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Friday, June 5
FAQ'S Football
Updated June 2015, by John O'Leary
FAQ'S Football

1. Who may participate in Pomperaug Pop Warner?
       Any child between the ages of 7 and 15, who lives in Southbury or Middlebury (or surrounding towns that don't have Pop Warner football)
       is eligible to participate. (Weight restrictions apply as well as scholastic

2. How do I register?

       Check out the registration page on this site for information.

3. How is a player assigned to a team?
       A player is assigned to a team based on age, weight and then experience. Pop
       Warner has specific age limits and weight limits for each level which are
       strictly enforced.

Eligibility         Ages on 7/31        Older Lighter         Weight Range         O/L Max. weight
Mitey-Mite         7-8-9                 None                 50 - 100 lbs.         None
Junior PeeWee   8-9-10                 11                 65 -115 lbs.        95 lbs.
PeeWee               9-10-11                12                80 -130 lbs.         110 lbs.
Junior Midget         10-11-12         13                 95 -155 lbs         135 lbs.
Patriot-Midget        11-12-13-14         Freshman        105+                none

4. Are there tryouts to make a team?

       No, there are no tryouts to make a team. There are however limits to the
       number of players allowed on the roster. Details of the registration
       schedule can be found on the registration page of this site. Positions will
       be assigned at the discretion of the coaches, players will be assigned to a
       position that best suits their ability and the needs of the team.

5. How many players are allowed on a team?

       The maximum number of players allowed on a team is 35.
       The minimum number of players is 16.

6. Does everyone play?

       Yes, everyone plays. Pop Warner has a Minimum Mandatory Play Rule (MPR)
       based on team size. These are the number of plays that each player must play
       per game.

7. When does practice begin?

       Practice begins on August 1st. A player may start practice as long
       as all necessary paperwork is turned in.

8. If all the paperwork is not turned in by August 1st, can the player still participate?

       If all the paperwork is not turned in by August 1st, a player
       will not be allowed to start practice and receive equipment.
       The player may sit on the sidelines and watch practice until
       the required paperwork is turned in.

9. How often is practice and where is it held?

       Practice runs 4-5 nights a week during the month of August from 5:30 or 6-8 pm at
       Long Meadow Elementary School. After Labor Day, practice is 3 nights per week
       from 6-8 pm at Community House Park. Times are subject to change depending on
       field availability.

10. Is practice mandatory in August?

       Yes, practice is mandatory in August. Vacations should be scheduled prior
       to Aug. 1st. Taking a week away from practice, not only puts your player at
       a disadvantage, but hurts the entire team. Attendance is CRUCIAL to a
       successful and FUN season.

11. What equipment is needed?

       Pomperaug Pop Warner provides most equipment needed to participate.
       Football cleats need to be purchased by each participant. Rib pads will be
       issued based on position assignments. If you wish to have rib pads
       regardless of position, you are encouraged to ask your coach. This
       equipment must be cleaned and returned at the end of the season. In order to
       receive equipment, all paperwork must be turned in.

12. How many games are there?

       There is one official preseason game, usually 8 regular season games, (often
       4 home games and 4 away). Generally at least one post season game for all
       levels. Post season games can continue weekly through November (with
       continued success) in all levels except Mitey Mite. There are league, state,
       regional and national championships for all levels except Mitey Mite.

13. When are the games?

       Game times for 2012 have not yet been determined.

       Football Players must be at games 1.5 hour before game time for weigh in &
       warm up.

14. How do the players get to the away games?

       Pomperaug Pop Warner does not supply transportation to the games. It is up
       to the parents to get the player there or arrange transportation for

15. Who covers the costs related to playoff and championship games?

       Should any team advance to playoff and/or championship games, all travel
       and lodging expenses are the responsibility of each family.

16. How can I help out?

       Pomperaug Pop Warner is run entirely by volunteers and your help is greatly
       appreciated. A five hour per season volunteer commitment is required by an
       adult for each player in the program (maximum 10 hours per family.) A great
       number of families donate many more than the required hours which has
       increased the success of our program. Please review the Volunteer Form
       in your registration packet for specific areas where you can help out.

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