Pottsgrove Little League: Welcome

Thursday, October 23


2015 PGLL Board of Directors to be announced

Thanks to everyone who came out to participate in our General Membership meeting Monday night.

This was a great oppurtunity to hear from each of our Nominees

Voting Ballets will be emailed within the next week and can be submitted via email to pgllbaseball@aol.com

The membership Pottsgrove Little League is comprised of all persons registered with PGLL League as volunteers to include managers, coaches, and other general volunteers. As members, you have the right and responsibility to participate in these elections for the Board of Directors thereby representing the overall PGLL communityThe current Board of Directors urges your participation in this process, either in person or via absentee ballot.

Once this general election is completed, the new Board of Directors will convene to determine which Board Members will fill specific positions on the board as set forth in our constitution. Only members of the Board may vote during this follow-on process.

Further information will be available as the election date approaches.The Board of Directors would like to see more parents and volunteers involved in the process, especially those who do no manage or coach a team. Please consider volunteering your time to help improve baseball in our area. Parents of players from age 12 down to 4, we need you. This league cannot operate without the volunteers that have stepped up in the past and those that will in the future.

Should you have any questions on this process or on the Board of Directors in general, please contact Mitch Mitchell with questions or comments mitch-mitchell@comcast.net or 610-506-1680.

2015 Positions open for nominations:


Vice President

Player Agent

Tournament Director


Web Master

Fund Raising Committee

Field maintenance