it to the hitter, the one who designs and runs our plays, the glue that binds the team together.  That player is Nate Peredo, our setter.  As you all know, the setter is the quarterback of the team.  There are many good setters out there.  But besides possessing amazing skills, what separates a good setter from a great setter, is a setter’s ability to make everyone feel comfortable out there, make everyone feel important and part of the team, and make everyone feel like playing with you and for you.  Nate does that for this team and is a major reason why this team plays so well together.  [Vallerie Noa does that for our 14s, by the way.]  This ability or charismatic leadership has to come from within, it is not something I or any coach can teach.  Nate is just wired that way, and therefore it comes out in his game and his steadfast leadership.  I received many compliments from other players regarding the team and especially regarding Nate, all very well deserved compliments. 
Congratulations gentlemen, and well done!  You all did a great job in your season opener, keep up the good work.
Coach Kama

Power Surge Fire Logo2

2012 15 Black
2012 Power Surge 15 Black
Monday, April 2
Flash News! - Power Surge 15 Black Qualify for Nationals at PNQ
Aloha Power Surge Ohana,

In case you haven't heard, this past weekend our 15 Black team participated in the Pacific Northwest Qualifier (PNQ) in Spokane, a 3-day event and one of 10 national qualifiers in the USA, and came home with the Gold Championship in the 15 Club Division!  They did it with so much style, confidence, and relentless courage.  It was magnificent to see, it was inspiring, it was beautiful. 

Parents, friends, and spectators in the stands were on their feet at championship point, and the team needed only one championship point to seal this glorious moment in history before continuing their quest on to the national championships in Columbus OH at the end of the season.  When the final point ended in our favor, the team emptied the bench and took to the floor, screaming, jumping for joy, hugging each other in a collapsing circle of pure ecstasy.  Tears flowed freely in the aftermath of such a brilliant performance.  The officials smiled and decided that at least this time, they would make allowances and not require the champions to follow normal end-of-match protocol. 

It wasn't smooth sailing all the way as there were many close matches, many rallies to rival the very best matches in the tournament.  On Day 1, the team started uncharacteristically flat, and had to make some serious and drastic adjustments to their line up.  But this team has faced adversity before and like many champions, they found a way to win, like they did in Corvallis earlier this year in the Wilson Invite and at a very recent U18 tourney where they made it to the championship match.   

They have been through the fire before and at this point in their journey, adversity only makes them stronger, less fearful.  And drawing from their profound and recent victories, they kept their feet under them, their wits about them, and calmed their fears. 

There was one tiny flaw in their Cinderella story, which later became a moot point, as you will see.  On Day 1, as the 3rd seed in pool and the overall 28th seed in the tourney, they lost their first match to the #4 overall seed in the deciding game 13-15.  But as fate would have it, this tiny flaw would be redeemed in a dramatic way later in the tournament.  Because from that moment on, with unshakeable confidence, they watched one opponent after another fall before them, the #21 and #45 seeds on day 1, the #9, #3, and #15 seeds on Day 2, and finally the #11, #2, and #4 seeds on Day 3. 

Remember that tiny flaw I mentioned earlier, well that was the #4 seed on Day 3.  The entire 3-day tournament, every opponent fell in 2 straight sets, except for this tiny little flaw.  Yes, they met again in the championship match and in both matches, it was decided in three.  But this time when it mattered most, a very different outcome awaited our team as they pulled off one of the greatest underdog victories in PNQ history, 25-20, 26-28, 15-8.  Game 2 should have been ours but kudos to the #4 seed, they wanted that 2nd set and fought very hard to hold on to win it.  But judging by the demeanors and performances of both teams, it was evident that we wanted it more.  Hollywood couldn't have written a better script or a better Cinderella ending. 

In the Club division at national qualifiers, to earn a bid to nationals, you must finish first.  If you finish any lower than that, you don't get an invitation to the "big dance."  It's all or nothing baby, "go for broke" as we say in the islands. 

To say our 15 Black finished with a lot of style and grace would not be exactly accurate.  There were lots of fist pumping, "unladylike" growls, some creative "haka-like" chanting/clapping island style, lots of fire and emotion.  In the championship match it was all about desire, wanting it, tasting it, and owning it.  Losing was not an option, and never ever on the radar, not even remotely! 

Congratulations 15 Black.  You came and you conquered.  As the starting 28th seed, you shocked many on your inevitable climb to the top.  As one coach succinctly and appropriately stated after a power surge took them out on Day 2, "what the hell just happened here, who the hell are they?"  

Remain humble, don't let all this go to your heads.  Savor this glorious moment, but know that the past is always in the past, and that we must remain vigilant, always pressing toward the future and never resting on our laurels.  

Above all, remember that our gifts and our talents all come from our heavenly Father.  We can do nothing without his grace, but by his grace, through faith we can do all things.

Well done ladies, keep up the good work!

Coach Kama

Saturday, March 12
Weekend of 11-13 March 2011
13 Black Gold Champions!
Gold Champions - Power Surge 13 Black
This weekend our club is enjoying a little down time, except for our boys who are in a men's league playing every Friday evening, and our 12s and 13s who are playing in our very own U12/13 tournament. 

Unfortunately for our 12s and 13s, there weren't enough registered teams to play at Pierce College (minimum 9 teams required).  And after polling the 7 teams who did register for our Sun 3/13 U12/13 tourney, 5 teams still wanted to play.  So we moved the tournament to Sat 3/12 and converted it to a friendship tournament to be played at our practice facility.  Three of the 5 teams were our own Power Surge teams.  Grays Harbor 12 and Narrows Purple 13 rounded out the pool of 5 teams. 

It was a very nice tournament, it started at 10 AM, and our two visiting teams concluded at around 3:30 PM, plenty of time for Grays harbor to head back home about 2-hours away, and Narrows to still get some shopping, family time, and chores done afterwards.  Every team was guaranteed at least 5 matches, more than what you would get at a typical USAV single-day tournament.  The abbreviated scorekeeping, warm up procedures, and pool format helped keep things going along very quickly without sacrificing playing times. 

The boys played the best 2 matches they ever played, winning 2 games in one night.  However, a match win still alludes them. 

Here are your coaches reports. 

Power Surge 12 Black - Coaches Kerri and Niva helped coach the team today as Coach Kama had to run the tournament.  12 Black won all their matches except when it came to their nemesis, our very own 13 Black team.  We lost to them in pool play and also in the championship match.  It was sort of a festive atmosphere and maybe that had something to do with the mentality of our team.  It was afterall called a friendship tournament but we just didn't have that closer attitude.  Although there were some good things happening, there was also too much not happening.  Not enough reading and moving into the swing on defense was especially evident.  That particular team skill is something we have been working on a lot and it was disappointing that we didn't bring it into the tournament.  We can master all the team skills in practice, but if we don't bring it into the tournament on game day, we haven't mastered anything.   

Power Surge 12 Gold - Of the 5 teams in pool, our 12 Gold team finished 4th after pool play.  That set them up to play the #3 seed in the playoffs, Grays Harbor 13.  12 Gold brought their A-game to the playoffs as they defeated Grays Harbor pretty soundly, 25-15, 25-15.  But their celebration was short lived as they had to immediately play our 13 Black team, who returned the favor with a smashing victory over our 12 Gold team, 13-25, 13-25.  There were flashes of brilliance on the part of 12 Gold during that final match, but 13 Black proved to be too much, too polished, too confident.  Nonetheless, 12 Gold finished 3rd overall, giving our club it's first ever Gold, Silver and Bronze sweep.  Well done Ladies!

Power Surge 13 Black - Winner of the tournament, it was no surprise that the 13s would be in the finals as they were the #1 seed heading into the tournament.  Their only obstacle to the championship would possibly come from the 12 Black team.  However, that never came to fruition.  The 13s came to play today and it showed in their game.  They went undefeated all day in pool play and then went on to smashing straight set victories in the playoffs.  First they defeated our 12 Gold team and then went on to win the gold by defeating our 12 Black team in the finals.  Well done ladies!

Power Surge 18 Silver Boys - The boys did an outstanding job Friday evening 3/11 and I can’t mean that more sincerely or say it more passionately.  When you strip away all the ego, the drama, and the attitudes, you get to players who are ready to play together, play like a team, play their very best.  And when they’re playing their very best, anything can happen.  That’s exactly what happened this past Friday evening.  The guys checked their attitudes, drama, and ego’s at the door and came to play some outstanding volleyball.  It was so enjoyable to watch, and the parents and I couldn’t have been more proud of each of them.  Everyone was there except our libero, Spencer Lizama.

Our first match was against ISA.  We came out very strong and took the first set, 21-17.  The energy in that set was very high and the guys came out with a bang which caught ISA a little off guard.  In the 2nd set I played our newest middle, Jalen Noa, to get him some game time experience.  He did his best but it is very difficult trying to learn the game in real time while under fire.  It’s also very difficult for the team to integrate a new player.  Nonetheless, Jalen got some valuable real time experience and the team got another chance to still win the match in the 3rd, after dropping the 2nd set 9-21.  In the 3rd and deciding game we went back to our starting lineup and could have taken that set, but fell short 11-15.  In the 2nd match we came out strong against last season’s champions, Boom Faapao.  I kept the same starting line up throughout and we traded the first 2 sets, 18-21, 21-18.  Winning the 2nd set gave us the confidence we needed to take the 3rd set.  It was not to be however, as we fell in the 3rd set 9-15.  We need to continue improving in every area of our game, but against men, blocking is so important.  We got a lot of blocks and touches which kept us in many points.  But we didn’t convert enough of them.  On offense we gave away too many points with hitting errors, and on serve-receive we had too many subpar passing, and/or subpar setting.  Hitters weren’t ready for their sets and need to expect every set to come to them.  But looking back to where the boys came from, there is no denying that the boys have made tremendous progress.  But we still have a ways to go and with the right mindset, right attitudes, I have no doubt they will get there.  Well done, gentlemen!!!

Domino's Pizza Invite 26-27 Mar 2011

Last weekend our 17 Black team took the U18 Gold Championship at the Domino's Pizza Invite, the largest and oldest USAV tournament in Tacoma.  Their win inspired and challenged our other elite black teams to do the same.  The 13s and 14s both played on Sat 3/26, while the 12s and 16s played on Sun 3/27.  Almost all made it to their respective gold divisions but not all followed our 17 Black's exemplary example.  Find out who did. 

Here's your coaches' reports.

Power Surge 12 Black - Gold Champions!!!  12 Black started off as the #1 seed in the tournament and I'm happy to report that they maintained their #1 seed throughout the entire tournament. 

In pool play, UPVBC 12s had 3 boys on their team and they gave us quite a challenge.  Once we got past that first match, winning it 25-23 and 26-24, the rest of pool was smooth sailing.  Everyone played, everyone contributed.

In Pool play we had a first round bye and then played Aces, who gave us quite a challenge.  In flight 1 of Power League U12 division, teams don't dump the ball over the net on almost every contact.  But Aces does and our girls were not used to playing a team like that.  But after making some adjustments to that style of playing, the girls then took off, played their consistent and dominating game, and dispatched Aces in the 2nd and 3rd sets very quickly. 

Synergy played all 3 hits and all our girls were playing extremely well.  In fact the girls were doing so well, the supporting players played the entire second game in the championship to close out the match 2-0 and win the U12 Gold Division Championship. 

Pool Play
UP VBC, 25-21, 26-24
Whatcom Hurricanes, 25-4, 25-14
Puyallup Jrs Gold, 25-9, 25-11

Aces, 23-25, 25-7, 15-5
Synergy, 25-18, 25-21

Power Surge 12 GoldSilver Champions!!! The 12 Gold team started out with two really great sets against Ferndale VBC  with ending scores of 26-27 and 25-23.  In the thrid set, the team seemed a bit discouraged and unfortunately it showed in the final score of 18-25, resulting in our loss of the match.  During the first two sets of the second match against Lake Taps VBC Orange, our 12 Gold girls dominated with scores of 25-19 and 25-17, but in the third set we let up a lot and had an unsettling score of 9-25.  Unfortunately, we took third in our pool out of three teams leaving us in the silver bracket.  During our first game in tournament play against Watcom Hurricanes,  we easily won the match in two sets with scores of 25-23 and 25-18.  The 12 Gold girls dominated our second match in tournament play against Gig Harbor VBC with scores of 25-16 and 25-20.  The championship match for the silver bracket was against South Whidbey Jrs.  Our 12 Gold team was able to beat them in two sets.  The final scores being 25-21 and 25-21.  12 Gold took first place in the silver bracket.  Congratulations ladies!

