Portsmouth Soccer Club: Wendy Hara (Acting)

Wendy Hara (Acting)
Position: Concessions Director
Email: pscconcessions@yahoo.com
Profile: CONCESSIONS COORDINATOR: The Concessions Director shall be responsible for operating concessions facilities for PSI in a manner consistent with local health codes, the resolutions adopted by the BOARD, the ARTICLES, and these Bylaws. The Concessions Coordinator shall be responsible to ensure all money collected through concessions is properly documented and promptly delivered to the Treasurer for deposit. The Concessions
Director shall report to the BOARD the results of all concessions activities. The Concessions Coordinator may, and without other authorization of the BOARD, authorize purchases up to two hundred dollars ($200.00) for conducting the business of PSI. The Concessions Coordinator shall receive the assistance of the Academy Director, Recreation Director, Advanced Teams Director, Select Teams Director and the Adult Teams Director in the recruitment of volunteer workers. Resolutions of the BOARD may amend the responsibilities of the Concessions Director.