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Sunday, February 24
Power Surge 18 Boys Debut at Highline Community College
18 Boys at Highline 2.23.13
Nothing like some strong but timely and "encouraging" words from Coach.
Aloha Power Surge Ohana,
Yesterday, Sat 2/23, our boys played in their very first tournament of the season.  It was a men’s B/BB tournament and it was and is a great tune up tournament for our boys who are preparing to play against other U17/18 teams in the Pacific Northwest, namely the Spokane Boys Volleyball Club, next week Sun 3/2 at Highline Community College again. 
But stepping back a little, since Nov of 2012, I’ve been trying to get a boys team going by running boys open practices, but to no avail.  Finally this past Jan 2013, I called it quits, it just wasn’t happening.  But then basketball season was over for some, boredom sets in a bit, a few boys started asking if the team was still playing, and voilà, the guys started to get serious about playing.  Last week they all came together for the first time, about 9 or 10 of them for their very first practice of the season.  Two practices that week, two practices this week, and here we are in a men’s tournament.  Go figure!
So now the guys (sometimes I slip and call them ladies, no disrespect to either the guys or the ladies, just habit) are legit, they have a practice schedule, a tournament schedule, and they even have a team picture on our website.  Check it out ladies, the only legitimate U18 Boys team this side of Snoqualmie.  Actually our boys’ ages range from 14 to 17, but per USAV’s age definition, we are a U18 team.  And they all come from 5 different high schools; Washington, Lakes, University Place, Graham-Kapowsin and Spanaway Lake (need someone from Bethel, please, maybe... Spencer???).  The south sound is well represented on our boys team for sure. 
Long story short, the boys won one match and that was the final match in the playoffs against a team who’s name I won’t mention but their initials are HISYM.  In that match we won in 2 straight games, 25-22, 33-31.  Yes, that is not a typo, that 2nd set went into triple overtime.  There were 9 B/BB teams, 3 pools of 3 teams each.  At the end of the day we finished with a 1-3 record, finishing 3rd in the Silver Bracket.  In all 4 matches, the boys played well.  In fact, I would say, considering their very late start in the season, their performance was exemplary. 
The boys definitely have some structure in their game:  the foundation (ball control) is there but still a little shaky, the walls (serve-receive formations, offense, defense, transitions) are up but need strengthening here and there, and the roof (setting, communication, chemistry) has a few leaks but its all coming together.  And come together they must, because next Sunday is their real test.  If I could wave a wand and choose one thing that would be improved right now in the boys’ game, I would choose ball control.  Because when you possesses strong ball control skills, you have a strong and sure foundation.  And when you have a sure foundation, anything you build on it can and will stand. 
A lot of very good things happened at the tournament.  There were some great blocking by our middles and right sides, some great digs by our back row, several long and exhausting rallies, and execution of some very good plays.  Usually it takes months before a team will even attempt a quick attack in the middle at a tournament.  But the boys ran several quick attacks in the middle from the get go and they even ran some successful quick back sets, which is simply outstanding.  On the officiating end, Vaa (with help from his mom) did a great job keeping score, and the rest of the team did a great job paying attention, calling lines or serving as the R2. 
I don’t normally do this because I strongly feel it takes a team effort to win.  But every so often you get a player who, through his athleticism, his experience and knowledge of the game, his amazing all-around skills, and his humble and unassuming leadership, brings the whole team together and makes the team perform much better.  He is the one who can take any good or bad pass and connect it to the hitter, the one who designs and runs our plays, the glue that binds the team together.  That player is Nate Peredo, our setter.  As you all know, the setter is the quarterback of the team.  There are many good setters out there.  But besides possessing amazing skills, what separates a good setter from a great setter, is a setter’s ability to make everyone feel comfortable out there, make everyone feel important and part of the team, and make everyone feel like playing with you and for you.  Nate does that for this team and is a major reason why this team plays so well together.  [Vallerie Noa does that for our 14s, by the way.]  This ability or charismatic leadership has to come from within, it is not something I or any coach can teach.  Nate is just wired that way, and therefore it comes out in his game and his steadfast leadership.  I received many compliments from other players regarding the team and especially regarding Nate, all very well deserved compliments. 
Congratulations gentlemen, and well done!  You all did a great job in your season opener, keep up the good work.
Coach Kama

2013 Boys Banquet at OCB
2013 Boys Banquet, Old Country Buffet
Friday, July 5
Boys End 2013 Season With Great Food and Great Company!