Power Surge 13 Black
3rd in Gold!  We played up in U14 D2 at Wash HS, instead of U13s.  That was fine because playing up was the better and more challenging tournament. 

I was very optimistic about the tournament and was very excited about taking this team to the Domino's tournament.  We were seeded #1 in Pool B, #2 overall.  Not bad for a U13 team, one of two in this tournament, Capital Ice being the #3 seed and the only other U13 team in this division.  16 teams vying for the gold championship and we were definitely in the mix to win.

In Pool play the team soared with very little challenge from anyone, which can be a good confidence booster but bad thing because it does not prepare us for the tougher teams to come in the playoffs.  But it did allow me to play everyone much more liberally, and I liked what I saw from the supporting players.  In fact I liked what I saw from the team overall.  Coach Debi and Coach Cody did an excellent job laying down a very solid foundation, providing the necessary structure to receive serve, to defend, to run their offense, and to transition from one to the other.  Once you establish a solid foundation, then you continue to build and refine on that foundation.  Here were our scores. 

vs NW Jrs Cyclone, 25-13, 25-19
vs 253 Elite Tarriers, 25-7, 25-13
vs Spikers (Yakima), 25-17, 25-7

In the Playoff we came up against a very tough but beatable team, Smokey Pt.  Not having anyone to challenge us in pool, this team was much more consistent in their game and we just couldn't string enough points in a row to mount any kind of sustained challenge.  In this match I saw for the first time how fragile some of our starters are under pressure.  And on a team where there's a considerable skill and experience gap between the starting core and the supporting players, the starters must step up by making smarter decisions and being as consistent as possible, eliminating their unforced errors.  The starters must also be the leaders on the team, constantly rallying their team, encouraging their teammates, even though everyone is responsible for keeping themselves up at all times. 

I'm a lot quicker on the trigger when it comes to making subs and I'm not afraid at all to sub a starter out.  And if a supporting player comes in and makes the same unforced error, I'm not afraid to take her out immediately either.  And on my teams, if you miss a serve, your counterpart gets to serve the next go around.  At tournaments, you must bring your game.  If you're lost, if you're unfocused, if you're not playing confidently, I have a spot for you to play.  It's called the bench.   

The scores against Smokey Pt. were somewhat close but unfortunately I did not record them, probably because I was a little upset.  We obviously need to work a lot on ourselves, and our game.  Our self-talk for example needs reprogramming.  Our demeanor, our body language after making unforced errors, all symtoms and manifestations of negative self talk.  Playing confidently is a decision, an attitude, a mentality.  You don't need to feel confident to make a decision to play confidently.  But we'll get there.  These skills are learned skills and once we get this part of our game down, we'll be a much stronger and better team. 

Power Surge 14 Black3rd in Gold!  With a key player/leader missing from the line-up, this gave both support and skill players an opportunity to step up their game.

Although seeded 2ND in our pool, the other teams didn't concern me too much. Two of the three teams were in Flt. 3 and the other was in Flt. 4, again, good time to step things up. Throughout pool play, the girls looked sluggish as if they didn't want to be there. This lack of determination almost cost us 2 sets during pool play, but, lucky for us, we scrapped by and won. It wasn't our best effort, but we were able to take 1st in pool which put us in the lower bracket of the Gold division.

During bracket play, our problems seemed to continue but mostly from our core players. The support players did what I expected and we are very pleased for their effort. Skill and mental errors haunted us but we managed a win against Strike Force but that wasn't the case against South Hill.

This was a hard one to accept, especially after our 12 Black, 16 Black and 17 Black had already won the other divisions!!!!!!!! There comes a point when coaching stops and the competitor has to step up and compete. With one power league and regionals left, I'm hoping that this was a wake up call for our girls.

vs OPVBC 25-14, 25-21
vs EVERGREEN JR'S. 25-17, 25-14
vs LAKE NATIONAL B 25-18, 25-29
vs STRIKE FORCE 25-22, 19-25, 15-7
vs SOUTH HILL 25-22, 18-25, 11-15

Power Surge 16 BlackGold Champions!!!

Power Surge 17 BlackGold Champions!!!

Power Surge 17 Gold3rd in Silver!


Sat & Sun, 9 & 10 Jan 2010 Results
We had teams going in different directions this past weekend, Longview for the 12s, 13s, and 14s, Highline Community College in DesMoines for the 15s & 16s, and Bellevue Community College for the 18s on Saturday, Evergreen State College on Sunday.  Here are their results.

Power Surge 12 Black - Cowlitz 12-U Tournament, Power Surge 12-Black, Sunday 1/10/10:
As you may know, our tournament did not follow the same flow as most tournaments.  First of all, we did not have pool play and tournament play, we had six individual matches, and only two sets per match, no tie breakers [Round-Robin format, designed to give all teams in a Pool of 7 lots of matches, 6 matches per team, more than what you would get in the typical Pool then Playoff format.  Winner is the team with the best game win loss record], .  Results were as follows: game 1: split 1-1, game 2: 2-0, game 3:1-1, game 4:0-2, game 5:0-2, game 6: 1-1.  [Our tournament game win/loss record 5:7] We were not told our overall standings, but we did start as the #7 team, and if I were to guess, we probably either tied for 4th or got 5th.  So we definitely did improve. :) Everyone showed up for the tournament, which we of course appreciate. 

Overall, we feel that our team did well in their first tournament.  There are definitely some things that we will be working on, including serve recieve, preventing point streaks by the other team, maintaining energy and enthusiasm throughout the good and bad times, and accuracy on serving.  Some things that I thought we did well were listening well when told to do something, helping out teammates with the confusing rotation, and probably the best area today was how the hitters mixed up their shots, and tried to hit to the open areas of the opponent's court.  Overall, Brittney and I were really proud of all the girls, but looking forward to working on refining our skills.  Our ultimate goal is to win a tournament. [And it looks like you are well on your way to accomplish that goal]  Good Job 12's!!!  Coach Lindsey and Coach Brittney

Power Surge 13 Black - U14 Div 2 Gold Champions!

This was our first tourney of the season and it was a huge success - going undefeated all day, + 199 Point Differential! 

We were entered in their U14 tournament. It was separated into a D1 and D2, and we were unknowingly placed into the D2 U14 group.  This resulted in our never feeling pressured by any opponent but not getting the challenge we were hoping for.  But, it did allow us to really focus on running our offense we had been working hard on for the past 2 months and to give all our players an opportunity to play in most of the matches. 

The tournament was in the Round Robin format with 6 other teams.  This guaranteed us 6 matches/12 sets. 

We started out with a 25-3 win against Cowlitz Red and then a 25-9 win and it pretty much continued the same with the remaining 5 teams.  We ended the day with a point differential of +199. 

While we did have an undefeated day, there are some things that were apparent that we need to focus on over the next couple weeks before our next tournament. Our serving could use some work on getting the accuracy up and communication on the court is still something the girls need to be reminded about frequently. With the amount of skill, effort, and drive these girls have, I am confident they will step up to the level of expectation that Kama and I have for them. 

Some highlights of our day:  We had a team total of 75 kills with a 30% kill rate (yes…that is with the kill errors figured in).  Maddie led the team with a 62% kill rate from her 14 kills for the day and Lexi right behind her with 50% and 6 kills. Lici had the high of 20 kills. 

The success of our scoring on kills was of course due to the excellent setting which was led by our primary setter, Kylie who had a total of 60 assists for the day.  And then her success was due to the great passing that was led by Natalee, Tasi, Lici, and Lexi.  Natalee had an awesome day as our libero with a 2.74 passing average (using a 0-3 scale).

While these girls had exceptional days, the rest of our players, Kayla, Abbi, Jordyn, Emilee, and Leilani all contributed directly to scoring points, too as each player had at least one kill and/or ace for the day.  And everyone was very supportive of one another which just added to the success of the day. 

The girls “wowed” some of our opponents’ parents and a coach I spoke with, which is always a huge compliment. 

We are all looking forward to the rest of the season and seeing what these girls are capable of, and are definitely ready to take on some challenging teams to be able to show what Team Power Surge 13 Black can do.

Cody and I are so excited to be coaching each and every one of these girls this season and are so proud of them.  You guys rock!  Coach Debi ~

Power Surge 14 Black - U14 Div 1 Gold Semifinalist, 3rd Overall.

Power Surge 14 Black competed in the Cowlitz U-14 Tournament on Sunday, January 10, 2010 in Longview, WA.   There were a total of 22 contenders in the tournament.  We started the day ranked third in a three-team pool (11th overall) and played hard against both Above the Net 13s and Kent Juniors 14s.  Our team beat ATN in each of three sets scoring 25-15, 25-15, and 25-16 respectively.  The girls played their hearts out and performed well against KJ, but lost each of three sets to them scoring 22-25, 13-25, and 12-25 respectively.  Each girl was able to play during the course of pool play.  Every single Power Surge player contributed to the team effort against ATN and KJ from both the bench and the court. 

Finishing second in our pool, we faced the home team, Cowlitz Black (who took first in their pool), in the first round of bracket play.  Our players stepped up to the challenge and beat Cowlitz in two of three games scoring 26-24, 20-25, and 15-3 respectively.   During the third game of this match, it was heart-warming to see, hear, and feel the intensity and heart that our girls put into this game.  The bench was excited—jumping around and cheering.  The girls on the court were ecstatic—moving fast, jumping high, and hitting the floor with ease.  It seemed that the ball simply couldn’t touch the floor on our side. 

In the semi-finals, we were matched with Excel Black and lost in two games scoring 20-25 and 6-25.  At the end of the day, Power Surge 14 Black tied for third in the Gold division.  Olivia and I are incredibly proud of the girls for performing well in each of their roles and are on the edges of our seats in anticipation of a great season to come. 

Power Surge 15 Black - U16 Silver Division Champions!

We won the Silver Division this past weekend....again! I was very proud of my girls because we were in a pool with UPVC-16s, Blaze-16s and SIVC-16s. Those teams are all a year older and really competitive.  We stuck with them though. We lost all of our games during pool play but managed to take one game from Blaze.

The Silver Bracket had 4 teams and our first match was against a blue team (cannot remember their name) my girls stuck in there and dominated.  We ended up playing High Velocity and the first game went by without a hitch but the second game my girls started playing too relaxed and we ended up winning 26-24. Overall, I think it was a good tournament and the girls saw what they need to work on and how competitive the 16s division can be. 

Power Surge 16 Gold - U16 Gold Division, 5th Overall. 

Aloha Power Surge U16 family, friends and supporters! Our latest tournament was the JAN 10th 2009 Sports for Youth U16 tournament hosted at Highline Community College. There were 12 teams entered into the competition where we were seeded first in Pool C. We finished first in our pool and were then seeded second in bracket play where we finished 5th in the Gold Division.  All players competed and once again, we had a full entourage of family and friends.

In pool play, Power Surge came out swinging with a resounding 25-13, 25-17 victory over Lynden Hit and Run. Our highlight player for the first set was our Libero Nicole with 23 Passes and 6 Digs! Our second Match was against South End Jrs. We continued to turn up the heat recording a 25-14, 25-14 victory,. Leading the charge was Gabby with 6 kills and Caila with a 2.75 passer rating! To finish off pool play, we laid down the hammer on second seeded OPVBC 25-8, 25-16 and Delaney finishing with 4 kills and 3 blocks, stifled the competition. At the conclusion of pool play we were one of two 6-0 teams and had a  point differential of +67, good for second seed. Once in bracket play, Power Surge faced a tough Wahini team to open. After a slow start (14-25) Power surge fought back to take a 15-14 lead in game 2 but fell victim to a late rally by Wahini and lost 17-25, while nerves and fatigue played a small role, the teams overall passing rate of 1.55 in game 2 was a painful stat to overcome.  At the end of the day our 2 very tired setters Annabel and Kaia finished with 40 Assists (20 apiece) and Kylai finished as our top hitter with 15 Kills and gabby our leading scorer with 14 kills and 11 Aces for 25 points!  All around honors goes to Julie who finished with a 2.07 Passer rating, 6 Kills, an ace ratio of 25% and 3 digs. 

Once again, Power Surge made a great showing and really improved over the Cowlitz tournament, with our new Pass-2 and Pass-3 rotations, we show signs of greatness and have 2 weeks to find the “switch” and starting churning towards our potential as a fast and explosive offensive team. Some noteworthy stats, we finished with a 30% kill ratio and a 25% Ace ratio. All our girls played very well, and a special thanks goes out to Denise and Jess for keeping great stats for us. We have two weeks and 4 practices until our first Power League tournament, let’s show them our best! As always, a proud and confident, Coach Ramon

Power Surge 18 Gold - U18 Power League, 43rd Overall.

