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Poway National Little League provides a safe and enjoyable environment for youth ages 4 to 13 to play baseball at all levels. Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, our Little League program assists youths in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork, physical well-being, friendly competition, skill development, human growth, good sportsmanship and family values. By espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty, our Little League Baseball program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes.


Poway National Little League was established in 1975 when Little League Headquarters determined that the growth of the Poway community required splitting Poway Little League into two leagues. Poway National has played their games at Pomerado Elementary School since the early 1980s.


Player age is calculated based upon the 2016 Little League Age Chart. You can find this chart at http://www.littleleague.org/media/llnewsarchive/2015/September-December/llb-age-determination-date.htm.

Children ages 4 – 13 are eligible to participate that reside or attend a school within our boundaries. Little League Baseball is a little different than other organizations. Little League Baseball requires players to register in the league where you live OR where your school is located. Allowing players to register in the league where you go to school, but where you may not reside allows children to play baseball with their classmates. Under these two rules of eligibility, players can be covered under Little League insurance and are eligible to participate in All Stars at the end of the season. In order to determine if you live in or your school is within the PNLL boundaries, please go to http://findmyleague.com/.

If you do not reside in our boundaries, but attend one of the following schools, you are eligible to participate in our league:

  • Painted Rock Elementary
  • Pomerado Elementary
  • Valley Elementary
  •  Chapparal Elementary
  • Meadowbrook Middle School
  • St. Michael's Catholic School

Receive Field Closure Alerts

From time to time we may need to close the fields for one reason or another. When we do this, we use Rainedout.com.

To setup Rainedout.com text messaging, simply text pnllbaseball to 84483. This will allow you to receive text messages when there is a change in field status.

You can also signup for email alerts by going to www.rainedout.com. Search for Poway and then click on Poway National Little League under the preferred results section. Follow the email signup directions and you will be all set.     

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Poway City Championship Games! 


Minor B:  PNLL Rockies 7    PALL Angels     1
Minor A:  PNLL Pirates   4    PALL Yankees  2
Majors:    PNLL Padres   9    PALL Angels    3

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Mon 12/14 powaynational_newlogo1.jpg Late Registration 12:00 AM - Jan 4, 2016 On Line