Portland Grizzlies: Welcome

Monday, August 15
Grizzlies win 2011 Portland Cup

After starting 0-2 in round robin play, the Grizzlies won our first game of double elimination vs. Portland Redwings.  We then lost to the Seattle Pilots in a hard fought 7-8 lost.

The excitement continued on Sunday morning starting at 8am.  We won seven games in a row to become back-to-back Portland Cup winners.    

Round Robin Games
vs. Seattle Honey Badgers (5-10) L
vs.  Seattle Pilots (4-5)L

Double Elimination
vs. Portland Redwings (8-2) W
vs. Seattle Pilots (7-8) L
vs. Seattle Browns (12-8) W
vs. Portland Slammers (16-12) W
vs. Seattle Fusion (13-9) W
vs. Portland Redwings (14-1) W
vs. Honey Badgers (19-8) W
vs. Seattle Score (14-9) W
vs. Seattle Score (25-1) W