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Power Surge Volleyball
Kama Kalalau
15429 14th Ave. Ct. E.
Tacoma, Washington

Spanaway VBC
Spanaway VBC

2017 Team Power Surge 2
Aloha and Welcome - Power Surge Volleyball

Welcome to Power Surge Country!  Our club name is Spanaway Volleyball Club, home of the Power Surge Volleyball teams.  

Tryouts:  We are currently in tryout mode and will continue in tryout mode through November.  If you are still looking for a team, please contact us at for any openings.  

Power Surge Boys Volleyball Teams.  Practices will begin in November.  We're looking for U14 to U18 players, basically junior high and high school age players.  If you're interested in playing on our boy's teams, please send an email to  Include your contact information and attend our next practice.  Click on Team Practices for the latest team practice schedule.

Some things you should know about Concussions in Sports.  

Practices:  Our practices will be in the Spanaway/Parkland/Puyallup area but may be scheduled anywhere in the south puget sound area. Depending on the availability of surrounding gyms and coaches, we have volleyball practices at least 2 times per week and Speed and Agility training incorporated into our practices 2 times per week. Additional practices may be scheduled to prepare for important tournaments.  For our latest practice schedule, click on Team Practices in the left side bar. 

Club History: Power Surge Volleyball was established in 1999, the oldest open volleyball club in the Spanaway/Puyallup/Graham areas.  From very humble beginnings, we have grown to as many as 12 girls teams and 2 boys teams.  The great majority of our players are from our very own Spanaway, Puyallup, Tacoma, and Graham communites, but all are welcome.  We are not affiliated with or established for any school district or any local high school.  We are an open volleyball club, dedicated to the training and development of all volleyball athletes from all walks of life. 

Club Mission: The great majority of high school volleyball players do not play beyond high school. So our focus is to improve the skills and knowledge of our players in order to be competitive in junior high and high school volleyball at an affordable price. To keep our fees affordable, we generally do not travel out of state, although we can and have done so many times. We believe the USAV Puget Sound Region (PSR) and neighboring regions provide ample opportunity for our players to compete at any level, including at the highest levels of competition, against teams from all over the US, without having to spend a lot of money traveling.  Having said that, our most competitive teams will travel to Spokane, WA for the Pacific NW Qualifier (PNQ), Corvallis, OR for the Willamette Volleyball Classic (WVC) at Oregon State University (OSU), the Emerald City Classic (ECC) at UW in Seattle, and the Martin Luther King Invitational in Eugene, OR at the University of Orgeon.  We have sent 5 teams to Nationals (Junior Olympics) and 2 teams to the Festival.  Our 2010 13 Black team finished 5th at Nationals, the only top 10 finish for the Puget Sound Region out of the 19 PSR teams attending the 2010 Girl's National Championships.  We will continue to send our most competitive teams to these prestigious tournaments as they compete and qualify. 

Club Philosophy: Although volleyball is important and we expect our players to be committed and competitive, we keep 12 players (14 max) on a team because we also believe there are other competing priorities in life that sometimes will take priority over volleyball commitments.  We may maintain more than the maximum for a time as we try to find more players and coaches to form additional teams to provide more opportunities for kids to play.  We believe in family and encourage parents and siblings to help out in practices and in coordinating the numerous logistical and administrative tasks involved with fielding a team. Parental involvement is welcome; parental manipulation, influence or interference with coaches' decisions are not welcome.  Most importantly, we believe that we are all made in God's image, and that alone, qualifies any player, coach, or team representative to be treated with respect.

Team Goals

Black National Teams - Our National teams typically attend two national qualifying events, the Pacific NW Qualifier (PNQ) and the PSR Regional/Bid Championships.  They also typically attend the Willamette Volleyball Classic (WVC) at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR and the Emerald City Classic (ECC) at the University of Washington in Seattle.  The goal of our national teams is to win tournaments, to place in the top flight in Power League, and to win Regionals.  Regionals mark the end of the regular season and a teams's result at Regionals is a team's final report card. 

Gold Regional Teams -  Our Regional teams typically play in the PSR Power League, participate in local 1-day tournaments, and finish their season at the PSR Regional Championships.  They may elect to travel to optional tournaments outside our state or region.  The goal of our regional teams is to finish in the gold division of every tournament or win the Silver division. 

