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Tuesday, August 12

Fall Ball Update:

Hope everyone's having a great summer, it's hard to believe its were talking pencils and books already.

We've reviewed the fall season registrations and were currently building teams for each division, it looks like were going to have one Majors team, 2 Minors (kid pitch) teams, 2 instructional (machine pitch) teams and in place of Tee Ball we've created a coach pitch team for those kids.

After talking with our inter-league township friends (townships well be playing - Pottstown Little League, Upper Perk Little League, Coventry Little League and Pottsgrove Little League) They find that coach pitch works out better in the fall for our younger players, they still learn the fundamentals of the game and the kids love hit a live pitch ball from the coaches, i think these kids will have a great time with this.

Majors players/team will be participating in the district 27 travel team playing other district 27 townships - the team has been formed and we are working out the details with district 27 majors coordinator.

Minors/instructional/coach pitch can expect to have their first official day on the field the weekend of September 6th (the first weekend and last weekend of the season are PGLL internal practices/games) the other 6/7 weeks well be participating in interleague play with those townships, it seems like those townships number of teams are very similar to our numbers, 2 minors teams one coach pitch and about two or three instructional teams. Coaches are being assigned and will be reaching out to you very soon - most likely this week. Fall Ball games are usually held on Sundays sometime between 12:00 - 4:pm normally, your coach may request the team get together for a practice on an off day - those practices are not mandatory but recommended, no one will be penalized for not attending those off day practices. Jersey's and Hats orders will be submitted this week to be ready for our first interleague game.

If there are any parents friends or family members that would like to order a shirt for themselves please forward me your jersey/shirt size and I'll order them so that you can wear them to our games - the coast of the jerseys will run somewhere between 12.00 and 20.00 - we were thinking of ordering the dri-rite material shirts and if we go with them it would be more towards the 20.00 range. - feel free to contact me with quesitons on that well make that call in the next 48 hours.

Were looking for someone to lead or manage our coach pitch team, this is a great age to work with. At this level you don't need to be a baseball wizard, this is teaching the kids the fundamentals of the game, teamwork and sportsmanship. If one of you guys or girls would reach out I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have on this.

The other townships are running their fall ball registration until 8-30-14 so were still working with them and getting ready to create a game schedule with locations of each game.

Our minors, Instructional and coach pitch teams have about 10 players per team, if you know of anyone who maybe interested in playing it would be nice to have 2 more players to add to each team, we do expect to receive late signups so if you do know someone have them contact us ASAP.

As we finalize the teams this week well be handing the rosters over to the coaches to reach out and introduce themselves and provide more details of times and locations of the games but definitely plan on being available September 7th.

Thanks for signing our kids up this fall, those kids who play fall ball always seem to do well come spring, were looking forward to seeing everyone on the fields again.





Have a great week and a safe summer -

PGLL Board of Directors

***** Visit Tournament information for detailed rosters for each post season roster ****

See you at Fall Ball - Registration is set to open on Friday