Power Surge 18's played pretty well in their first Power League tournament despite playing together only for a short while. The team started off on Saturday at Bellevue CC in Flight 6 and managed to steal two out of 6 games in the opening round of pool play against:
1 The Edge 18 Black
2 Rain City 17 Thunder
3 SIVA 18 Lynnwood 

We also managed to take 3 more games of the next 8 that we played in:

4. Mill Creek 18
5. Rainer
6. Cascade

On Sunday, the team faired much better and played much tougher than I have ever seen them play during our short time together as a team.  Our first match of round three landed us in division 2, where we played in a crossover match format. We lost 24-26, 18-25 against the Sat Warriors. The second match of the round we bounced back against Evergreen 25-21 and 25-18.  Our third match we had some momentum going in against Bainbridge Island, but came up on the short end of the stick with the scores of 25-17, 16-25 and 15-17. In the fourth match of the day, we managed to beat the Wahine Warriors Volleyball club out of Tukwila, which was a match that I can only describe as a "match for the ages." This match truly brought out only the surface of this team's potential.  Our last match of the day was a "winner move up to flight 5" match against Cascade for the second time in as many days.  The scores 25-19, 26-28, 15-5 only scratches the surface of describing in words what a great match this truly was. Even though we failed to deliver (this time), this match set the bar very high for every other tournament that we will play in.

Monday, May 10
8-9 May 2010 Results - Willamette Volleyball Classic (WVC), Corvallis, OR
2010 WVC U14 Champs
Number One!

This weekend was Willamette Volleyball Classic (WVC) weekend!  The WVC is a fairly new tournament, hosted by Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR.  We always enjoy coming to this tournament and in the past our teams have done well here.  This season we sent 4 teams to the WVC, Power Surge 13 Black, 14 Black, 15 Black, and 16 Gold.

This weekend was also the PSR U18 Regional Championships.  You'll hear more about that from Coach Chad. 

But we have some history at the WVC.  In 2008 Coach Debi and her Power Surge 12 Black team took the U12 Gold Championship at this tournament.  The first person who can name all the members of that team will get a free t-shirt.  It was very exciting for us back then because it was only the 2nd year of this tournament and our teams have just started hearing about this tournament from our 14s who attended the previous year.  Our 14s at the time was coached by Coach Roger and they had a blast at this tournament.  But in just a few short years, this tournament has grown astronomically, to the point that if you don't register in December, you won't get in. 

The OSU campus is beautiful, but in the middle of nowhere.  I am still puzzled as to why there's a huge 5-lane highway leading into Corvallis to OSU in the middle of all that farmland.  There's nothing in Corvallis other than the university, and if you head the opposite direction on this 5-lane highway to Lebanon, there's nothing there either.  Driving on a highway like that, you kind of expect something grand to greet you at the end.  It didn't happen for me.  If you build it they will come.  Apparently a lot of folks didn't get that memo.  

The highlight of the weekend was our 13 Black team, no disrespect toward our other three teams.  To say that our 13s had a stunning weekend would be an understatement.  Words like incredible, unexpected, magnificent, fearless and amazing do not come close to describing that adrenaline rush or feeling of accomplishment one experiences after overcoming such apparently insurmountable odds.  Coach Debi, Coach Cody, and their Power Surge 13 Balck team accomplished what many thought was impossible.  But our girls only know what they are taught, what they are trained to do.  They BELIEVE.  It is not cliche, it is not just words, it is EVERYTHING, it is their solid and unshakeable foundation!  These girls are very special in this particular way.  

From the coaching staff, to the starters, to the supporting players, they all never stopped believing.  Though words of doubt and unbelief threatened about them, some even coming from loved ones, they never succumbed to it, never stopped believing.  They are indeed fearless.  You can put in all the time, all the work, all the teaching, all the practices, all the speed and agility training, all the planning, all the strategizing.  If you don't BELIEVE in yourself, in your coaches, in your system, in your program, you toil in vain.  The 13s have great coaching, great players, and great parents, all the essential ingredients for a stunning and successful team.   

From a club perspective, this team (as is true for many other Power Surge teams past and present) exemplifies what our club is all about.  And that is to take players from our own community and make them the very best they can be.  All of the players on our 13s are from our own community, and have only played for our club, a very rare characteristic of today's teams.  Almost all of these girls have been together for 3 years.  And the girls we added this season played for our 12-2 team last season, or never played club ball before.  This is truly a home grown team and demonstrates what can be accomplished when great coaching and committed players from our own community come together as one, Loto Fa'atasi!   

Congratulations to all our teams, and especially to our 13 Black team.  But 13s, keeping it real, please read Proverbs 16:18 and 1 Peter 5:5.  There you'll find some great pearls of wisdom, and reminders of what can happen when success goes to one's head.  In this sport we love, momentum can and often do change from time to time, sometimes multiple times in one match.  Be humble, stay humble, and keep believing.

Here are our coaches' reports.

Power Surge 13 Black - U14 Gold Champion! (1st/60 teams).  The title says it all.  Nothing more needs to be said other than, thank you Jesus!

Power Surge 14 Black - U14 Corvallis Champion! (19th/60 Teams)

Power Surge 15 Black - 3rd U16 Willamette Division (27th/81 Teams). 

The WVC tournament started off a little rocky with a loss to Island Thunder 15s in a close 3 game Match. But the girls pulled through and convincingly beat the Canadian team 25-10 and 25-6. We ended up 2nd in our pool and held our 27th seed. After our 5 hour wait the girls were ready to play in the PM wave. We started off strong taking RIM ROCK to  3 sets. The girls really played with a lot of heart and determination and showed mental strength that we were looking for all tournament long. Directly after we won the match we had to play Rose City who was seeded 16th overall. By that time it was past 8:30 and the girls were very exhausted but they fought with all they had and lost in 2 sets. We ended up 2nd in that pool and would play in the Willamette bracket on Sunday. 

We luckily got to sleep in and did not have to play until noon. The girls were well rested and were ready to win. Our first elimination match was against NW Power 16s. They were a tough opponent but with the help from Kylie's powerful hitting and Alexis' amazing passes we beat them with out missing a beat. Our next match was against OVA 16s and we were ahead in the 1st set 24-16 and the girls could not get a pass to save their life. The refs had a few bad calls that went against us and we ended up losing 24-26. The next set our girls were out for blood and we one 25-16. The 3rd set the girls were not mentally prepared and the devastating lose from the 1st set haunted us and we ended up losing the match which sent us home. It was a long but enjoyable weekend. - Coach Jordyn & Kimiko 

Power Surge 16 Gold - 6th U16 Willamette Division (30th/81 Teams).   Hello again Power Surge Family, this weekend was a big one as our U16’s went down to the Willamette Volleyball Classic in Corvallis Oregon. This was to be our farthest traveling tournament of the year and full of fun. We had the 21st overall seed to start the day, putting us as the number one seed in pool 9. 

We started Saturday with a tough loss in the opening set to Aces 16-1’s, but about halfway through the second set, the girls found their rhythm and pulled off a 2-1 match victory. In the second match, we faced off against Nafanua 16’s Elite. We fought a tough fight in the opening set losing by a very close 28-26, but failed to gain any momentum in the 2 set loss. This loss then gave us the 28th seed and kept us in our pool. The afternoon pooling had us start against the 3 seed in the pool, Salem 15 Black. Like the first match of the day, we lost the first set, and it really looked like we were down and out when the girls stormed back in the second set to force 3. Down by a large margin, the girls pulled off an amazing come from behind victory in what turned out to be a very heated match, winning 15-13 in the deciding set. That then pitted us against the number one seed in our pool, Webfoot U16 Silver. The first set was a tough fought battle between the squads, but our 16’s could not quite pullout a victory, and in the second set, the Webfoot girls really turned on the heat and put us in a big hole early that we never recovered from, losing in 2. After all pool play we were now the 28th overall seed and headed to the Willamette bracket play (essentially flight 5 of 14). The bracket included old foes ITVC, PSVBC and our own U15 Black team. Facing off against an ITVC team we hadn’t lost too all year, the girls took the opening set in a close battle 25-23, but then fell flat the next 2 sets losing the opening round of bracket play 1-2. This gave us one final game to 25 against the other first round losing team, NW Power, and while we did not beat them in the one set, the girls finished the day having fun and I have never seen so many smiles in one game.

At the end of the tournament, our girls finished 30th out of 81, and had a great time down in Corvallis. Many of us also had the opportunity to see some of our sister teams play, and they all did amazing. Especially those 13’s, but you can ask Coach Debbie all about that. We have just a few more practices and one last tournament left, so I hope you are not burned out on volleyball yet. See you on the court, Coach Ramon.

Power Surge 18 Gold -

Power Surge Fire Logo2
Tuesday, October 23
2009 & 2010 PS Highlights
2010 Power Surge Highlights 
     1.  6 Power Surge teams (U12-U18) in Season 2010
     2.  6 Gold Championships, 4 Silver Championships in 2010
     3.  12 Black wins the first of four U12 Power League Series and finishes 3rd Overall
     4.  12 Black finishes 3rd Overall in the U12 PSR Regional Championships
     5.  13 Black finishes 3rd Overall in the U14 Power League Series and 2nd at Regionals.
     6.  13 Black wins the 2010 Willamette Volleyball Classic U14D1 Gold Championship, OSU, Corvallis, OR.
     7.  13 Black earns PSR's U13 American Bid to Nationals, finish 5th at Nationals (highest finish out of 19 PSR teams, and the only PSR team to finish in the top 10 at Nationals). 
     8.  14 Black finishes 7th Overall in the U14 Power League Series and win the Silver Championship (9th Overall) at Regionals.
     9.  14 Black wins the Corvallis Division at the Willamette Volleyball Classic, Oregon State University.
    10.  15 Black finishes 7th Overall in the U15 Power League Series and 11th at Regionals.
    11.  16 Black finishes 23rd Overall in the U16 Power League Series and 13th at Regionals.

2009 Power Surge Highlights 
     1.  9 Power Surge teams (U12-U17) in Season 2009
     2.  Power Surge Teams Set New Club Record - Win 17 Gold Championships in 2009
     3.  5 Teams Finish in their top Gold Divisions at Regionals
     4.  12-1s win the 2-Day Memorial Weekend U13 Tournament and Head to the Festival...More
     5.  12-1s Dominate and Win the PSR U12 Power League Series
     6.  12-2s Set a Club Record by Being the first #2 team in our club to Win a Gold Championship.  13-2s become the second team ever!
     7.  13-1s Finish 14th Overall in the U14 Club Division at ECC to End Their Season...More
     8.  14-1s Finish 14th Overall in the U14 Open Division at ECC to End Their Season
     9.  17s Finish 5th in the U18 Club Division Gold Bracket at the ECC to End Their Season
     10.  12-1s Finish 6th out of 38 teams at The 2009 Volleyball Festival in Phoenix, AZ....More

Tuesday, December 21
Going Home!
Westin Room With a View

Mon 12/20 - Left practice early to get ready for my trip home to Maui.  Thanks to all the ladies who helped get the jerseys out tonight.  I was debating whether to attempt such an ambitious task right before leaving for Maui but then decided to get it done anyway.  So many Moms to thank from different teams who dug in and got it done. 

Stayed up all night trying to get stuff done.  Finally at 4:30 AM, figured I'd better get packing and and so I threw some things together in 10 minutes.  

Tue 12/21 - Left the house at 5:30 AM for the airport and ate some breakfast there.  Did you know that there was a woman there playing holiday music on a grand piano in the food court area.  So beautiful, I had to tip her!  There was also a quartet of young people (2 guys and 2 gals), dressed in colonial style clothing, strolling around the airport smiling and singing beautiful Christmas songs.  They sounded sooooooo good, people stopped to listen and to take pictures with them.  There was also a clown riding his bike around the place honking a horn, scaring people, and causing all kinds of commotion (kind of reminded me of Coach Chad and Coach Roger, lol)  Seeing all this play out before me was exactly what I needed to get into the holiday spirit and get prepared for my trip and being with family.  Hope you all are getting into the holiday spirit too!