White Local Teams - Our local teams are for players who want the club volleyball experience without all the travel commitment and typical club expenses.  These players are usually very busy, are playing multiple sports, or are not able to fully commit to the typical club schedule.  Therefore these teams will practice usually once a week and play in 1-2 local one-day tournaments each month.  Power League and the Regional Championships are optional.  Their season may also be abbreviated and end in March.  The goal of our white teams are to improve, develop and maintain their skills and gain valuable tournament experience in order to gain a competitive edge for school ball. 

National Qualifying Events.  Our Puget Sound Region (PSR) Bid Tournament will now determine which teams will represent our region at the Girls' Junior National Championships, now called Nationals and formerly known as Junior Olympics.  If any of our teams should win the Bid tournament, they will make advance plans to attend Nationals.  There must be a minimum of 10 committed players, and each player must commit early in the season and pay monies in advance to secure traveling and tournament costs, all of which are nonrefundable.   

We play to win!  What does that mean?  Great attitude, great work ethic, great attendance at practices all will get you on the court.  But performance is what keeps you on the court.  This is not recreational or school ball.  Sometimes players want to play to have "fun."  But the only "real" fun is in winning or knowing that you've played your very best in spite of the outcome.  Playing to win is an attitude, a mindset, and a skill that teams must also practice and develop.   

Playing Time.  Coaches ultimately determine a player's playing time.  In club ball, there is no such thing as "equal playing time!"  We compete to win and therefore no one is guaranteed any playing time.  This is not rec ball!!!  Your performance will determine your playing time and it all begins in practices.  To those who are new to club volleyball, this will sound harsh.  It is reality, however, and is something to consider before auditioning for one of our teams.  To play, you must bring your game, you must perform when it matters, you must be confident, and you must bring a positive attitude and energy to every practice and every tournament, without fail!

Making the #1 Team.  Everyone wants to be on the number one team.  But what many players and parents fail to consider is the important concept called "fit."  Fit is being on the team that maximizes a player's unique potential for development.  If you are a starter on the B team, but have the opportunity to be a supporting player on the A team, the best fit for you may be to remain on the B team.  To take a player with 90% playing time from one team and move her to another team where she will only get 10% playing time, may not be the most beneficial for that player or the team.  Or, to take a number 1 outside hitter from the B team and move her to the 3rd or 4th outside hitter position on the A team may not be the best fit for that player either.  To play on a #1 team you must bring with you skills consistent with #1 teams.  That way you and the other players all benefit from this concept called fit.  Too often, players want to play on #1 teams but possess subpar skills. 

Know what position you will fill on a team, i.e. outside, middle, setter, right side, DS.  Know what your rank is within your position on the team.  Know who you are competing against on your team for playing time.  Middles compete against other middles.  They do not compete against setters or outsides.  Likewise outsides compete against other outsides.  Insist on knowing these things from your coach so you can make a more informed decision about which team is the best fit for you.  But keep in mind also that your assigned position and role can change as different ones on the team improve, as the team improves, and as the needs of the team change.  Starters can become support players and vice versa.  Pay attention, believe in yourself, set goals, develop a great work ethic to achieve those goals, and never ever give up. 

Coaching Opportunities:  We are always looking for knowledgeable, experienced, and committed coaches who are passionate about volleyball and about teaching this life long sport to the young players of our community.  If you are interested in coaching one of our teams and can successfully pass a background screening, please contact Kama Kalalau at 253-537-3090, or by email at  If you are coaching for fame, fortune, or glory, we are not the club for you.  If you're looking for a ready-made team, we are not the club for you. 

We're looking for long term coaches who take pride in building a successful team with whatever players they have.  We're looking for coaches who embrace the challenge of creating something from nothing, dedicated coaches who will speak positively into the lives of our young players, bring firm correction when needed, and coaches who can relate to parents, but not be influenced in any way by over-bearing parents.  We need coaches who appreciate the importance of their position as positive, life-impacting, role models.  We're looking for coaches who understand that each player is a unique and precious gift from God, who deserves the most solemn regard and respect, and coaches who demand all their players to respect each other.  If this describes you and you possess the experience, knowledge and skills we're looking for, please complete the coach's application. 


2017 Team Power Surge 2
2017 Team Power Surge
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