Poway National Little League: Welcome





Poway National Little League Hosts All Star Tournament

June 18 - July 9 

PNLL Fields

 (9th Street)

   Come Cheer on PNLL and PALL Teams Or just come watch some great Little League Baseball.  Snack Shack will be OPEN !


  Sponsorships Opportunities are Available!!


There will be 14 teams competing meaning potentially more than 1000 people who can see your advertisement.


Contact Tony Texiera tony@pnll.org or 619-417-2846 for more information!

2016 District 31 All-Star Tournaments  


***Bracket Central !

(Please Click on Links Below !) 

8,9,10U Tournament Bracket



All Other Brackets including the (9,10,11U Tournament- Bracket) and (10,11,12U Tournament Brackets)






                      Opening Day    

We want to thank all of the families, sponsors, volunteers, parents and players that came out this weekend to help us make Opening Day 2016 a Success! We got our Spring Season kicked off in the right direction! Thank you all for your efforts, they are truly appreciated!


               Annual Fundraiser Winners!

 Congratulations to the T-Ball Dragons!

 The T-Ball Dragons are the BIG WINNERS of the "Get Air Party" for selling the most raffle tickets this year! Great Job Dragons! Thank You to everyone that participated. We greatly Appreciate all your efforts!

        WINNERS                     PRIZES

  •  Gant Family                 Disneyland Tickets
  • Robert Fenter              Yannis $25 GiftCard
  • Carl Sweeney                Yannis $25 GiftCard
  • Peggy Christy               Sushi Lounge $40 GiftCard
  • Goforth Family             Bruski Burgers $25 GiftCard
  • Kyle Laureano               Padres Tickets
  • Devin Lucia                   Wings n Things $25 GiftCard
  • Northrup Family           Wings n Things $25 GiftCard
  • Jacque Wilson              Tasso Ladder Game
  • John Krehsire               2017 PNLL Registration
  • Brian Perry                   Wings n Things $25 GiftCard
  • Araceli Preciado           Phils BBQ Gift Basket
  • Hugho S.                      Sprouts $50 GiftCard
  • Adrienne                      Kaminski's $25 GiftCard
  • Laura Valencia              Wendy's 4-Pack
  • Desiree Pellegrilli         Dinner and a Movie
  • Bill Lowen                     4 Movie Tix
  • Desiree Pellegrilli         4 Movie Tix
  • Mark Lynch                  Baked Bear $5 GiftCard
  • Doud Family                 Baked Bear $5 GiftCard



Sponsor Saturday (April 30, 2016)

This Saturday, PNLL will be Sponsor Saturday from 10:00am - 5:00pm.  Businesses who sponsored PNLL this season have been invited to come out and present their products and services to our PNLL community.  Please come by and see what these local companies have to offer.  We are grateful for their support and hope that you will give them a chance to show what they have to offer


Restrooms at PNLL
Please make sure your children are not playing in the restroom.  Over the weekend, one of the toilets was filled with paper towels causing the toilet to be clogged and overflow.  We want your children to have fun at the fields, just not in the restroom.  We appreciate your understanding.  


   Congratulations To The P.N.L.L 2016 All-Stars !


8,9,10U Team: 


Manager : Todd Knapp


Position Players :

1)Nathan Kidwell 7)CharlieKroepel

2) Noah James   8) Justin Bried

3) Trevoe Tse   9)Nathan Pettine

4)DrewMerrifield 10)ColeHoffman

5)EverettWisdom 11)EthanDetling

6)MikeyKnapp     12)AJ Sciarrino

     13) Anthony  Tompkins







9,10,11U Team :

Manager : Rob Goforth

Position Players : 

1) Harrison Paik    7) Nico Armell

2)MaxSletteland 8)MatthewRosello

3)ReagonDePriest 9)CampbellFlight


5)DarrenGoforth 11)DannyShireman

6) Ray Lucia     12) Landen Kornacki

            13) August Hoffman 



10,11,12U Team :

Manager : Aaron Hanes

Position Players :

1) Cole Hilliard   7) Vince Bendinelli

2) Justin Smudz   8) Gary Szczotka

3) Jaeden Correa  9) Miles Mashouf

4) Eric Gant        10) Ryan Kroepel

5) Luke Hanes     11) Kaniela Thomas

6) Ray Hoffman   12) Ryder Harding

             13) Johnny Noble  




2016 All Stars Process

Hello PNLL Families,

 ***Please check the menu options on the side and click on our Handouts/forms page for links to your 2016 All Stars info,Docs, and Player Self Nomination Forms!***

It’s hard to believe that we are already ¾ of the way through the Little League season, but as you know, time flies when you’re having fun!