Kanoe and I were traveling together and Bonnie, Nani and Kelly were already in Hawaii on Oahu.  As we were flying to Maui, they were doing the same from Oahu.  My flight was from Seattle to Portland (1 hour layover) to Maui.  Our flight from SEA was delayed 30 minutes, which meant we could miss our connecting flight to Maui.  Got to Portland on a prop, had to do some serious agility training to get all the way to the other side for the leg to Maui.  Got there just in time for final boarding on a completely packed plane.  Dragged all our carry ons to (of course) the very back of the plane (row 28) and then dragged it all the way back toward the front a few rows to find overhead bin space, all this time bumping and scraping against people and things.  We were just glad to be in our seats, finally.   

Final descent to Kahului airport was so bumpy but the plane finally plopped itself on the runway and we taxied to the terminal.  Bonnie and the girls arrived the same time too.  We got our rental car, a white Buick Lucerne.  Have you ever heard of such a car?  And of course it had to be white like Lucerne milk, ha ha!.  And...the guy who rented me the car used to live in Seattle and had recently moved to Hawaii.  Is this a sign???

Where's the first place you go when you return home?  To get something to eat at a favorite local restaurant, of course!  Went to "Da Kitchen" and met my parents there.  We had some pupu's and then headed to our hotel in Lahaina.  One of the best places to get some ono (delicious) local foods. 

A very good friend and Kamehameha high school classmate of Bonnie and I had invited us to a luau dinner and show near the Cannery Mall.  We don't usually do the tourisy luau thing, but like I said, this was a very good friend of ours who got us tickets ($70 to $100 bucks each) and he was the kumu (teacher, choreographer) for the authentic polynesian show.  In high school, we all belonged to the elite concert glee club and was actually known as the governor's choir.  Whenever the HI governor needed a choir to greet and perform for dignitaries, we were the ones he called.  One year we got out of classes just to perform for the Queen of England on the red carpet on the tarmac at Honolulu Intl airport, imagine that! 

We checked in to the Westin Maui then headed to the luau.  All the hotels in Hawaii are outrageously beautiful and of course the people are so warm and friendly, even to kama'aina's (locals) like me.  Check out the pictures of our hotel, the view from our rooms.  The flamingos are real, by the way, not plastic!  If you look real close, there's also a volleyball net in the pool.  Aloha!  Coach Kama

Saturday, April 7
12-1s Win Final 2007 PSR Ranking League Gold Championship!
12-1s Win Final PSR Ranking League Tournament

After finishing 6th, 2nd, and 3rd in previous PSR Ranking League tournaments, Power Surge 12 Black saves their best effort for the final of four ranking league tournaments to capture 1st place.  As the overall third seed coming into this tournament on Saturday 7 April 2007 at Columbia JH in Fife, Power Surge 12 Black started off ranked second in their pool and remained at a disappointing second in pool.  However, feeling a little down after pool play but definitely not out, our 12-1s re-focus their efforts and determine to make some history.  Facing the UPVBC 12s, Power Surge quickly dispatches them in two straight sets, sending the 2007 U12 Prime Time winners to contend for 3rd.  In the other semi-final match, Puget Sound wins a very close 3rd game against Olympia to earn a spot in the finals.  But that close 3rd game win proved to be the final highlight for Puget Sound 12, as our 12-1s overpower and overwhelm Puget Sound in two straight games, 25-17 and 25-15.  Puget Sound could never get into any kind of rhythm or sustain any kind of momentum against our 12-1s as our 12-1s held the lead almost the entire time in both games.  As a result of this win, each player received a sweatshirt from the region and Power Surge 12 Black became only the second team to win a PSR Ranking League gold championship, our 14-1s being the first to accomplish that honor on Saturday 10 February 2007.  Congratulations ladies and coaches.  Job well done!!!

Sunday, April 22
12-1s Win 2007 U12 Regional Gold Championship!!!
Dinner Celebration
12-1s Celebrate Their 2007 U12 Regional Gold Championship
Just when you think it couldn't get any better for our 12-1 team, they win regionals!   How they did it, is a story made for the movies.  If Steven Spielberg was to look for a script that had a great story line about a team overcoming such adversity in team competition, he would find it in our 12-1s' win this past weekend at regionals.  But even Steven Spielberg couldn't write a more perfect ending to a team's season. 

Our 12-1s started off the tournament as the overall number two seed, a ranking they earned after winning the last of four PSR Ranking league tournaments two weeks prior.   Had the season ended two weeks ago after that win, it would have been more than enough and everyone would have been happy and satisfied with having a successful season.  But of course, the 12-1s just couldn't leave well enough alone.  

As the number one seed in Pool B, a 3-team pool, our 12-1s had a very slow start against the number three seed, Sudden Impact, losing one of three games to them.  Serving plagued our 12-1s all morning.  But this is regionals, and most matches should be decided in a third game.  After officiating the second match, our 12-1s returned to play the final pool match against the number two seed, Oly 12-2.  And like the first match, our 12-1s lost the second game and just barely squeaked out a third game win to maintain their number one seed in Pool B.     

However, after pool play, as we all know, the real tournament begins and our 12-1s were hoping things would turn out better for them after experiencing a slow morning.  After a first round bye, Power Surge 12 Black easily win their first match against Rain City to face UPVBC 12 Jeff in the semifinals.  And that's where the "real" fun began.  Power Surge 12 Black led almost the entire first game until UPVBC picked up their game at the very end to win the first game 25-23.  Serving again plagued our 12-1s as server after server would miss their serves by taking too much unnecessary risks.  When the game is very tight and both sides are very nervous, we don't need to be going for aces.  The smart thing to do is to keep our serves in and keep the pressure on the other team, especially when you're ahead.

After losing the first game to UPVBC, the second game was a disaster.  Falling behind 2:10 then 8:19, it appeared the end was upon our 12-1s.  Then Maya, serves a string of tough serves, most are aces, and breathes some hope into our 12-1s.  But still a long ways back, 12 Black battles back to 20:24 then finally to win at 26-24.  They come back to win the third game 15-11 to advance to the finals.  

In the finals they meet their nemesis, Oly 12-1.  Our 12-1s have never beaten this team all season long and Oly 12-1 is well rested as their semifinal match finished a lot earlier than ours did.  With no time to recover, our 12-1s immediately take the court to battle Oly 12-1 for the U12 Regional Championship.  Coming back from the "dead" in the previous match and against Oly 12-2 in pool play must have triggered that "killer instinct" in our 12-1s.  Power Surge 12 Black took charge of the first game and ran up the points so quickly, Oly was still in shock before they realized the first game was over and our 12-1s had won 25-15.  

But our 12-1s have been in this situation before against Oly 12-1 and ended up losing the next two games.  Oly 12-1, now fully awake and ready to go to work, put up a great fight in the second game but fall just a little short 23-25.  

Power Surge 12 Black couldn't have experienced a more perfect ending to their season.  If you're going to finally beat a team you have lost to all season long, the time to do it is in the regional finals, the last match of the season.  And, out of the four PSR Ranking League tournaments, the one to win is the last one of the season.  Amazingly, our 12-1s accomplished both in one incredible, unforgettable, 2007 season.  Well done ladies!

Champs Dinner
Evergreen State College, 22 April 07, Regional U12 Champs!

Monday, May 28
Power Surge Teams in the 2007 Emerald City Classic (ECC)
All Tournament Team, 2007 ECC U14 Open Division,
Congratulations to all four of our teams who were accepted to play in the Emerald City Classic (ECC) held on the beautiful campus of the University of Washington during Memorial Day weekend, 26-28 May 2007.  Our 4 teams were...

          Power Surge 18 - U18 Club Division, 3rd in Silver, 11th Overall
          Power Surge 16 Black (Mostly 15-1s), U16 Club Division, 5th in Gold
          Power Surge 14 Black - U14 Open Division, 4th in Gold
          Power Surge Boys 15s (Combined w/Spaceneedle 15s)

Every year it gets more and more difficult to get into the ECC, as the competition gets tougher.  But every year our teams get tougher too, and as a result, all four of our teams were accepted and honored to participate in the 2007 ECC.  Congratulations ladies and gentlemen for your outstanding representation!!!

All of our teams did such a great job in this very competitive tournament.  However, our 14-1 team was the only team that qualified for the Open division.  They did an outstanding job finishing tied for 3rd in the gold division, but final standing was 4th because of their seed entering bracket play.  What is especially worth noting is the fact that our 14-1 team was the highest finishing U14 team from our region, the Puget Sound Region!!!  All the top U14 teams from our region were entered in this tournament as well but none of them finished higher than our 14-1s.  The top three teams were all from out of state. 

To top it all off, Kaitlyn Molloy was selected as a member of the All-Tournament team.  Congratulations 14-1s and congrats to Kaitlyn Molloy.  Well done ladies!

Saturday, June 9
Power Surge Boys Take 2007 U18 Regional Championship!

Congratulations to our Boys 18 team for winning the U18 regional championship this past Saturday, 9 June 2007, at Lindbergh High School in Renton!  In a four-team pool, Power Surge Boys 18 met the dominating Spaceneedle 18s in the finals and barely squeaked out a win in the third game, 15-11.  To commemorate their win, they each received a Puget Sound Region t-shirt.    Well done gentlemen!!!

This 2007 season was our first year to try to field a boys team.  At our tryout in March 2007, it was a struggle trying to get a team together.  However, as word got out that we were putting together a boy's team, we steadily picked up enough players to eventually field two boys teams - a U18 and a U16 team.  Although the region didn't have anywhere near the number of boys teams as they did girl's teams, both of our teams have improved over the very short season and done well at each of their tournaments. 

Congratulations to both teams for a successful season and hope to see all our elligible returning players again next year.  Next year we hope to have our boy's tryouts earlier in the season, probably around the same time the girls start their tryouts.  Please check our website for the latest information.  Tryouts next year will most likely be in November 2007. 

Something to keep in get more quality matches against other boy's teams, we need to travel outside Washington state to California, Canada, and/or Hawaii.  That can be very expensive.  We will do some fundraisers over the summer to raise money for our traveling expenses next year.  Stay tuned for fundraising events. 

Monday, January 24
23 Jan Tournament Results

Monday, January 24
Power Surge 17s Capture Silver Championship

Monday, January 24
Power Surge 18s Take 2nd in Gold Division

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Practice And Tournament Schedule

Thursday, January 27
27 Jan Practice & Tournament Schedule

The new practice and tournament schedule is available in the handout section.  This schedule is effective 27 Jan 05.  Continue to check your emails on a regular basis for updates as this schedule, as always, can and will change. 

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Super Sunday, 6 Feb, Results

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Let the 2008 Games Begin!
It looks like Coach Tony's team, Power Surge 16 Black, will be the first to strike gold in 2008, by winning the Cowlitz Pre-Qualifier U16 tournament on Sunday 6 Jan 2008.  They did it last year as 15 year olds and did it again this year as 16 year olds.  

And not to be outdone or intimidated by our older teams (or any other team under the sun for that matter), the first 2008 team to strike silver this season is none other than our youngest team, Power Surge 12 Gold!  They did it also at the opening tournament of the season in Longview, WA at the Cowlitz U12 Pre-Qualifier tournament on Saturday 5 Jan 08.  The next day Power Surge 14 Black also struck silver.  So three championships the first weekend of the 2008 season is a very respectable way to start off the season.  Not too shabby!  Great job ladies and coaches!

13-14 Feb 2010 Results
Power Surge 13 Black (in OPVBC's U16 Tourney) end up taking 2nd in Pool A on Sat 2/13, but then got spanked in the ;playoffs by Capital 15, the number one U15 team in the PSR U15 Power League.  There were however some bright spots.  In pool A you always have the number one team in the tournament.  That team was Capital 16.  They were the number one team in our pool, the number one team in the tournament, and the number 8th Seed in the PSR's U16 Power League.  Capital 15 was the number one team in Pool B and therefore the number two team in the tournament.  So to play the top 2 teams in this U16 tournament was a rare opportunity for which we were fortunate and grateful to have.  If you're going to play in a tournament, why not play against the very best in the tournament?

As the 3rd seed in Pool A, we got to play right away against the number one seed, Capital 16.  The first game was a very close loss for us, 22-25.  We actually had an opportunity to take that set.  I think Capital 16 was surprised we played so well against them as the score indicated.  It fired them up.  After that first game they came out swinging and pretty much showed us why they were the number one seed in the tournament.  We were blown away 12-25 in the 2nd game.  We split evenly with the number two seed, Rain City 16 (25-18, 18-25), and demolished the 4th seed, OPVBC 16, 25-7, 25-9.  At the end of pool play we were dead even with Rain City in games won, but because of our overall points, we took 2nd in pool and headed into the gold division. 