Our 2013 season have finally come to a very memorable end.  We had our banquet at the Lakewood Towne Center Old Country Buffet Restaurant on June 18th.  Great food, great conversation, great company.  Unfortunately LaShawn and Andrew were not able to make it.  But besides those two absences, it was the perfect celebration of a fantastic season, following an incredible 2-day boy's international volleyball tournament in Spokane, WA in mid May. 

The highlight of our season was definitely the Border Smackdown (BSD) tournament in Spokane, 18-19 May.  8 boys were able to attend.  
     1.  Nate Peredo - Setter, Senior, Washington HS
     2.  Jacob Ruley - Right/Backup Setter, Freshman, Graham-Kapowsin HS
     3.  Daniel Stakhovich - Middle, Senior, Curtis HS
     4.  LaShawn Kapenda - Middle, Senior, Washington HS
     5.  Andrew Cruz - Outside, Senior, Spanaway Lake HS
     6.  Rodion Zuravlev - Outside, Senior, Lakes HS
     7.  Vaa Noa - Junior, DS/Right, Graham-Kapowsin HS
     8.  Ramsey Noa - Freshman, DS/Middle, Graham-Kapowsin
     9.  Anthony Martinez - DS/Right, Senior, Bethel HS (Did not attend Spokane Tourney)

Last year, May 2012, was the inaugural year of the Border Smackdown (BSD) tourney and we just barely had enough players to enter a team in it.  We had 7 players total, but 2 players had to get an exception to policy approved before they could play:  the coaches daughter, and a player who had already graduated the year before.  We also picked up a last minute player who was only able to attend the last 3 practices before heading to Spokane.  So really, we only had 4 legitimate players, which meant we had to redo all our systems.  On the way there and while there, the team had to learn their rotations and serve-receive formations.  Out of 8 matches, we won 1 match and lost several close ones.  In spite of all the last minute changes, it was still a great and exciting experience for the team. 

This year we had 8 solid players heading to Spokane, however, only 3 of them were on the 2012 team (Nate, Vaa & Ramsey) and 3 were first year players (Andrew, LaShawn, and Jacob).  But right before heading to Spokane, we entered a Boy's tournament at Sunrise Courts in Puyallup.  There were 6 boy's teams in attendance and after winning that tournament, it gave us a much needed boost for the Border Smackdown.  Many good things happened at this tune-up tournament at Sunrise Courts.  Our offense really started to click, especially the quick attack in the middle, and our passing, something we have been working on so much all season long, started to come together in this tournament.  It was exactly what we needed to prepare for Spokane. 

Finally after working out all the transportation and hotel arrangements, after all the fundraising, we headed to Spokane for the BSD on Friday 17 May 2013.  It was an exciting adventure for the boys, we were a much improved team from last year, which made this trip even more exciting. But the results also bore that out too.  Last year's 1-7 record was easily surpassed by this year's team record, 5-3.  The competition was amazing, as usual.  We lost to the top 2 teams from Canada and to the #1 team from Spokane.  We played well against these 3 teams but couldn't string enough consecutive points for the win.  These 3 teams also played so much better against us than when they played against the other teams, a testament to the reputation and high standard our boys set on day 1 of the tournament. 

