Poway National Little League: About PNLL

About Poway National Little League

PNLL History:

Poway National Little League was established in 1975 when Little League Headquarters determined that the growth of the Poway community required splitting Poway Little League into two leagues. Poway National has played their games at Pomerado Elementary School since the early 1980s.

All Star History:

2012 is first year all three all star teams (9-10, 10-11, 11-12) advanced out of pool play into brackets at the District tournament.  In 2000 all teams advanced into brackets as well, but there were only two teams (9-10 and 11-12).

All Star Championship Banners:

Section 6 Champions:
2006: 9-10 team (also finished 5th in SoCal tournament)
2000: 11-12 team

Division 31 Champions:
2006: 9-10 team
2000: 11-12 team
2000: 9-10 team
1992: 11-12 team
1990: 11-12 team
1989: 11-12 team

Famous PNLL Alumni:
Charley Hoffman, PGA Golfer
Connor Joe, University of San Diego baseball scholarship, Poway High 2011
Bradley Klahn, NCAA Division I singles champion for tennis in 2010 (Stanford University)

Famous Athlete Parents at PNLL:
Phil Plantier
David Justice
Dave Stewart
Phil Nevin
Steve Trachsel
Bruce Bochy
Jose Viscaino
Billy Volek
Randy Ready

Past Presidents:
2011-12: John P. Riley
2010-11: Pat Johnson
2009-10: Chuck DeWildt
2008-09: Dawn Etchison
2007-08: Dawn Etchison
2006-07: Cliff van Nostrand
2005-06: Michelle Monts
2004-05: Greg Hout
2003-04: John Paruleski
2002-03: Christopher Rowe
2001-02: Steve Krainock
2000-01: Emmit Scruggs


Monday, October 29
Safety On the Field
Poway National Little League recognizes that there can be no other priority more important than ensuring that the baseball games are as safe as possible. The PNLL Board and Little League take safety issues very seriously. If players are playing in conditions where their safety is threatened, then we encourage parents to contact the PNLL Board so the issue can be addressed and resolved quickly. Little League has put in place many policies to protect children including pitch count limits, mandated catcher gear, helmets, no on deck circle and more. Further, PNLL requires helmets to be worn anytime a bat is swung, and no swinging of bats unless on the field and in a specific batting activity (i.e. no casual swings out by the bleachers near small children). At the same time PNLL also takes verbal threats to children's safety very seriously, even if just in joking. We urge everyone to understand that this is Little League Baseball. It is about community, family, friendships, developing character and learning life lessons. PNLL encourages safe playing conditions for our children in a positive environment where everyone can arrive and leave with a smile. Have fun out there!