There's always a silver lining in every match, even the worst ones.  In the playoff we got our clocks cleaned in the first round by Capital 15, 7-25, 15-25.  The good news is that we improved by 8 additional points after getting spanked in that first game.  In the first game Capital 15 went on an early and crippliing 8 point run that we just could not recover from.  After that, intimidation set in.  And when you're intimidated, now you're outnumbered because you're not only competing against your opponent, but also your fear, the tougher opponent.  We have never been in this place before.  But just being in this place is already a step towards overcoming fear and towards becoming a much stronger and more mentally tough team.  Despite the disappointing outcome, nothing was wasted today.  This experience enriched us and made us better players and much stronger people for which we are very grateful. 

GO Power Surge 13 Black!!!

Our 15s, 16s, and 18s all end up in the Silver Division in the OPVBC U18 tourney on Sun 2/14, Valentine's Day.  15s were missing one of their starting middles (Kylie Acuna due to an injury) but performed well.  16s start pool play as the number one seed in pool but fall to 4th place in pool.  18s start as the 4th seed in pool and finish as the 3rd seed in pool.   Alll had some bright moments and some not so bright moments.  This was play up weekend for our teams, to prepare for Power Leauge.  All 4 teams gained some valuable experience this past weekend.  Stay tuned for the coaches' reports. 

Power Surge 15 Black - 3rd in Silver

Power Surge 16 Black - 3rd in Silver

Power Surge 18 Black - 5th in Silver

20-21 Feb 2010 Results

This weekend was a very important weekend for the 12s, 13s, 14s, 15s & 16s as this was Power League weekend for those age groups.  Here are the coaches' reports.

Power Surge 12 Black - Overall the 12's took third in Gold on Sat Feb 20th in Power League 2!  We started 1st in Pool A and finished 1st in Pool A!  In our pool was Puyallup Jrs., who we beat 25 - 8, and 25 - 21!  Island Thunder was also in our pool who we beat 25 - 8, and 25 - 11! The girls played well, did much better at talking and calling the ball!  Very few balls dropped compared to the last tournament where we seemed to struggle with that a lot; dropped balls and not calling for the balls. 

We then went in to tournament play and played Capital who we lost to 9 -25, and 13 - 25, we can definitely beat this team,.  We just need to be the stronger team, always try and get three hits, and look for the open court.  Then we played Island Thunder again for third place and won 25 - 8 and 25 - 12!

Overall, the team did well.  Serving was much better although we still need to improve in this area. Passing was good and almost always to the setter! Stopping the other team's point runs, and getting the ball back right aways was much better.
Our biggest goal now is to beat Capital. They are a tough team but we know we can beat them. The girls played well all around. We need to improve on no missed serves at crucial points, always letting the setter get the second ball, transitioning back for approaches, finding the open spot, AND BEATING CAPITAL!  Great job ladies!  Coach Brittney.

Power Surge 13 Black - Started 3rd in Flight 1, finished 3rd in Flight 1.  What's nice about Power League is the opportunity to always compete against new and fresh teams rotating between flights which keeps the competition very interesting.  This time in flight 1 we had two newcomers in our pool, YMCA Blaze 14 (3rd) and OPVBC 14 Synergy (4th).   We were the 2nd seed and Puget Sound 13 the number one seed in our pool.  

Coach Debi can provide more specific stats but we played well all day.  First up was OPVBC 14, a team we played on Day 1 during PL1.  This was the last team we played on Day 1 of PL1, a match that was so competitive, it drew quite a crowd.  So we were very excited to play them again.  We started off a little slow against OP but finally kicked it into gear to win 2 straight sets.  YMCA Blaze 14 was also fun to play too but we won that match pretty handily too.  Our quick attacks into the short open court were unstoppable and YMCA just couldn't defend against it. 

The final pool match was against UPVBC 14.  The last time we played them we took a set off of them.  This time we lost in 2 straight games but we played them very well in both games.  UP is much taller than us (most teams are), and they have some great ball controllers and hitters so it's always a pleasure playing them.  What I like about our girls is that they no longer are intimidated by UP's height, quick attacks in the middle, or their power hitters.  And each time we play them, we're playing them more consistently, and are getting better and stronger against them.    

In the playoffs and as the number two seed in Pool B, we get to play the number one seed in Pool A right away, Puget Sound 13.  This was our very first, and long anticipated meeting with Puget Sound 13.  We lost in two straight sets but had some bright moments.  Defending against the middle attack did not go as well as we had hoped.  The girls were a little intimidated, which is fine for the first time.  But now that we've gotten over the first time jitters, we should do much better against this team.  We hope to play them again in the next two PLs and in Regionals.

The next and final match was against Cascade 14, the 3rd and final newcomer to flight 1 this PL2.  Although we won in 3 games, we were able to play our bench a little and tweak our lineup a bit. Kyla (RS) and Abbi (OH) both demonstrated their versatility by trading places and playing outside and right side respectively.  They did very well in their new and alternate positons.  These two will need to master both postions now and will give our team a little more flexibility with the lineup.  Good job ladies!

Coach Debi's report coming soon!

Power Surge 14 Black -  So the girls were at Franklin Pierce High School yesterday for Flight #1 in Power League #2. We started out 3rd in our pool, matching us up against 1st-ranked Puget Sound 13 Nationals in the morning. While the girls looked pretty good defensively, our serve receive was not very consistent, making it a tough match. We lost in 2 games. After a 2 hour break, we came up against the 2nd seed in our pool, UPVBC 13 Black. The girls played well, and we won the match in 3 games. Immediately after, we played Cascade 14 Blue. The fire from the last match did not last, however, and we played flat. So we lost in two. We ended up taking 3rd in our pool, putting us in the silver bracket for the afternoon.

Our first tournament play match was against the YMCA Blaze team. It was a long game, but the girls came out on top in the 3rd set. We played the UPVBC 13 Black team for 5th and 6th places. It was another long and tough match. The scores were very tight, but the girls once again were the comeback kids, taking the 3rd set. The highest place we could get after the tough morning was 5th, and we succeeded. That means that Power Surge 14s will once again be in Flight #1 for the next Power League.

It was a roller-coaster of a day, but it showed us what we can work on so we can keep improving and keep looking for opportunities to get better. Thanks, Coach Olivia

Power Surge 15 Black - Here's the tournament report for Sunday the 21st of February. 

We did not play our best. Kylie sat out the first two games and it definitely hurt us. We went to three games with OVC 14s and ended up winning that one. We lost pretty bad to Cascade which was disappointing because we beat them by a lot the last time we played them. We were close with Capital Ice 21-25 both games. I would say that was the best game we played all day. We beat sudden impact our first match in tournament play, but still weren't doing the best.  I wasn't surprised when we lost to OVC 15s because we were just out of it all day long. So we ended up 6th and will be moving down to the silver bracket. I don't think that we belong down there but it's a good eye opener for the girls so that they know to always bring their top game.
Attendance Report
January - Kylie(perfect) Alexis(missed one) Maya(perfect) Lauren(missed one) Sammie(missed one) Annie(missed one)
February - Kylie(missed one) Lauren(perfect) Sammie(perfect practice, missed tournament) Annie(Perfect) Alexis(missed one) Sarah(perfect)

Power Surge 16 Gold - Aloha Power Surge family and friends - Our latest tournament was Power League #2 on Sun Feb 21, 2010. Our U16 Girls traveled to the north end city of Everett to compete in Flight #3. We were seeded third in Flight 3 (19th Overall, 2nd in Pool B).

We started pool play off strong with a convincing 25-17, 25-23 opening round win against Puget Sound Volleyball Academy. Big stats for this match up were a 10 Kill outing in the opening set, showing our girls that we do not have to start slow anymore. In our second match up, we were pitted against Cascade Blue and were handed a first set loss 16-25, but bounced back and won 25-18 and then a nail biter 18-16 win in the deciding set, a standout statistic was our 2.18 passer rating and zero serves out in the deciding set. To determine the pool winner, the team faced High Velocity, the #1 seed in our pool, and a team we lost to twice in Power League #1. We won a close opening set 26- 24, then dropped a tough game 19-25, before winning handedly 15-10 in the deciding set. Therefore, after pool play, we had a match record of 3-0 and a set record of 6-2, quite impressive and good enough for a chance to go up a flight.

Bracket play started with a re match against YMCA Blaze, a team we beat in 3 at PL#1. After opening up a 7-point lead, our girls struggled to maintain momentum and were lost a very tough 23-25 match. In the second set, the girls never seemed to take control, but fought the whole way in a losing battle 21-25. Our second bracket game was against a cascade team that we had beaten earlier, but still looked prepared to play. Our girls were physically tired, but showed a lot of heart in an opening set loss 20-25, but eventually wore down too much and finished with a 9-25 loss. While no one person was a statistic standout, some team stats really tell a story.  In games that we won, we averaged 22 serves in and a passer rating of 2.02. In games that we lost, we averaged 17 serves in and a passer rating of 1.78. Of our six sets we lost, three were by six or fewer points, in sets decided by 2 points we were 3-1.

Overall, play was good, our girls ended about where we started the day (started 19th, finished 20th) but showed some great improvement, and were a few close plays away from moving up. I strongly believe that we are the best team in our flight and will move up in the next Power League tournament. Once again, thank you to all the family and friends that came out to support our girls, and remember, stay strong, be aggressive and never give up. As always, a proud and confident, coach Ramon.

Monday, March 1
27-28 Feb 2010 Results
On Sat 2/27, our 18s and 16s played in the first U18 Tourney we sponsored this 2010 season, held at Washington High School.  The tourney was a huge success and went very smoothly, despite the fact that 3 teams dropped out the week of the tournament.  We had a team from BC Canada called Columbia 17, who defeated Sat Warriors in the Gold Finals, and Kolohe 18s (their very first tourney of the season) who defeated South Sound Ohana for the Silver Championship. 

Both of our teams did an excellent job too.  Our 18s finished in the Gold Division (their first of the season) and lost a very close match to OVC 17 Black (should have won that in two) in the 3rd game, in the first round of the playoffs.  Our 16s also did an outstanding job, finishing 3rd in the Silver Division.  Here are our coaches' reports. 

Power Surge 18 Gold - PowerSurge 18's Imua Gold played four matches throughout the day in our first 2010 U18 tourney hosted by our club.  Overall we managed to fight through adversity in ten total sets throughout the day. We started off seeded number 3 in our pool, and ended pool play as the second seed. 

Our first match, the least favorite of the day that I would like to replay, we lost to the eventual tournament runner-ups Saturday Warriors (SW) 18.  SW presented a big lineup with consistent hitters, a solid block, and a bit of a faster tempo offense, a tempo we are not accustomed to seeing.  After allowing our errors to subside in the first half of the first set, the team was able to frustrate SW18 enough to garner two timeouts from the Warriors.  Once the team realized how important on court positive "energy" is, and how critical the skill of serving actually is, we managed to make a 9 point run after being down 19-8.  Desite that gallant effort,  we still fell short in the first set, 20-25.  Even though the team has been playing very well to date, during the second set we once again showed our youth and inexperience, losing the second set 13-25.  

Coach Kama and I were probably more excited than the team was about facing an unofficial "friendly rival" in the South Sound Ohana's premier team. During the first set of this match, I was proud that we seized the momentum of the game and literally kept it throughout.  As coach Kama pointed out after the match, one of the key strengths that he saw was in our defensive coverage; the team dug quite a few balls, and were able to transition those digs into quite a few points throughout this match.  It was really awesome to see. The more we do that, the better we will be at siding out.  All that success brought about our first match win of the day against SS Ohana 17, the number two seed in our pool, 25-16 and 25-23.

After being tested by SS Ohana, we carried our momentum into our third match of pool play only to experience more adversity by Four Square Volleyball Club from Puyallup.  After winning a steady first set (with an impressive all around group effort by all) at 25-15. The team managed (a parent quoted) seven missed serves and dropped the second set 25-20.  What I did like about this set (besides the increase in production on defense) was that the team was being tested. Even though we made many mental errors during this set, (I'm calling it right here) I feel this match will be a turning point for our team because I saw athletes out there still competing, still fighting for points and not GIVING UP.  I am most proud of this particular aspect of our game.

The next match was round one in the gold division.  Even in a losing effort (25-19, 23-25, 14-16) to Olympia 17's, we managed to play another classic match that will have the team looking forward to the rematch. Our team is starting to believe that we can compete at the higher levels in our league and we are looking forward to the next one.

Power Surge 16 Gold - Finished 3rd in Silver. 

