Portsmouth Soccer Club: Board of Directors

  Board of Directors
    Board of Directors: Position:
    Jimmy Holland (Acting) Commissioner
    Jo-Ann Patterson (Acting) Secretary
    Wendy Hara Treasurer
    Valerie Staudinger Registrar
    Valerie Staudinger (Acting) Jr. Academy Teams Director
    Jimmy Holland(Acting) Recreation Teams Director
    Jimmy Holland Advance Teams Director
    Jimmy Holland(Acting) Select Teams Director
    Kyle Holland Adult League Director
    Vacant Ways and Means Director
    Krissy Ayala Equipment Director
    Wendy Hara (Acting) Concessions Director
    CJ Bodnar Coaching Coordinator
    Jimmy Holland(Acting) TOPSoccer Coordinator
    Tom Staudinger Facilities Coordinator
    Jo-Ann Patterson Risk Management
    Wendy Hara(Acting) Facilitator Coordinator
    Vacant Team Manager Coordinator