Ottawa Oil Pledges 20K !



....nothing else like it!





75K Stretch drive goal shattered!

Community Rallies to Pledge over 100K !! 

Tremendous Outpouring of Support for Project! 


After five seasons of darkness at Memorial Field,  there will be lights! The Campaign  has exceeded its goal of 75K!


Ottawa Oil Co...20K 

 OG Jaycees...10K (Gold Level) 

FOE 2234...10K (Gold Level)


First National Bank...5K (Silver Level) 

Buckeye Transplants...5K (Silver Level) 

Beckman Jewelers....5K (Silver Level) 

Ottawa Legion Baseball...5K (Silver Level) 

OG Rotary Club...5K (Silver Level)

Ottawa Kiwanis...5K (Silver Level)

American Legion Post 63...5K (Silver Level)

Anonymous Donor...5K (Silver Level) 


Brown Supply Co...2.5K

Ottawa Baseball Assn...2.5K

RK Industries...2K 


 First Federal Bank...1K (Bronze Level)

Ottawa Chevy...1K (Bronze Level) 

 Gerdeman-Hovest...1K  (Bronze Level)

  Croy Mowing...1K (Bronze  Level)

SAL 63 1K (Bronze Level) 

Nelson Mfg...1K (Bronze Level)

Irwin Real Estate...1K (Bronze Level)

Phantasm Design...1K (Bronze Level) 

Bob Meyer Builders...1K (SilverBronze Level) 

Ag-Credit...1K (Bronze Level) 

B-K Tool...$1K (Bronze Level)

Cherrys Propane...1K (Bronze Level) 

 Verhoff & Co...1K (Bronze Level)

Nienberg Body Shop...1K (Bronze Level)

Honda of Ottawa...1K (Bronze Level) 

Ottawa Feed & Grain...1K (Bronze Level)

VFW Post 9142...1K (Bronze Level) 

Northwest Physical Therapy...1K (Bronze Level) 

Matijevich Floor Coverings...1K (Bronze Level) 

Northwest Tractor Co...1K (Bronze Level) 

Whirlpool...1K (Bronze Level) 

First Klass Lawn Care...1K (Bronze Level) 

Industrial Millright...1K (Bronze Level)

Tucker Pharmacy...1K (Bronze Level)

Heritage Floors...1K (Bronze Level)

Findlay Hearing Aid Center (Ottawa)...1K (Bronze Level) 

Steel Tech...1K (Bronze Level) 

Fortman Ins....$500.00 


Many Individuals have also contributed. 

Tax Dedustible Donations can be made:

Memorial Park Capital Campaign  c/o Darlene Osterhage at First Federal Bank in Ottawa. 


HEAD COACH JORDAN RODE....567-712-4374 

GM Chad Niese 419-235-5423 


Post 63 extends gratitude to those making memorial contributions to Ottawa Legion Baseball in memory of Robert Warren Sr, and Andy Brickner.


A New Baseball Committee has been formed to assure the future of Ottawa Legion Baseball.

GM - Chad Niese

Jeff Arrington - Leon Fuerst - Ken Horstman - Todd Schimmoeller - Mick Meyer - Dave Kersh - Dave Yoder -  


The History of Night Baseball in Ottawa....Click on Link at Left


"We need to find a way as a community to work together to fund new lights at Memorial Park, Ottawa Mayor Dean Meyer said, "a lighted ball diamond is a great asset to Memorial Park."

Lima News July 28, 2013 on 'News/Articles' at left to read the entire article


"If a team is to reach its potential, each player must be willing to subordinate his personal goals to the good of the team."

~ Bud Wilkinson


THE AMERICAN LEGION...For God and Country 


1980 District Champs - Coach Willie Selhorst Standing On Right

Happy Days Are Here Again