Pomperaug Warriors: Pop Warner vs. AYF

Saturday, January 23
Pop Warner vs. American Youth Footbal

You be the judge

If you've ever wondered what the difference is between Pop Warner and American Youth Football (AYFL), see the information below.





Pop Warner Little Scholastic Inc.

American Youth Football

PWLS is entering its 80th season in fall 2009 and had established programs in 41 states and 5 foreign countries. Pop Warner administrators and coaches have years of experience and are committed to working with children.

Everyone in Pop Warner plays under the Pop Warner rulebook which establishes a standard set of guidelines that all programs must follow.

Pop Warner has an Age/Weight Matrix that every program follows from the first game through Regional and National Playoffs.

All of Pop Warner's forms and other program information are available for anyone to view on www.popwarner.com

Pop Warner rules incorporate a scholastic requirement for all players to participate. Pop Warner also recognizes top scholars from around the country through its All-American Scholar program and National Scholastic Banquet. Pop Warner has also given away $600,000 in college scholarships since 1993.

Pop Warner's Super Bowl National Cheer Championships are held at Walt Disney World's Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Fl. and partners with Disney to provide a memorable championships experience for all participants and their families.





AYF was established in 1996.

AYF has no national rules and allows each League to set their own rules.

AYF allows each league and association to set their ages and weight allowances for league play yet mandates that eams change their ages/weights to compete in AYF Championships.

AYF has general information regarding their programs on the AYF website. They claim to have organizations in all 50 states, yet there is no League Finder page to verify where AYF programs exist. Many pages on the AYF site are password protected.

AYF has no scholastic requirement or banquets to recognize outstanding scholastic achievement.

2008 AYF Championships were held in Austin Tindal Park in Orlando, FLand National Cheer Championships were held at Amway Arena in Orlando.







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