Sunday, March 21
19-21 Mar 2010 Results - PNQ Week 1
Three of our teams headed to Spokane, WA for the Pacific National Qualifier (PNQ), one of nine national volleyball tournaments where teams throughout the US, if they win their age division in either the club or open divisions, may qualify for a bid in the end-of-season Nationals Competition (formerly known as the Junior Olympics Volleyball Competition (JOVC)).  Those three Power Surge teams are 12 Black, 13 Black and 16 Gold.  All 3 teams entered in the club division of their respective age group and departed for Spokane on Thursday 18 March, to return on Sunday 21 March. 

One of the best ways to keep track of our teams' progress is online.  Here are the links to track our teams' results in almost realtime.

And while those 3 teams were away, our 18s were entered in a U18 tournament in the largest tournament in Tacoma, the Domino's Pizza tournament. 

     Power Surge 12 Black
          Day 1, Fri 3/19
               Round 1, Pool Play
               Round 2, Cross Bracket Match - After Rd 2, the entire field of 22 teams splits into two groups.  Group 1 will include the top 12 teams, Group 2 the bottom 10 teams.  12 Black qualified for Group 1 after Rd. 2. 

          Day 2, Sat 3/20
               Round 3, Pool Play - Top 2 teams qualify for the Gold division, bottom 2 teams qualify for the Silver division.  12 Black finished 4th, qualifying for the Silver division.

          Day 3, Sun 3/21
               Round 4, Silver Bracket Playoff - 

     Power Surge 13 Black
          Day 1, Fri 3/19
               Round 1, Pool Play
               Round 2, Cross Bracket Match - After Rd 2, the entire field of 36 teams split into two groups.  Group 1 includes the top 20 teams, Group 2 the bottom 16 teams.  13 Black finished in Group 1 as the 11th seed. 

          Day 2, Sat 3/20
               Round 3, Pool Play - 3 Way tie between the top 3 seeds in this pool.  13 Black has to play one game to 25 against the number one seed to break the tie for 2nd, loses 23-25, after beating them in pool play earlier today in the 3rd, 17-15.  13 Black drops down to the silver division as a result.  Hearbreaker!!!

          Day 3, Sun 3/21
               Round 4, Silver Bracket Playoff - Played another very tough match against Laguna Beach but fall short in the 3rd game 14-16 to the eventual Silver Champion.  Finished 4th in silver, 14th overall. 

     Power Surge 16 Gold
          Day 1, Fri 3/19
               Round 1, Pool Play - Finished 2nd in pool to continue the quest for gold.

          Day 2, Sat 3/20
               Round 2, Pool Play - To continue the quest for gold, teams must finish in first or second.  16 Gold finished 4th in pool and drop to the Bronze Division.

          Day 3, Sun 3/21
               Round 3, Bronze Division Bracket Playoff - Finished  6th in the Bronze division, 26th overall.  

Hello again power surge family.  This weekend was a big one for our U16’s, we traveled out to Spokane to compete in the Pacific Northwest Qualifier 3 day.  We came in to the tournament ranked 27 out of 57 and seeded in Pool 2, getting to play on the premier Reese Court to open up the weekend.  We were without one of our starting middles, Kylai for the opening day.

The girls started out strong opening up a 9-1 lead over 55th overall seeded VIP Juniors 16 Dan. The girls could not hold on and were down 13-11 before we knew it, not wanting to let the game slip away, the girls climbed back to win a thrilling opening set 25-22. The second set saw 9 lead changes and both teams fighting for momentum, finally Power Surge forced a late set timeout with the score tied 23-23, and then finished off VIP 25-23, wining the match 2-0.  The second game was against Power League #3 foe, ITVC U16.  Having played them twice and winning both matches, our girls came into this must win match with confidence winning the opening set easily 25-12. The second set, however saw Power Surge lose momentum and never able to get it back, they fell 18-25, forcing a third set. With typical fashion, we opened up an 8-1 lead at the midpoint of the deciding set, but as is so often the case, our lead began to shrink and ITVC pulled even at 11-11. Not to be outdone, we managed to regain control and finish ITVC off 15-11 in the final set, taking the match 2-1 clinching at least a 2nd place finish in pool play. The third match of the day was against the 2nd overall seed in the tournament (and eventual tournament winner) Texas Team 16 Gold. Texas opened up with a powerful and punishing attack against our girls and handily won in consecutive sets 25-3, 25-7. So at the conclusion of day one, we were 2-1 (4-3 in sets) and seeded fourth in pool 1 of group 1 for day 2.

Day 2 started off tough, as we opened up against the overall number 14 and day one pool 14 winner, Asics Willowbrook 16.  With our lineup back to full strength, we needed a tough win, but seemed to stumble from the gate having trouble passing. We dug ourselves into a huge hole early and never recovered in the first set, losing 25-14. In set 2 our passing improved for a short while and we kept the game close at 12-14, but Willowbrook took momentum and never looked back, defeating us 25-16 to take the match 2-0. The second match was against the one seed, Portland VBC (the tournament overall number 1 seed and eventual 3rd place finisher, and while the Portland team never looked dominating, our own mistakes and frustrations helped Portland take 2 quick sets 25-8, 25-6. Our last match was against the 3 seed in our pool, Panorama Juniors 16, and a chance to go to the Silver bracket still on the line. The girls started strong, keeping the first set even early, but got into a small hole and let Panorama take away the momentum, we struggled to get back in, but they took the first set 25-17, and never let go winning the second set 25-15 to take the match. At the conclusion of day 2, we were 0-3 in matches, 0-6 in sets and were seeded 6th in the Bronze bracket for day 3. Day 3 was bracket play and Power Surge went in looking soft from the beginning, never being able to overcome the speed of our opponent Xtreme 16 Black. Bad passing and poor communications led to an early exit 25-9, 25-8.

Power Surge finished the weekend right where they started, 27th overall (6th in Bronze). While the overall performance was not would it could have been, there was some good moments for the team, and it gave a great opportunity for the girls to see what top tier competition is like. With the PNQ behind us, it is time for the girls to get focused and use what they learned to improve for the Domino’s tournament MAR 28th and then Power League #4 on April 11th before regional’s role around in MAY. As always, thank you to all the parents for their support, and we will see you at practice. As always, a proud and confident, Coach Ramon. 

     Power Surge 16 Gold   - PowerSurge 18's Imua Gold played in the annual Dominos Pizza 
Tournament held at Franklin Pierce High School.

We started in pool play seeded #2 (all teams were seeded at a specific date according to regional rankings) in a four team pool. The other teams were 1-Northwest Juniors Elite Black 17's, 3-Peninsula Turbo VBC Hurricanes, 4-South End Juniors.

Our first match was against South End Juniors. We won two sets 25-18, 25-16. Our second match was against against Peninsula Turbo VBC; we won that match 25-19, 25-20. This match was a good confidence booster during the day because we won this with our "second" lineup in, which they played very, very well. Our third match, against NW Juniors Black Elite, was a fun match to watch. Unfortunately, this was our first taste of defeat for the day. We lost this match 18-25, 16-25. Despite having many judgement calls go against us, I hope this match was a good learning experience for the team. I as the coach certainly look forward to playing a redo match sometime down the road. I am proud because throughout pool play the energy and team unity amongst the girls were at an all time high. They fought hard and played TOGETHER!

Due to our decent finish in pool play, we were able to place second in pool play, which allowed us seeding in the gold division as one of the top eight teams. Unfortunately, we met a tough (and HUGE) team in Northshore Jrs Black 17's. This was our BIGGEST team we have faced to 
date. These girls seriously could pass for a college team.  For our team this match was a humbling experience. Even though we lost 15-25, 6-25, I feel their are tons of things that we could still learn from the experience. I hope the girls review the video because I still aporeciated that they kept competing despite the low scores. For one, I am sure NShore is a seasoned team with a few years of experience together, and I am most proud that we still played ball and fought hard throughout.

I, like most of the girls briefly mentioned, am looking forward to practice tonight because we are looking forward to getting better!  Aloha - Coach Chad

Monday, March 29
26-28 Mar 2010 Results - PNQ Week 2

10-11 Apr 2010 Results
This is a big weekend for everyone because it is the 4th and final weekend of Power League.  The 12s, 13s, 14s, 15s and 16s all have something to prove this weekend and this is their last opportunity to do so before the Regional Championships. 

12 Black is the only team this season to win a Power League series but that was back in PL1 and has not won a Power League series since then.  They are anxious to prove that they still got their winning mojo.  13 Black has been very consistent all season long, placing 3rd in every U14 Power League tournament so far.  They're looking to break into the top 2 positions for the first time.  14 Black has had a bit of a setback in PL3 where they fell to flight 2.  They hope to finish in the top 3 of flight 2 to move back up to flight 1 where they belong (assuming there would have been a PL5 of course).  15 Black is returning to flight 1 this final power league after falling to flight 2 in PL3.  They are anxious to show everyone that flight 2 was a fluke, should not have gone there, and that they really belong in flight 1.  They're ready to kick some serious butt.  And as fate would have it, 15 Black made the biggest splash this weekend, beating Narrows 15 in pool play and finishing number one in their pool.  16 Gold has played well for the most part, came close to moving up to flight 3 last time, but just couldn't close out some very important matches to move up.  So they're anxious to finally put it all together this time and position themselves for advancement.  A lot is on the line this weekend and for each team, this is their last opportunity to make it happen in Power League.  Here are the coaches' reports.

Power Surge 12 Black - 12 Black - 4/10/10 - Franklin Pierce High School - Power League #4
Match #1 vs NW Jrs. - won both sets, 25-14, 25-10
Match #2 vs UPVBC - lost both sets, 6-25, 23-25
Match #3 vs PJVBC - won first set, lost second set, won third set, 25-13, 22-25, 15-5
Match #4 vs Captial - lost both sets, 22-25, 16-25
Match #5 vs ITVBC - won first set, lost next two sets, 25-21, 23-25, 8-15
This was our final power league tournament.  We started the day strong, and came out with a win against NW Jrs.  I saw a great improvement in our serving at this tournament.  We were very consistent for the most part, and the serves were strong.  I also believe that everyone did a great job in playing different positions.  We had several injuries plaguing some players today, and the others stepped up and played those positions.  On the other hand, there are some areas that we need to improve on.  We need to stay low on defense.  We had a lot of dropped balls, mostly on serve receive and the short balls.  I really felt that the team was not 100% focused today, which is really important.  So overall, we had an alright tournament, but there are a lot of things I would like to work on with the team.  I believe that this puts us in 3rd place overall in the Power League standings.  Thanks - Coach Lindsey

Power Surge 13 Black -

Power Surge 14 Black
We started out the day ranked #1 in Pool B. Lake VBC 14, South Hill 13 Reign, and Space Needle 14 Survivors were in our pool. We played South Hill 13 first and beat them in three games.  The scores were 19-25, 25-19, and 15-10. Next we played Space Needle and beat them in three as well. The scores were 20-25, 25-16, and 15-8. I'm proud of the way they played those first two matches. We're starting to get our game back. Our last pool match was against Lake VBC, whom we've played several times over the last few tournaments. We've probably won 50% of our matches against them, but we fell short in the morning with scores of 15-25 and 19-25. So we took 2nd in our pool.

Our first match in tournament play was against ITVC 13 Asics. The first game was close at 23-25, but we dropped it in the second with 15-25. That meant that we were vying for 3rd and 4th against Lake for our final match of the day. The girls hit their stride and succeeded with 25-18 and 25-20. We ended up taking 3rd for the day, which would make us move back up to Flight 1. But that will translate into where we are seeded for Regionals. 

Overall, it was a good day. The last couple tournaments have lacked a little fire and a little heart, but the girls are working hard to get that back. A very special thanks to Anna and Mariah for their work yesterday. Anna was very flexible and ready for the challenge of every back row position. Mariah earned quite a bit more playing time, and she did a wonderful and consistent job. - Coach Olivia
Power Surge 15 Black - We finished 4th in flight 1.  In tournament play we lost to UP in our first game..we didn't play very well. Then we played Narrows for 3rd and 4th and we lost in 3 (after beating them in 3 earlier in pool play). We beat them pretty good in the 1st set and lost the 2nd only by a few, then we lost the 3rd 11-15 I think. I think the day was a success though. It was nice to win our pool and 4th is still very good. - Coach Miko.