The BSD tournament forced our team to kick it up another notch, which we did.  But not having sufficient experience playing constantly at a very high level, kept us a bit on par with the best, but not enough to surpass the best.  Had we experienced more matches like these throughout our season, we would have been much more prepared.  But still, winning the boys tournament at Sunrise, then winning 5 of 8 matches in Spokane, it was an amazing and very satisfying experience and accomplishment for our boys.  

This 2013 season we had only 3 months of preparation, starting our first practices in early February.  Normally our season would have started in November, the same time as the girls.  But there just wasn't enough interest in November, no matter how much we tried to get the team going, too many other conflicting interests.  But in this short 3 month period, our preparation was stripped down to only the things that matter most, ball control and systems.  Add to that the boys' unusual and high level of commitment, the team made some astounding leaps and bounds in their game.  All experienced major improvements in their ball control skills, and it was amazing to watch the inevitable improvement in their overall game as individuals and as a team, when the focus is on the things that matter most.  I couldn't be any prouder of every single one of them.  One can only wonder what they would have accomplished had they started the season 3 months earlier.

It would have been enough if their volleyball skills and knowledge were the only things that improved so remarkably.  But what set this team apart from all previous boys teams we have had over the years, was the chemistry and relationships the guys developed with one another over their very short season.  They all got along so well, no drama, and that is what we all will remember, more than anything - the very close bond and relationships.  As a coach, I couldn't have asked for a better group of guys.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. 

Coach Stan Stakhovich, our boys coach from 2 years ago, is back and was gracious enough to celebrate with our team at Old Country Buffet.  Miss Niva and Miss Emily were also great team Moms, organizing team fundraisers, coordinating transportation, schedules, equipment, etc.  I could always count on Miss Niva to have our volleyball equipment at every practice.  She committed going to Spokane even though she knew it would be right during her birthday.  When Miss Emily found out, her family in Spokane made a birthday cake for her and the team sang Happy Birthday to her.  She cried.  A big thank you also to Miss Emily's family in Spokane who hosted us for dinner at their home once again this year.  They always put out a great spread.  Thank you soooo much!

Although Anthony did not attend the BSD in Spokane with the team, he was able to join us late, after work, at the team banquet.

Great job gentlemen, great season, great memories!!!

Coach Kama
Respect All, Fear None!


1-2 May 2010 Results - U15 & U16 Regional Championships
The U15 and U16 Championships were on the line this weekend.  No matter what happened all season long, this is the tournament that matters, this is the weekend that counts, this weekend is the reason we train hard and practice long, the reason for the season.  All your accomplishments earlier in the season mean nothing because this is Regionals and this is where you have to make it all happen.  If you don't bring it here, you've failed, it's that simple.  Go big or go home baby!!!

Here are our coaches' reports.

Monday, May 10
8-9 May 2010 Results - Willamette Volleyball Classic (WVC), Corvallis, OR
2010 WVC U14 Champs
Number One!

This weekend was Willamette Volleyball Classic (WVC) weekend!  The WVC is a fairly new tournament, hosted by Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR.  We always enjoy coming to this tournament and in the past our teams have done well here.  This season we sent 4 teams to the WVC, Power Surge 13 Black, 14 Black, 15 Black, and 16 Gold.

This weekend was also the PSR U18 Regional Championships.  You'll hear more about that from Coach Chad. 

But we have some history at the WVC.  In 2008 Coach Debi and her Power Surge 12 Black team took the U12 Gold Championship at this tournament.  The first person who can name all the members of that team will get a free t-shirt.  It was very exciting for us back then because it was only the 2nd year of this tournament and our teams have just started hearing about this tournament from our 14s who attended the previous year.  Our 14s at the time was coached by Coach Roger and they had a blast at this tournament.  But in just a few short years, this tournament has grown astronomically, to the point that if you don't register in December, you won't get in. 

The OSU campus is beautiful, but in the middle of nowhere.  I am still puzzled as to why there's a huge 5-lane highway leading into Corvallis to OSU in the middle of all that farmland.  There's nothing in Corvallis other than the university, and if you head the opposite direction on this 5-lane highway to Lebanon, there's nothing there either.  Driving on a highway like that, you kind of expect something grand to greet you at the end.  It didn't happen for me.  If you build it they will come.  Apparently a lot of folks didn't get that memo.  

