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04-03-16 09:32 AM
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Potomac JR Legion
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Potomac Jr Legion Constitution

Potomac Junior Legion Baseball League

Jan 9, 2006


The name of the organization shall be the Potomac Junior Legion Baseball League, hereinafter referred to as the League.

ARTICLE II. Objectives and Purpose

A.  The purpose of the League is to provide a baseball program for youth aged 15 years old to 17 years old, whereby these youth are taught, through practice and playing experience, the fundamentals and skills of baseball in an atmosphere where sportsmanship and fair play are practiced at all times.

B.     The object of the League is to inspire youth to practice ideals of health, citizenship and character and to bring youth closer together through the means of a common interest in sports.

C.     The intention of the league is to provide a developmental program to enhance the Senior Legion program of the participating posts.

ARTICLE III. League Structure

A.  League age is defined under Player Eligibility, ARTICLE III, Sect. A in the Bylaws.

B.  The Board of Directors shall recognize member organizations.  Member organizations will then field a League team.

ARTICLE IV. Jurisdiction

The League shall be governed by a board of directors who determines the boundaries in which the league exists and operates.


The League shall have the following powers in addition to the powers expressly or implicitly
conferred on it by law.

A.  To make and enforce rules and regulations to govern itself on a local league basis.

B.  The League shall also have the power to solicit contributions, enter into contracts, and hold and own property.

ARTICLE VI. Conference Government

A.  The League will be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of one director appointed by and for each member organization, with an alternate for each director.  New directors will be appointed each year and will commence office at the first official meeting of each calendar year.  A list of current directors and their alternates will be an appendage to the Bylaws.

B.  A Commissioner, a Recording Secretary, and Treasurer will all be elected by the Board of Directors, not necessarily from within said Board.  League officers elected from outside the Board of Directors will become members of the Board with full voting privileges.


C.  Nominations for officers will be made prior to January 1 of each calendar year.  Directors and alternates must be declared for each member organization, no later than December 1 of the prior year.

D.  Election of officers will be held as the first order of business at the first official meeting of January and the current list of officers will be an appendage to these Bylaws.

E.   Managers and coaches of Member teams are encouraged to attend all meetings of the League, but only directors (or their alternates) can conduct the business of the League, with voting privileges.  A proxy can serve subject to communication from director or alternate.  Managers and coaches may serve as the director for their Member organizations.


A.  The League will conduct regularly scheduled monthly meetings from January through November on the same meeting dates as the Western District Legion Meetings.  Other "called meetings" can be held at the discretion of the Commissioner, subject to written notice sufficiently in advance thereof to each director.

B.  A quorum for meetings of the League will be a simple majority of the total number of League directors (or alternates) present.

C.  Any voting member missing two (2) consecutive meetings shall reduce the requirement to ascertain a quorum by that said member at the time of the second consecutive absence and forfeit voting privileges for the remainder of the calendar year..

D.  The recording or corresponding secretary will notify directors and officers of all scheduled meetings.

ARTICLE VIII. Team Eligibility

A.  Membership into the Potomac Junior Legion Baseball League may be gained by application to the Board of Directors. A two-thirds vote is required for the addition of a new team into the League.   Membership may be gained by no later than the January meeting of the current year.

B.  The League will impose a two hundred and fifty dollar ($250) membership fee for each new member.  This fee can be changed in future years by a two-thirds vote provided the fees provide sufficient cash flow to operate the league..

ARTICLE IX. Amendment

A.  The League Commissioner will annually distribute one (1) copy of the current League Constitution and Bylaws to the director of each Member team.

B.  The change of any article of the Constitution requires a positive two-thirds vote of the total number of League directors.

Potomac JR Legion
Potomac JR Legion
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