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Monday, October 3
Welcome News

Welcome to the 2016-17 Season of PNG Little Dribblers Basketball. This is our 18th year of providing recreational youth basketball in the mid-county area. I would like to thank all the coaches and board members who have helped us through the years.

Please help me in thanking the coaches and volunteers for their contributions to our children. They are invaluable! Our program has always been about providing a fun and participatory recreational basketball program for our community youth.

Over the past few years we have begun to see some of our former Little Dribblers players suiting up for middle school and high school basketball teams. We always hoped that the presence of a quality youth basketball program like Little Dribblers would eventually elevate the skill level on our school teams. Feedback from PNG coaches is that this is coming true and they support our efforts, as does the school administration. Many of our board members have kids who have out grown or growing out of the league. They need to be replaced, myself included. Please help us keep this great program going by signing up for a board position for next year.

A complete set of league by-laws are posted under Handouts and attached below. If every position is filled and each person does his\her duty, no one will be over worked. Basketball knowledge is not required. Only a caring heart and a helping hand. Please do your part and let’s keep this league going for years to come. Don’t assume someone else will do it. No on is so busy they cannot help out just a little. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me anytime.

Thank You,

Matt Marchak

President PNGLD

  •  Teams will be cut off at 8 kids per team if coaches are available (Please sign up on time so you will not be left out!) 
  • Players will no longer be allowed to play down, except 14U and only if needed to fill division.
  • Coaches meeting will be mandatory. 



No tape or marking allowed on gym floors. No food\drinks allowed in gyms. Water only for players, no sports drinks. No unsupervised children at any time. No pets allowed in gym. Do not arrive early for practice, leave by 9 pm. Respect all school equipment. Do not touch banners, posters, etc. Do not touch mats or other school equipment. Keep restrooms clean. Do not enter locker rooms. Do Not Drop Off Siblings with Players. Pick Up Trash When You Leave.


Do be a Good Sport! Do cheer for and support both teams Do treat coaches and players with courtesy. Do respect referees, they are doing their best. Do volunteer to keep clock and books. Do volunteer a few hours\year to supervise gyms. Do respect facilities and help keep them clean. Do help clean upbleachers after the last game. Do keep your kids off school mats and equipment. Don’t leave unsupervised children in gyms. Don’t let the outcome of games and calls ruin your day. It is just a game and a child’s game at that! Enjoy them while you can!