Portsmouth Soccer Club: Valerie Staudinger

Valerie Staudinger
Position: Registrar
Email: pscregistrar1@aol.com
Profile: The Registrar shall be responsible for endorsing the membership of PSI. The Registrar shall be responsible to organize
registration, obtain required player data and fees, form teams and report required player data to affiliated organizations. The registrar shall prepare and maintain the current lists of general voting members
and class (group voting) members and their addresses as required by Virginia Law. The Registrar shall prepare data and correspondence for submission to sanctioning organizations as is required and appropriate.
The Registrar shall provide a current list of the PSI membership to each of the other Directors. The Registrar shall assist the
Commissioner in the preparation of the annual budget. The Registrar shall receive the assistance of the Academy Director, Recreation Director, Advanced Teams Director, Select League Director and the Adult Teams Director in the recruitment of volunteer workers. Resolutions of the BOARD may amend the responsibilities of the Registrar.