Portsmouth Soccer Club: Jimmy Holland (Acting)

Jimmy Holland (Acting)
Position: Commissioner
Email: psccommissioner@yahoo.com
Profile: The Commissioner shall be the administrative head of PSI. The Commissioner shall be responsible for the management of PSI in compliance with the resolutions and budget adopted by the BOARD, the ARTICLES and these Bylaws. The Commissioner shall have judicial and administrative authority over the organization. As a judicial authority, the Commissioner may resolve matters by making binding decisions consistent with the intent of the resolutions adopted by the BOARD, the ARTICLES and these Bylaws or requiring a decision by vote of the BOARD. The Commissioner shall be the normal Chairperson for the BOARD meetings. The Commissioner shall have signature authority on all financial accounts of PSI. The Commissioner shall ensure that the financial records of PSI are reviewed at least annually, whenever the Treasurer is replaced, when required by Virginia Law, when required by the Internal Revenue Tax Code, and at any other time that, in the Commissioner’s judgment, seems in the best interest of PSI. The commissioner shall prepare and submit an annual budget for the next fiscal year to the BOARD at least thirty days prior to the end of the current fiscal year. The Commissioner may, and without other
authorization of the BOARD, authorize purchases up to two hundred dollars ($200.00) for conducting the business of PSI. Resolutions of the BOARD may amend the responsibilities of the Commissioner.