This message is for the parents of Majors and Minor A division players only!

Please take the time to read these very important attached documents regarding the PNLL All Star process. This process can be complicated to those who are unfamiliar with how All Stars are selected. We have done our best to provide you with detailed information to help you understand it better.

As always, we encourage all PNLL Majors and Minor A players to make themselves available for All Stars this year. Keep in mind, there is a mandatory commitment associated with All Stars that your player is expected to keep if they are selected for a team.  We have attached a detailed description of the commitment required.

We are very excited to announce that PNLL will be hosting the 9/10 All Stars games!
Please check your calendars, delay those summer vacations and extend your baseball season. It will be a time to remember for many years to come. Again, please read these documents and discuss this opportunity with your All Star!

Self-nomination forms are to be placed into the All-Star ballot box located at that Snack Shack. The deadline to turn in a self-nomination form is Saturday, May 7th when the Snack Shack window closes after the last scheduled game.
If you have any questions regarding this process please don’t hesitate to call Mike Furlano, Player Agent, at 858-382-3580 or email him at mikefurlano@rocketmail.com. 



         Please Remember:   

These are Kids

This is Their Game

Coaches are Volunteers

Umpires are Human 

This is not Professional Baseball

Have Fun! 




PNLL News 

Poway Titan Baseball Little League Night!

Date: April 1, 2016 6:00pm at Poway High

Boosters Invite all PNLL/PALL Players and Families to watch the Poway Titans take on Mission Hills in the NCC Tourney at Poway High School at 6:00pm on Friday April 1st. Snack Bar will be open for Dinner. *please arrive at 5:30pm to line up behind the home stands* -Wear your PNLL/PALL Jersey & Run the Bases after the Game! -Join the Varsity Players on field for the National Athem! -One Lucky Player will be selected as the Varsity Bat Boy! -1 Lucky Player Selected to throw out the 1st Pitch! -1 Lucky Player Selected to yell out "Play Ball!"       


Picture Day is Saturday, March 12th.

Your team parent will be distributing order sheets, if you would like to order any additional pictures or items. Each team will have their scheduled time for pictures. A detailed schedule will be emailed out next week. Additionally, your team parent is aware of when your picture day time has been scheduled.

NO Dogs Permitted

As a reminder, dogs are not permitted on the fields. The only exception is service dogs. If you or a family member has a service dog, please notify Tina Rosello at tina@pnll.org prior to bringing your service dog onto the fields. If any PNLL board member sees someone with a dog, they will be asked to leave the fields.


No Parking in the fire lane and red curbs at or in front of the school and fields along with no parking at our nieghbor businesses across 9th street please respect these rules so one gets towed, Thank You !

Rained Out

As you know, Poway is expecting significant rain over the course of the next couple of months due to this year's El Nino. If that should occur on a game day or if we have to close the fields for any other reason, we will notify parents through Rainedout.com. To setup Rainedout.com text messaging, simply text pnllbaseball to 84483. This will allow you to receive text messages when there is a change in field status. You can also signup for email alerts by going to www.rainedout.com. Search for Poway and then click on Poway National Little League under the preferred results section. Follow the email signup directions and you will be all set.

Thank you, Tina Rosello PNLL Board

Our mailing address is: PNLL1415 P O Box 903 Poway, CA 92074 Add us to your address book


Poway National Little League provides a safe and enjoyable environment for youth ages 4 to 13 to play baseball at all levels. Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, our Little League program assists youths in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork, physical well-being, friendly competition, skill development, human growth, good sportsmanship and family values. By espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty, our Little League Baseball program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes.


Poway National Little League was established in 1975 when Little League Headquarters determined that the growth of the Poway community required splitting Poway Little League into two leagues. Poway National has played their games at Pomerado School since the early 1980s.