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Information for PSC Coaches
Coaches Packet

Everything you need to be a PSC coach

PSC Coaches ApplicationPSC Coaches Application

Coaches Code of ConductCoaches Code of Conduct

Kidsafe FormKidsafe Form

Kidsafe Program GuideKidsafe Program Guide

Concussion Information

Player safety is key at PSC, protect your players from Concussions

Facts about ConcussionsFacts about Concussions

Concussions-Athlete Fact SheetConcussions-Athlete Fact Sheet

Concussions-Coaches Fact SheetConcussions-Coaches Fact Sheet

Concussions-Parents Fact SheetConcussions-Parents Fact Sheet

Coaching Education

Basic Coaching ManualBasic Coaching Manual

Coaching the Very Young Soccer PlayerCoaching the Very Young Soccer Player

Exercise and Nutrition in AthletesExercise and Nutrition in Athletes

It's Wonderful to Win but...It's Wonderful to Win but...

Skills Development by Age GroupSkills Development by Age Group

US Youth Soccer Best Practices GuideUS Youth Soccer Best Practices Guide

US Youth Soccer Coaching ManualUS Youth Soccer Coaching Manual

Training Session Planning WorksheetTraining Session Planning Worksheet

Characteristics of Younger PlayersCharacteristics of Younger Players

Basic Guide to Formations and PositionsBasic Guide to Formations and Positions

U8 and Below Practice Activities

Learning vs WinningLearning vs Winning

U6 Coordination and BalanceU6 Coordination and Balance

U6 Coordination and MovementU6 Coordination and Movement

U6 DribblingU6 Dribbling

U8 and Below Practice ExamplesU8 and Below Practice Examples

U8 DribblineU8 Dribbline

U8 Pair ActivitiesU8 Pair Activities

U8 PassingU8 Passing

U8 ReveivingU8 Reveiving

U9 and Up Practice Activities

U10 Foot Coordination and SpeedU10 Foot Coordination and Speed

U10 Receiving Lofted BallsU10 Receiving Lofted Balls

U10 TacklingU10 Tackling

U12 DefendingU12 Defending

U12 Defending Pressure CoverU12 Defending Pressure Cover

U12 PenetrationU12 Penetration

U12 Spatial AwarenessU12 Spatial Awareness

US Youth U10 Practice ActivitiesUS Youth U10 Practice Activities

US Youth U12 Practice ActivitiesUS Youth U12 Practice Activities

Skills Development Activities

Agility DrillsAgility Drills

Controlling the BallControlling the Ball

Corner KicksCorner Kicks

Dribbling the BallDribbling the Ball


Passing the BallPassing the Ball


Shooting the BallShooting the Ball


Teaching JugglingTeaching Juggling

Throw InsThrow Ins

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