The highlight of the weekend was our 13 Black team, no disrespect toward our other three teams.  To say that our 13s had a stunning weekend would be an understatement.  Words like incredible, unexpected, magnificent, fearless and amazing do not come close to describing that adrenaline rush or feeling of accomplishment one experiences after overcoming such apparently insurmountable odds.  Coach Debi, Coach Cody, and their Power Surge 13 Balck team accomplished what many thought was impossible.  But our girls only know what they are taught, what they are trained to do.  They BELIEVE.  It is not cliche, it is not just words, it is EVERYTHING, it is their solid and unshakeable foundation!  These girls are very special in this particular way.  

From the coaching staff, to the starters, to the supporting players, they all never stopped believing.  Though words of doubt and unbelief threatened about them, some even coming from loved ones, they never succumbed to it, never stopped believing.  They are indeed fearless.  You can put in all the time, all the work, all the teaching, all the practices, all the speed and agility training, all the planning, all the strategizing.  If you don't BELIEVE in yourself, in your coaches, in your system, in your program, you toil in vain.  The 13s have great coaching, great players, and great parents, all the essential ingredients for a stunning and successful team.   

From a club perspective, this team (as is true for many other Power Surge teams past and present) exemplifies what our club is all about.  And that is to take players from our own community and make them the very best they can be.  All of the players on our 13s are from our own community, and have only played for our club, a very rare characteristic of today's teams.  Almost all of these girls have been together for 3 years.  And the girls we added this season played for our 12-2 team last season, or never played club ball before.  This is truly a home grown team and demonstrates what can be accomplished when great coaching and committed players from our own community come together as one, Loto Fa'atasi!   

Congratulations to all our teams, and especially to our 13 Black team.  But 13s, keeping it real, please read Proverbs 16:18 and 1 Peter 5:5.  There you'll find some great pearls of wisdom, and reminders of what can happen when success goes to one's head.  In this sport we love, momentum can and often do change from time to time, sometimes multiple times in one match.  Be humble, stay humble, and keep believing.

Here are our coaches' reports.

Power Surge 13 Black - U14 Gold Champion! (1st/60 teams).  The title says it all.  Nothing more needs to be said other than, thank you Jesus!

Power Surge 14 Black - U14 Corvallis Champion! (19th/60 Teams)

Power Surge 15 Black - 3rd U16 Willamette Division (27th/81 Teams). 

The WVC tournament started off a little rocky with a loss to Island Thunder 15s in a close 3 game Match. But the girls pulled through and convincingly beat the Canadian team 25-10 and 25-6. We ended up 2nd in our pool and held our 27th seed. After our 5 hour wait the girls were ready to play in the PM wave. We started off strong taking RIM ROCK to  3 sets. The girls really played with a lot of heart and determination and showed mental strength that we were looking for all tournament long. Directly after we won the match we had to play Rose City who was seeded 16th overall. By that time it was past 8:30 and the girls were very exhausted but they fought with all they had and lost in 2 sets. We ended up 2nd in that pool and would play in the Willamette bracket on Sunday. 

We luckily got to sleep in and did not have to play until noon. The girls were well rested and were ready to win. Our first elimination match was against NW Power 16s. They were a tough opponent but with the help from Kylie's powerful hitting and Alexis' amazing passes we beat them with out missing a beat. Our next match was against OVA 16s and we were ahead in the 1st set 24-16 and the girls could not get a pass to save their life. The refs had a few bad calls that went against us and we ended up losing 24-26. The next set our girls were out for blood and we one 25-16. The 3rd set the girls were not mentally prepared and the devastating lose from the 1st set haunted us and we ended up losing the match which sent us home. It was a long but enjoyable weekend. - Coach Jordyn & Kimiko 

Power Surge 16 Gold - 6th U16 Willamette Division (30th/81 Teams).   Hello again Power Surge Family, this weekend was a big one as our U16’s went down to the Willamette Volleyball Classic in Corvallis Oregon. This was to be our farthest traveling tournament of the year and full of fun. We had the 21st overall seed to start the day, putting us as the number one seed in pool 9. 