We ended up getting 1st in our pool! But...we finished 4th overall. I was very proud of our girls in the morning. They beat some of the best teams in our league and proved to everyone that we deserve to be up with the best. During tournament play a lot of the girls were not playing to their ability and we made a lot of mistakes....UPVBC beat us really bad [in tournament play] and then we played Narrows again and lost in 3 games. Still,  we will be at the top for regionals.  - Coach Jordyn

Power Surge 16 Gold - Hello again Power Surge Family!  This weekend was our U16 Girls final power league tournament!  The event was held at Franklin Pierce High School and all our girls along with a legion of family and friends in attendance. We started the day as the 3rd seed in Flight #4, the 2nd seed in Pool B.

As seems typical of our U16 girls, we got off to a sluggish start against the 4 seed South End Jrs, losing our first match 22-25, 20-25. The girls played tough, but just could not open strong enough to win. In the second match, the girls really woke up and played tough against high Velocity, winning in 2 sets 25-16, 25-22. Going into the third, we were facing stiff competition against the one seed from pool B, Cascade. We started off rough and fell behind big and early in the first set before losing 16-25.  In the second set we let another lead slip away, losing 21-25 to finish pool play. Overall, we were 3-4 in sets and 1-3 in matches at the end of pool play, placing us third in our pool and into the lower bracket for tournament play.

In tournament play we faced OPVBC to start and stayed in control the entire way, never falling behind and winning 25-15, 25-22. This put us into the championship game for the lower bracket against Highline and Power league #3 foes, Wahine. Once our girls were out there, they never looked like the team that lost twice to Wahine, or even like the team that lost 2 matches earlier in the day, our girls played hard and fought back in the first set after losing a 5 point to lead to come back and win 25-22. The second set saw the girls keep that momentum and finish strong with a 25-17 win to take the match. This match finished on one of the highlights of the day, our little setter Annabel getting a tough kill off two big blockers. Tournament play ended with us the winner, and an overall day of 7-4 in sets and 3-3 in matches.

Overall, this was a great tournament, and if the same girls that finished off the day had showed up at 8, there wasn’t a team out there that would of beat us. I am proud of the girls, and feel this is the perfect send off as we prepare for regional’s May 1-2. Good luck to all our other Power Surge teams and thank you so much to all the friends and family that came out to support our girls. Lastly, as always have fun and be safe. A proud and confident Coach Ramon.

18 April 2010 Results

This weekend was the ever growing Tulip Festival volleyball tournament hosted by the Skagit Bulldog Volleyball Club in Mt. Vernon, WA.  We had never entered this tournament in the past, mostly because of the distance, at least a 2 hour drive from home.  But this year our 14s asked to enter it and so I presented it to all the teams as an option.  Long story short, our 13s and 16s ended up being the only two teams who were available to tackle the drive to and from Mt. Vernon and the only two teams willing, able, and available to play this weekend.  And, since there were no room in the U14 division for either our 13s or 14s to play, we decided to enter our 13s into the U16 division.  And so both the 13s and 16s headed up to Mt. Vernon the evening before Sat 4/17 for the tournament on Sun 4/18.  And both teams were entered in the U16 division, hopefully not to meet in the playoffs.  As it turned out, they did not meet each other in tournament play, whew! 

Although we don't usually allow it, with this tournament the 16s would be playing 5 weekends in a row.  So congratulations to the 16s for their incredible effort and enthusiasm (or blissful ignorance? lol).  Here are the coaches' reports.

Power Surge 13 Black - IN the U16 Tulip Festival tournament in Mt. Vernon, we were seed #2 in Pool "E" and seeded 10th overall out of 28 U15 and U16 teams (more U16).  Pool play was 2 sets to 25 with no cap.

Our first opponent was Lake Tapps 16s who were #4 in our pool.  We took them in the first set 25-20.  They showed that they probably should not have been the #4 seed as they were a much stronger team than the #3 seed - Club Veritas who eventually took 4th.

We started out a little slow in passing as we usually do, but the girls quickly got into the game and made very little errors in attacks and serving.  Our attack accuracy was 93% with serving at 89%.
Then the 2nd set was a really close one that almost went our way if not for a really poor judgement decision by the up ref.  His lines person called a ball we hit "in" but the down ref called it out.  He conferred with the R2 and the girl admitted she wasn's sure what happened but knew the ball hit her foot. She hadn't been paying attention very well, and what had happened was it bounced in and then hit her foot really quickly.  We tried to argue it through our captain - Kylie - that it should be a "replay" but he said he was going with his players' call.  This was when the score was at about 24-24.  That was frustrating and it put Lake Tapps ahead and put us in a position of being frustrated.  They came back and scored ending the set at 24-26.

Our next opponent was Club Veritas (16s).  Took them easily in both sets: 25-8 and 25-9.  During this set we were watching the points because of a potential tie - Puyallup Jrs. had defeated them with a +31 points while we defeated Veritas with a +33. Seeding for bracket play was not just sets won, but point differential.

During these 2 sets we were able to get in 34 attacks with only 1 attack error - giving us a 97% accuracy there and then 91% accuracy in serving.

Finally it was the #1 seed Puyallup Jrs. 15s and us for the final pool play.  This was by far the most exciting 2 sets of the day and one of the best matches the girls hae played this season.  They played with such intensity and fought to the very end.  PJ had 2 good hitters.  A few of our girls did a great job of digging up their hits and contributing to some really exciting rallies.
Our attack percentage was a little lower - 83% - but the girls played some excellent defense and our serving percentage was an awesome 95%.  Lici was all over the court passing up some perfect "3" passes - right onto our setter, Kylie.  Tasi was right there behind her with the highest number of passes and great control.  16 of our points in those 2 sets came from kills: Lici with 6 and Jordyn with 5.  final scores were 22-25 and 21-25.

Despite losing the girls were all smiles -- even at match point when we missed a dig when one of our palyers went diving for the hit.  They got up to tons of clapping by our parents AND other spectators!

We took 2nd in the pool, but had to wait for the tallying up of points to see which 3 of the seven 2nd place finishers would go to the Gold bracket while the other 4 would go into Silver.  This took a long 45-60 minutes!  We came out ahead and were onto the Gold bracket for playoffs at the High School.

We hurried there and found that we were playing in an older gym with lines that were very hard to read on the dark wood floor.  Not to mention it being really stuffy in the gym.

As soon as we got in the door they were calling for captains to start the match.  Barely giving us time to catch our breath!  We were up against Rain City 16s who had taken 1st in their pool and were seeded #8 overall. 

After hanging around waiting for the bracket placement, our girls lost some of their adrenalin rush and couldn't get back that same intensity they played with earlier.  WHile they still played some good volleyball against a 16s team, their passing and defense was not up to what they are capable of.  Since our attack accuracy was 91% and our serving accuracy was 93% - it was obvious our defense was not where it needed to be other than Natalee working her tail off coming close to a 2.3 passing average.  We did get in 19 kills: Lici with 6, Jordyn with 3, Tasi with 3, and Maddi with 4.  Final scores were 19-25 and 23-25.  Tough loss as we should of had this one if our defense and passing were where they should have been -- our serve receive was off even though we changed it up to try and gain control.

Some highlights were mentioned above and some additional highlights and notes to mention were 100% serving in the whole tournament by Lexi, and Natalee.  Lici right behind them only missing 1 (her tough jump serve) and coming out with 98% serving accuracy.  Abbi, Kyla, and Maddi each missed only 1 serve all day.  92% serving accuracy as a team for the day.  Kills: Lici had a total of 20 (several back row attacks), Jordyn with 12 and Tasi with 10.  Team total of 60. Overall attack accuracy for the tournament was 90% and kill percentage was 17%.

Kylie was amazing getting her sets to her hitters and running them through various offense plays.  Setting her quicks really well to allow for great connection by our two middles - Jordyn and Lici.  Lexi stepped in twice when we needed to pull out a player who's been a little off in her serves and came through with some really great serves.  Abbi showed that she is listening well and working on swinging to have some really nice hits.

I know these girls are beyond awesome, but it was so exciting to constantly hear parents, coaches, players, and even the day official give compliments over and over again throughout the day. "talented girls" -  "amazing especially for 13s" - "these girls belong at Nationals this year" - "great defense" and I can't even remember all the others.

For being in a 16s tournament, all of the girls were so relaxed yet totally focused on what they were there for.  They played hard AND had fun.  Never did I see them showing signs of giving up when they were behind -- even when they were down in one set by about 11 points -- they fought hard...point by point to get to where we looked like we could have taken it.

One other compliment I just have to mention that was said to me, "These girls are great because of their excellent coaching."  As a coaching team -- Kama, Cody, and I all deserve this compliment.  - Coach Debi!

Power Surge 16 Gold -

Tuesday, April 27
24-25 Apr 2010 Results - U12/13/14 Regionals

Our 15s and 16s competed in a Saturday Warrior U16 tournament this past Sat 4/24.  And the inevitable finally happened - they finally got to play each other in a tournament.  They've scrimmaged each other several times over the season in practices but never faced each other in tournament play, where it really matters.  Well, that all changed this past weekend.  More later.

But the biggest event that occurred this past weekend was the Regional Championships for the 12s, 13s, and 14s.  This is and was the most important tournament in our region.  How well a team does at Regionals will determine a team's success or failure.  It is a team's final report card and THE tournament that will define a team's season.  How well or poorly a team has done at every other tournament over the entire season, none of that matters or counts at Regionals.  Regionals is where teams need to make it happen.  Whoever wins Regionals is definitely the undisputed best team in 2010.  It would not be a good idea to have a bad tournament at Regionals and it would be a huge mistake to rest on past laurels.  Last year our 12s won every Power League tournament but lost at Regionals, finishing 2nd to UP.  So this year as 13 year olds, they're looking to redeem themselves against UP and get the win against Puget Sound.  This year our 13s never won any Power League tournaments, so shouldn't they win Regionals?  Stay tuned.

What makes Regionals especially significant this year is the fact that the winner gets to represent our Region at the Girls' Junior National Volleyball Championships in Reno, NV, formerly known as the Junior Olympics.  In the past, the winners of a separate tournament called Prime Time, determined who would represent our region at Nationals. 

This year all 3 of our teams (12s, 13s, and 14s) are in contention.  All three teams have competed at the highest levels this season in Power League in their respective age divisions and fared really well.  Our 12s won the first U12 Power League tournament and is the only team in our club to win a Power League tournament this season.  Our 13s finished 3rd overall in the U14 division and our 14s finished 4th overall in the U14 division.  So all three teams are in striking distance.  And at Regionals, anything can happen and anything is possible when you're in the top 4 of your age group. 

Remember that match between our 15s and 16s?  Well, had everything gone according to the seedings in pool play, our 15s and 16s would have met each other in the finals, assuming they both made it to the finals.  But for some reason our 16s, originally seeded number one in their pool and 3rd overall, finished 2nd in pool instead of 1st.  And that meant, they would be facing our 15s, who was seeded first in their pool and 2nd overall, and who finished first in pool play like they were supposed to.  The 16s, finishing 2nd in their pool instead of first like they should have done so, set up this classic match with the 15s in the very first round of tournament play.  So either way, one of our teams was going home very early.  Neither wanted to be the one to go home early. 

It was a great battle, so much pride on the line, so many long rallies, so much desire and intensity.  Both teams played well and both teams really wanted it.  Neither was going to lose THIS match, not THIS match!!!  No Way!  Coaches' reports coming up! 

Back to Regionals.  Here are the coaches' reports.

Power Surge 12 Black - Finished 3rd at Regionals, behind UP (2nd) and Capital (1st).  Capital declined the bid to Nationals and so UP will be representing our region at Nationals.  Congrats to Capital and UP. 

Power Surge 13 Black - The 13s had a one-day Regional competition on Sun 4/25, just like the 12s and unlike the 14s, who's Regional competition took place over 2 days instead, 4/24 & 4/25.  13 Black finished 2nd overall, but what a ride in the playoffs. 

Our 13s were seeded number two overall and the number one seed in Pool B.  There were 6 Pool play was a breeze as the 13s easily defeated all their opponents in two straight sets.  The tournament format was 2/3 sets but our 13s didn't need a 3rd set to win their pool matches.  Some of the scores were in single digits.  

But like many local tournaments, the real tournament begins in the playoffs.  Regionals was no exception. 

After a 4 hour wait between pool play and tournament play, we finally got back on the court against Capital Ice, our first opponent in the playoffs.  We breezed through that match 25-10, 25-13.  Although it was an easy match, it was a great warm up match for our starters to get back into tournament mode after that 4 hour delay. 

