Pomperaug Warriors: FAQ'S Cheerleading

-last updated March 23,2016

The Pomperaug Pop Warner Cheerleading program places an emphasis on teaching its participants teamwork, commitment and on “trying your best.” The goal is to help grow self-esteem by teaching the cheerleaders to be good leaders at practices, games, competition and other Pomperaug Pop Warner and community events. Cheer participants will be taught the technical and physical aspects of cheerleading. Teams are coached by parent volunteers who are provided with a training workshop and support throughout the season. They are not professional instructors. If you are looking for professional instructors and a competitive atmosphere, this may not be the program for your child. Please note: Per National Pop Warner rules, gum chewing and the wearing of jewelry (of any kind) or nail polish is NOT allowed during Pop Warner activities.

1. Who may participate in Pomperaug Pop Warner?
Children between the ages of 5 and 14 who live in Southbury, Middlebury, and residents of neighboring towns without a chartered Pop Warner program are eligible and welcome to join Pomperaug Pop Warner.

2. How do I register?
Check out the registration page on www.pomperaugwarriors.com site for information.

3. What is included in the registration fee?
In addition to association, league, regional and national administrative and insurance fees, the registration fee includes: Northern CT cheer camp, cheer socks, hair accessory, and a Pomperaug Warrior cheerleading t-shirt. Pomperaug Pop Warner issues official uniform pieces to be used for the season which must be returned in GOOD condition.

*A camp for Northern CT Pop Warner towns will be scheduled for a Saturday and/or Sunday in August. Details will follow.

4. How is a cheerleader assigned to a team?
A cheerleader is assigned to a team based on age, grade in school and, in some cases, experience. Per National Pop Warner, the following is used as a guide for placement.
       Tiny Mite (TM) 5, 6, 7 year olds
       Mitey Mite (MM) 7, 8, 9 year olds
       Junior Pee Wee (JPW) 8, 9,10,11 year olds
       Pee Wee (PW) 9,10,11,12 year olds
       Junior Midget (JM) 10,11,12,13 year olds
       Midget (M) 11,12,13,14, 15 year olds

5. Are there tryouts to make a team?
No, there are no tryouts to make a team. Everyone who registers is placed on a team.

6. How many cheerleaders are allowed on a team?
The maximum number of cheerleaders on each team is 35.

7. When will my child find out what team they are placed on?
Team placement will be announced in late July.

8. What supplies must I purchase for my child to participate in Pomperaug Pop Warner Cheerleading?
Cheerleaders are required to purchase cheer sneakers. All girls must have the same sneakers therefore an order will be placed in August for all teams.

9. When does practice begin?
Practice begins on August 1st. A cheerleader may start practice only if ALL necessary paperwork is turned in. (Official Pop Warner Participant Contract and Parental Consent Form, Official Pop Warner Physical Fitness and Medical History Form with physician signature, Original Birth Certificate, a copy of the full years Report Card, and Volunteer Form.)

10. If all the paperwork is not turned in by August 1st, can the cheerleader still participate?
If all the paperwork is not turned in by August 1st, a cheerleader will not be allowed to start practice or receive their uniform. The cheerleader may sit on the sidelines and watch practice until the required paperwork is turned in.

11. How often is practice and where is it held?
Practice will run 4 nights a week (Monday through Thursday) during the month of August, from 5:30-7:45pm with location TBA. After Labor Day all competitive teams practice 2 days a week with the exception of Jr Midget team which will practice 3 days a week, location TBA. Tiny-Mite and Mitey-Mite will practice 1 night a week.   Practice days for each team will be determined by indoor facility and coach’s availability.

12. What should I expect my child to be doing at practices?
Generally, a practice will include conditioning (stretching, aerobics, running, pushups, etc.), cheer and dance motions as wells as jumps, basic tumbling and partner stunts and pyramid construction. Cheerleading is a physical activity and the cheerleaders will experience stiffness and muscle aches when learning this physical activity.

13. Is practice mandatory in August?
Yes, practice is mandatory in August and throughout the season. Vacations should be scheduled prior to Aug. 1st. A week away from practice in August, not only puts your cheerleader at a disadvantage, but hurts the entire team. There are no subs or alternates in Pop Warner cheerleading. Exceptions will be made to 1st year cheerleaders but need to have approval from Pomperaug Cheer Coordinator.

14. How LONG is the Pop Warner Cheer Season?
Officially the Pop Warner Cheer Season starts on August 1st and goes through December 31st. The length of the season is determined by game and/or competition success.

15. How many games are there?
There is one official preseason game, 8 regular season games (4 home games and 4 away) and generally at least one post-season game for all levels. With continued success, post-season games can continue weekly through November in all levels except Tiny-Mite and Mitey-Mite. There are league, state, regional and national championships for all levels except Tiny Mite and Mitey-Mite. Games are played in ALL types of weather (heat, rain, cold and snow). Cheerleaders are required to attend ALL games including post-season games.

16. When are the games?
Game times for this season have not yet been determined. In the past, game schedules are available in late -August.

*Cheerleaders must report to playing field one hour before scheduled game time to stretch and prepare for the game per coach’s instructions.

17. How do the cheerleaders get to the away games?
Pomperaug Pop Warner does not supply transportation to the games. It is up to the parents to provide or arrange transportation for their child.

18. What is a Cheerleading Competition?
Cheerleading competition is an opportunity for a team to perform a routine that usually includes cheers, dance motions, jumps, tumbling, partner stunts, and pyramid construction. The routines are performed in front of a large audience and a panel of judges. Each team competes in a division based on size, ability, experience and regional approval. Competition starts at the league level. If teams advance at the league competition, they qualify for the state competition. The next level of competition for teams advancing is a regional qualifier which advances the top teams to the regional competition.   If teams advance at the regional competition (the top 2 teams in each division moves on), they qualify for the national competition.

19. When are Cheerleading Competitions scheduled for?

(Exact dates will be communicated in August)
• League (Northern Connecticut Pop Warner): Early Oct
• States: Early Oct
• New England Finals (Springfield, MA): Early Nov
• Nationals (Orlando, FL): Early Dec

20. How important are Cheerleading Competitions?
Competitions are an important part of the Pomperaug Pop Warner cheer program. This facet of the program provides an opportunity for cheerleaders to be in the limelight. Signing up for the Pomperaug Pop Warner season means your family is making a commitment to support this aspect of the program. Competitions can take place through December depending on the team’s success.

21. Who covers the cost of the competitions?
Spectator fees, travel and lodging costs are the responsibility of each family. Spectator fees are approximately $10 to $15 per person per competition.

22. Will there be cheerleading merchandise available for purchase?
Yes, Pomperaug Pop Warner makes available cheerleading merchandise for purchase. Items may include bags, cheer shorts, T-shirts and sweatshirts. Volunteers are needed to help coordinate and sell merchandise at August practices and home games.

23. How can I become more involved in Pomperaug Pop Warner?
Pomperaug Pop Warner is run entirely by volunteers.   Each family is asked to donate 10 hours of volunteer time per parent for each child participating. Your help is greatly appreciated and necessary. There are many opportunities to share your time and talents. Options include: coaching, snack shack, game day set-up & clean-up, selling 50/50 tickets, stuffing envelopes, fundraising & more! Please review the volunteer form in the registration packet for specific areas where you can help.

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