We started Saturday with a tough loss in the opening set to Aces 16-1’s, but about halfway through the second set, the girls found their rhythm and pulled off a 2-1 match victory. In the second match, we faced off against Nafanua 16’s Elite. We fought a tough fight in the opening set losing by a very close 28-26, but failed to gain any momentum in the 2 set loss. This loss then gave us the 28th seed and kept us in our pool. The afternoon pooling had us start against the 3 seed in the pool, Salem 15 Black. Like the first match of the day, we lost the first set, and it really looked like we were down and out when the girls stormed back in the second set to force 3. Down by a large margin, the girls pulled off an amazing come from behind victory in what turned out to be a very heated match, winning 15-13 in the deciding set. That then pitted us against the number one seed in our pool, Webfoot U16 Silver. The first set was a tough fought battle between the squads, but our 16’s could not quite pullout a victory, and in the second set, the Webfoot girls really turned on the heat and put us in a big hole early that we never recovered from, losing in 2. After all pool play we were now the 28th overall seed and headed to the Willamette bracket play (essentially flight 5 of 14). The bracket included old foes ITVC, PSVBC and our own U15 Black team. Facing off against an ITVC team we hadn’t lost too all year, the girls took the opening set in a close battle 25-23, but then fell flat the next 2 sets losing the opening round of bracket play 1-2. This gave us one final game to 25 against the other first round losing team, NW Power, and while we did not beat them in the one set, the girls finished the day having fun and I have never seen so many smiles in one game.

At the end of the tournament, our girls finished 30th out of 81, and had a great time down in Corvallis. Many of us also had the opportunity to see some of our sister teams play, and they all did amazing. Especially those 13’s, but you can ask Coach Debbie all about that. We have just a few more practices and one last tournament left, so I hope you are not burned out on volleyball yet. See you on the court, Coach Ramon.

Power Surge 18 Gold -

Tuesday, October 23
2009 & 2010 PS Highlights
2010 Power Surge Highlights 
     1.  6 Power Surge teams (U12-U18) in Season 2010
     2.  6 Gold Championships, 4 Silver Championships in 2010
     3.  12 Black wins the first of four U12 Power League Series and finishes 3rd Overall
     4.  12 Black finishes 3rd Overall in the U12 PSR Regional Championships
     5.  13 Black finishes 3rd Overall in the U14 Power League Series and 2nd at Regionals.
     6.  13 Black wins the 2010 Willamette Volleyball Classic U14D1 Gold Championship, OSU, Corvallis, OR.
     7.  13 Black earns PSR's U13 American Bid to Nationals, finish 5th at Nationals (highest finish out of 19 PSR teams, and the only PSR team to finish in the top 10 at Nationals). 
     8.  14 Black finishes 7th Overall in the U14 Power League Series and win the Silver Championship (9th Overall) at Regionals.
     9.  14 Black wins the Corvallis Division at the Willamette Volleyball Classic, Oregon State University.
    10.  15 Black finishes 7th Overall in the U15 Power League Series and 11th at Regionals.
    11.  16 Black finishes 23rd Overall in the U16 Power League Series and 13th at Regionals.