And boy did we ever need that warm up match before playing UP, the team that beat us at Regionals last year in the U12 finals in the same gym.  They were looking for a repeat but it was not to be.  Our 13s took off immediately and held a substantial lead in the first set.  But little by little UP came back, chipping away at the lead until it was tied in the early 20s.  The gym was full and the place was rocking with so much excitement and cheers from both sides.  It was neck and neck from 23-23 and on.  We would take the 1-point lead and they would tie it up.  We kept taking that 1-pt lead and they kept coming back to tie things up again.  Our games are very similar.  We both are great at defense and we both pass and control the ball very well.  But we were finally able to close it out at 28-26.  That game was so exhausting I was a little concerned that our girls' confidence might be shaken a bit by the incredible intensity of the match.  But having never lost to UP all season long, gave us the edge and the confidence we needed to continue applying the pressure.  And that's exactly what we did.  We jumped out to a huge lead immediately again but this time UP did not have anything in their tank.  We closed out the match in the 2nd set with an incredible score of 25-1.  The one point UP got we gave them with a missed serve at around 20-0.  We got the next point back and never lost another point thereafter. 

And now on to the Regional finals to meet our Nemesis.  The UP match was an excellent warm up match for the finals against Puget Sound.  The last time we played Puget Sound was at Power League #4, where we lost to them twice, once in pool and again in the playoffs.  This was our last opportunity to bring it.  It was not to be, however.  Puget Sound has improved tremendously over the season and their tall middles and outsides were too much for us to handle.  They beat us in two straight sets again.  Congratulations to Puget Sound and we wish them the very best at Nationals. 

But the biggest surprise came on Monday, the day after the Regional competition.  Our region offered us a bid to Regionals and of course we gladly accepted and felt very honored to represent our region too.  So it looks like our region will be sending two U13 teams to Nationals afterall.  We were offered a trickle down American bid to Nationals and we gladly accepted.  We're going to Reno BABY!!!!  Reno here we come!!!

Power Surge 14 Black -  This weekend was a good one. We started out ranked 6th out of 53 on Saturday at Roosevelt. In our pool, we were seeded #1. We played OPVBC 14 Blackout first, beating them 25-10 and 25-9. Our second match was against La Connor 14. We beat them 25-19 and 25-17. Our last match of our morning pool was against SIVA 14, and we beat them 25-18 and 25-17. The girls played very well and very consistently. So we ended up winning the #1 seed in Pool F. For Saturday afternoon, we had to move over Ballard for the first 2 rounds of a second pool. We were seeded first in that pool as well. We played Evergreen Jrs. 14 Yelm, and we beat them 25-11 and 25-14.

On Sunday morning, we continued at Ballard to finish of the second round of pool play. We played High Velocity 14 Rovente and beat them 25-10 and 25-20. Our last match was against OPVBC 14 Synergy. It was a close game that went to three, but they ended up on top. Our consistency struggled a little. The scores were 18-25, 25-17, and 6-15. So we ended up taking 2nd in our pool, which put us into the Silver Bracket of tournament play. We moved back over to Roosevelt for this.

Our first match in the Silver Bracket was against OVC 14 Black. We beat them 25-17 and 25-19. After that, we played SHVBC 14 Thunder in the semi-finals. It was a yo-yo game, but we ended up on top with 25-15, 12-25, and 15-6. For the finals, we played Lake VBC. We've gone up against them several times the second half of the season, and it's been pretty even with wins and losses, but today we came out with a win: 25-18, 24-26, and 15-7. We won the Silver Bracket, taking 9th in the Region overall.

It was a good weekend. Awesome job to Brittney Timmerman, who probably played her all season best this weekend. Very consistent and focused. Good job girls.  Thanks, Kama - Coach  Olivia

Power Surge 15s - Tied for 5th in gold.  Had an outstanding run in pool play, finishing first after pool play with a whopping +76 points.  Suffered a disappointing lost in the first round of tournament play to our own 16s, losing in the 3rd game, 13-15.  A little disappointed but satisfied that we gave it our all.  Congrats to our 16s.  That's the best we have seen them play all season long.  - Coach Jordyn.

Power Surge 16s - Hello again Power Surge Family, this past weekend was a busy one for our Power Surge 16’s, we had two separate tournaments, first was Sat Warriors u16Tournament at Kentridge High School and then the Power Surge U18 tournament at Pierce College on Sunday. Let us start out with Saturday’s big day.

We started the day seeded third overall behind Narrows U15 and our own Power Surge U15! The girls were determined to prove we were the best team there. Pool play got started off again Puyallup Juniors Volleyball Club. Once again, a slow start plagued the girls early on, and we dropped the first set 21-25, and then second set 25-15. In the second match, we were pitted against the fourth seeded Southside Volleyball Club U16-1. The girls opened up with a 25-19 win, then slid backwards and took a 23-25 loss before regaining momentum and shutting them down in a 15-11 deciding set victory. Our last match was against second seeded Saturday Warriors VBC U16, which we needed to make it into the Gold Bracket, and sure enough, our girls easily handled them 2-0. The girls slow start came with a mixed blessing, we didn’t have to play he on fire #1 seed Narrows to in the lower half of the bracket, but we did have to open up against the on fire #2 seed power SurgeU15 in bracket play.

While we had scrimmaged multiple times with mixed results and had finish close to each other in several tournaments throughout the year, we have never played them at a tournament, so as you might expect, excitement was abound. U16 opened up strong building a shaky lead that quickly vanished as the girls played back and forth ball, finally the U16 found a way to pull away in the last 8 points of the game outscoring the U15 6-2 and winning the first set 25-22. The second set started even better for the U16 and they built a nice lead early, but the U15s played great ball and got back in halfway through and it remained tight throughout. This set was not going to go two, and the u15 managed to take it 26-24 outscoring the U16 5-3 in the final 8 points. This set up a classic third set match that should go down in club history. The U16, as they had done in both previous sets jumped ahead early, only to see the lead dwindle away. What began a 4-point lead at8-4 became an 11-11 game down the stretch. At 13-11 the U15’s took the ball back and tied it up at 13-13, no to be outshined the U16 forced a tough side out and held on to a 14-13 lead before serving a final exciting rally where the U16 managed to out scrap the U15 and win the deciding set 15-13. I can honestly say I have never seen the girls more excited over a win. With no rest to be had, our 16s headed right into the semi final match against OPVBC U16. This was a match up that we had wanted since we had already beaten this team twice this year with ease. The win would not come quickly this time; however, as there seemed to be a hangover from the game prior and the girls started slow dropping the first set 21-25. The girls came to the sidelines after, shook off the hangover, and dominated the next two sets 25-16, 15-8, sending them to their first championship match of the year. The finals were against Narrows U15, who had smoked through the lower half of the bracket quickly enough to watch our final Power Surge set and our entire OPVBC match. Even with the tough task ahead our tired girls went out and played hard, while they fell into an early hole, they did something that we do not see enough of, they climbed back and after being down 9-4, they had tied it up at 17-17. It was at this point that narrows did what makes good teams great, they found the extra gear and started to wear down the girls taking the first set 25-21 and outscoring us in the last 8 points 6-2. The second set started off tough again and the girls went into a big hole, and this time Narrows wouldn’t let up and although our girls put up a fight, the pace of the game and the tired legs got the best of us and we dropped the last set 25-18, Finishing 2nd overall, our highest finish yet.

Sunday was power Surge time, we headed out to Pierce College to play in the Power Surge U18 tournament where we started off as the 7th overall, and 3rd out of pool A seed. With only three team pools, we played 3/3 to 25. Not to different from our weekend at PNQ where we finish one day against a top seed and then open the next against one, we had High Velocity U18 to open, the #1 seed of the tournament. Our girls where just beat up, tired, and add that to our slow start, we took a tough 19-25, 9-25, 18-25 loss in the opener. With sets and points determining out seeding, we knew we still had a chance to make it to gold, but we were going to have to bring a better game against Kolohe U18. We started a little weak and took a 20-25 loss, which now put us in the precarious position of needing both our final two sets and for them to drop all three sets to High Velocity. Well, taking care of business first never comes easy to our girls and they squeaked in a 25-24 win in the second set, and then pulled off a 25-22 win in a set that was plagued by procedural errors (first double team delay sanction I have seen all year) from Kolohe. We then had to sit and wait to see how Kolohe did against high velocity, and to our advantage high Velocity easily won all three giving us a chance in the gold bracket for the second time this weekend.

Once in gold Bracket play, the girls got a taste for what tom level u18 teams can offer, and the separation and the exhaustion wore down on the girls who lost in consecutive sets 25-14, 25-9 to Narrows U18. In the end, the girls played the overall winner (High Velocity) and the runner up (Narrows).

In the end, it was a great weekend for our girls, with a Second place finish on Saturday and a gritty performance on Sunday, the girls look ready for the next two weekends of multiple day play. As a parting note, I want to thank and congratulate Jordyn and the U15 team for an amazing match on Saturday. I did not get to see any matches we did not referee or play in, but I would find it hard to believe that there was any more exciting match then ours on Saturday. In addition, get ready for Corvallis because somehow with the 81 teams in our division playing that weekend, Power Surge 15s and 16s are in the same pool.

Power Surge 18s -

Monday, May 3
25 Apr 2010 Results

The main show this weekend is the U15 and U16 Regional Championships.  However, there was another important show going on the same time and it involved the babies in our club:  our 12 Black team and our 13 Black team.  They were both in a U12/13 tournament we were hosting at the beautiful HEC facility of Pierce College, Steilacoom Campus. 

Orignally our 13-2s were supposed to play in this tournament but not enough players were available, so the 13-1s had to step in to play.  Our 13-1s were in reserve just in case we needed to fill out the pools to make for a more rewarding experience for all.  But the 12 Black team couldn't split their team for this tournament either, mostly because they wanted to finish their season as one team, it made it even more critical for the 13 Black team to play, especially since one of the teams dropped from the tournament.  After all the dust settled, we ended up with 8 U12/13 teams in the tournament, 4 teams in each pool, 5 U13 teams and 3 U12 teams. 

This tournament turned out to be very interesting in a way none of us could have anticipated.  You would think that the 3 U12 teams would end up in the Silver Championship Division, and that would give them an opportunity to try and win something.  That is why we even had a silver division: to give the 12s an opportunity to play for a championship prize.  But it didn't quite turn out that way.  Every time you try to put the babies in a tiny, little, neat box, they always manage to squirm their way out, exceed expectations.    

Long story short, the 4 gold division teams consisted of the 12 & 13 Black teams of UPVBC and Power Surge.  The 12s of each club had to play their respective older "siblings" in the first round of the gold playoffs.  Both performed respectably, but the older is the older, stronger, and wiser for a reason. Both 13s prevailed against their younger "siblings" to meet each other in the gold finals. 

And what happened to that other U12 team, Lake VBC 12?  They won the Silver Championship!  So two of the three U12 teams finished in the gold division while the 3rd U12 team won the Silver.  And it was our pleasure to crown one U13 team and one U12 team as Gold and Sivler Champions respectively.  Hats off to the "babies!"

The biggest prize however, the Gold Championship, went to our very own 13 Black team.  Although we expected to win, it did not come easy.  Playing UP 13s is like playing against ourselves.  Our styles are very similiar and we match up well against each other.  We're both great and consistent ball handlers, great defensive teams, and both teams will get everything back.  You have to win every point because neither will give away any free points.  Long hard fought rallies are the norm.   

Here are the coaches reports.

Power Surge 12 Black - Spanaway VBC Tournament, Sunday May 2, 2010.  We were seeded number 4 in Pool B.  Match #1 vs. Club Wahine 13, 25-18, 23-25.  Match #2 vs. UPVBC 13s , 12-25, 15-25.  Match #3 vs. SIVA 13, 25-16, 22-25.  After pool play, we finished as the number 2 seed in pool, which meant we qualified for the gold division.  That was the good news.  The bad news, we get to play our own 13s in the first round of the gold playoffs.  Match #4 vs. Power Surge 13s, 12-25, 18-25, very respectable.  We had some very nice rallies. 

We had a great tournament and a great season.  Everyone worked really hard today, and each girl was very adaptable when put in different positions, or next to a player she wasn't used to playing next to.  For the most part the girls remained very focused and intense, but could have been taken it up another notch or two.  We missed quite a few serves, but the ones that were in were hard serves.  Our serve receive was also very impressive today. 

Coach Brittney and I had a lot of fun this year, and hope all the girls learned a lot.  I know that each girl has improved SOOO much since December and we couldn't be more proud of them!  Good Job 12s!! - Coach Lindsey

Power Surge 13 Black -
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