Prime Time Volleyball Club: Club Rules 2013-2014

Wednesday, October 30
2013-2014 Club Rules

Membership Information

All girls playing for Prime Time VBC are personally responsible to obtain a membership number and waiver from the AAU and USAV prior to tryouts. If a player is found not to have a number or waiver she will be immediately suspended from the team until membership can be confirmed. In addition, all membership and tournament dues must be paid on behalf of the player no later than the due date. If fees are unpaid the player will be suspended from all practices and games until the dues are paid in full. An athlete that is suspended from league activity due to disciplinary action is still required to pay team tournament fees. If player fees are not met and a player is suspended the player may not be eligible to join PC Prime Time Volleyball club subsequent years until all back fees have been collected.

Coaches/Administrative assistance are working on a voluntary basis, therefore, if they have a family member playing the players fees will be reduced or eliminated based on volunteer hours.

Refund Policy

Fees are determined by administrative costs, equipment fees and tournament costs. No monies will be refunded after the first day of the 2013 –2014 season (December 21, 2013). If a refund is requested in writing prior to the first practice of the 2013-2014 season it is the discretion of the directors as to the amount of the refund.

Dispute policy

Any questions or concerns regarding your child should be addressed first with your child’s coach via an appointment. We ask that you do not interrupt the coaches before/during/after practices or games. Please respect the club and coach’s time by saving all questions relating to tournaments and practices until after practice has ended. Any administrative questions or concerns should be submitted via email. Please email the club to request an appointment to discuss any concerns. If you feel that it is not handled by the coach then you may request an appointment with the Club Director via the email contact. Do not interrupt the club director during any practice for any reason.
Director Contact

Code of Conduct

All parents must abide by the parent code of conduct that was outlined in the 2013-2014 Code of Conduct.

Athlete’s Code of Conduct

Athletes will:
1. Model sportsmanship by treating all coaches, officials, tourmament directors and players with dignity and respect.

2. Show commitment to her team by attending all practices and tournament and playing with maximum effort at all times. Missing a tournament without an excuse that is deemed valid by administration is cause for automatic suspension. A player MUST contact a coach and at least 2 other team members. Please continue to call coach if first attempt fails.

3. Remain alcohol and drug free. This offense will result in automatic expulsion from PC Prime Time Voleyball Club.

4. Support my teammates by speaking in a positive tone at all times.

 5. Understand that conduct that is inappropriate as determined by comparison to normally accepted behavior. Any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Disciplinary Action Includes lack of payment.

  • First offense– Verbal warning by coach
  • Second offense– Written warning by club director
  • Third offense– Suspension from any club activity.
  • Fourth offense– Revocation of club membership.