2009 Power Surge Highlights 
     1.  9 Power Surge teams (U12-U17) in Season 2009
     2.  Power Surge Teams Set New Club Record - Win 17 Gold Championships in 2009
     3.  5 Teams Finish in their top Gold Divisions at Regionals
     4.  12-1s win the 2-Day Memorial Weekend U13 Tournament and Head to the Festival...More
     5.  12-1s Dominate and Win the PSR U12 Power League Series
     6.  12-2s Set a Club Record by Being the first #2 team in our club to Win a Gold Championship.  13-2s become the second team ever!
     7.  13-1s Finish 14th Overall in the U14 Club Division at ECC to End Their Season...More
     8.  14-1s Finish 14th Overall in the U14 Open Division at ECC to End Their Season
     9.  17s Finish 5th in the U18 Club Division Gold Bracket at the ECC to End Their Season
     10.  12-1s Finish 6th out of 38 teams at The 2009 Volleyball Festival in Phoenix, AZ....More

Monday, January 24
Power Surge 17s Capture Silver Championship

Monday, January 24
Power Surge 18s Take 2nd in Gold Division

Saturday, April 7
12-1s Win Final 2007 PSR Ranking League Gold Championship!
12-1s Win Final PSR Ranking League Tournament

After finishing 6th, 2nd, and 3rd in previous PSR Ranking League tournaments, Power Surge 12 Black saves their best effort for the final of four ranking league tournaments to capture 1st place.  As the overall third seed coming into this tournament on Saturday 7 April 2007 at Columbia JH in Fife, Power Surge 12 Black started off ranked second in their pool and remained at a disappointing second in pool.  However, feeling a little down after pool play but definitely not out, our 12-1s re-focus their efforts and determine to make some history.  Facing the UPVBC 12s, Power Surge quickly dispatches them in two straight sets, sending the 2007 U12 Prime Time winners to contend for 3rd.  In the other semi-final match, Puget Sound wins a very close 3rd game against Olympia to earn a spot in the finals.  But that close 3rd game win proved to be the final highlight for Puget Sound 12, as our 12-1s overpower and overwhelm Puget Sound in two straight games, 25-17 and 25-15.  Puget Sound could never get into any kind of rhythm or sustain any kind of momentum against our 12-1s as our 12-1s held the lead almost the entire time in both games.  As a result of this win, each player received a sweatshirt from the region and Power Surge 12 Black became only the second team to win a PSR Ranking League gold championship, our 14-1s being the first to accomplish that honor on Saturday 10 February 2007.  Congratulations ladies and coaches.  Job well done!!!

Saturday, June 9
Power Surge Boys Take 2007 U18 Regional Championship!

Congratulations to our Boys 18 team for winning the U18 regional championship this past Saturday, 9 June 2007, at Lindbergh High School in Renton!  In a four-team pool, Power Surge Boys 18 met the dominating Spaceneedle 18s in the finals and barely squeaked out a win in the third game, 15-11.  To commemorate their win, they each received a Puget Sound Region t-shirt.    Well done gentlemen!!!

This 2007 season was our first year to try to field a boys team.  At our tryout in March 2007, it was a struggle trying to get a team together.  However, as word got out that we were putting together a boy's team, we steadily picked up enough players to eventually field two boys teams - a U18 and a U16 team.  Although the region didn't have anywhere near the number of boys teams as they did girl's teams, both of our teams have improved over the very short season and done well at each of their tournaments. 

Congratulations to both teams for a successful season and hope to see all our elligible returning players again next year.  Next year we hope to have our boy's tryouts earlier in the season, probably around the same time the girls start their tryouts.  Please check our website for the latest information.  Tryouts next year will most likely be in November 2007. 

Something to keep in get more quality matches against other boy's teams, we need to travel outside Washington state to California, Canada, and/or Hawaii.  That can be very expensive.  We will do some fundraisers over the summer to raise money for our traveling expenses next year.  Stay tuned for fundraising events. 

Monday, January 24
23 Jan Tournament Results

Thursday, January 27
Practice And Tournament Schedule

Thursday, January 27
27 Jan Practice & Tournament Schedule

The new practice and tournament schedule is available in the handout section.  This schedule is effective 27 Jan 05.  Continue to check your emails on a regular basis for updates as this schedule, as always, can and will change. 

Tuesday, February 8
Super Sunday, 6 Feb, Results
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