: College Recruiting

Did you know?
September 1st is the first official day that Division 1 schools can initiate contact with prospects from the class of 2008.  Contact includes unlimited email, texts, faxes and instant messages.  Contact does not include phone calls unless the call is initiated by a prospect. 
Recruits and their families can also do unlimited unofficial visits to the schools of their choice. While on those visits prospects can receive 3 tickets to any sporting event taking place on campus.  High school and aau coaches can also take advantage of this rule and are allowed (2) tickets to any home athletic event, regardless of whether the prospect is in attendance at the same time or not!

College Recruiting!
NCAA rules can make the recruiting process somewhat complicated. Here are a few rules that might help for athletes getting recruiting by division I schools.

* Coaches can send one piece of mail to Sophomores.
* Starting the first day of a prospects Junior year, coaches can send unlimited mail and email.
* Coaches can call a prospect one time between June 21st and June 30th during the summer prior to her Senior year.
* Starting in August before a prospect's Senior year, coaches can call once a week.
* After the first day of a prospects Senior year, she is allowed to take five official visits at the schools expense.
* College coaches must follow strict guidelines on when they can and cannot watch a prospect in person. These are the "evaluation" periods. To find a complete list of dates college coaches can be out, visit www.ncaa.org and look for the recruiting calendar.
* There is no limit to the number of unofficial visits a prospects makes.
* A prospect can call college coaches at any time.
* I highly recommend either myself or your high school coach have contact with coaches and not parents. When parents call and try to sell their kids, this is a "Big" turnoff for coaches. If and when you are contacted, let me know.
* When coaches are out during an evaluation period, remember, they are not allowed to speak with the prospect at any time and are also not allowed to speak with the coaches during the July evaluation period. If you see them out, don't think they are being rude.