Pointers Run Piranhas: Welcome

Wednesday, April 19

Welcome, Piranhas!

Registration for the 2017 summer swim season is now OPEN!  Stop what you are doing and register your child(ren) now:  https://www.columbiaassociation.org/facilities/pools/summer-swim-team-cnsl/#1464120015398-efb43dc3-637a !  Jen, the coaches and I are really excited for this summer!  We have started planning the practices, Pep Rallies and other fun team actives.  If you thought last summer was fun, this summer is going to be even better.

Practice starts on Tuesday, May 30th.  You do not need to register your swimmer the first week.  All swimmers must be registered after the first week.  In order to be on the team, swimmers 10 and under must be able to swim one lap  and swimmers 11 and older must be able to swim two laps by Time Trials on June 10th.  Please spread the word in the PRES and CMS community!  The more swimmers, the merrier!

We would like to invite all new and returning swimmers to an Ice Cream Social on Friday, May 12 from 6-7pm.  We have yet to confirm the location, but as soon as we do, we will let you know.  If you have friends who are interested in joining the Piranhas, please encourage them to attend the Ice Cream Social.  

Jen and I are still looking for parent volunteers for the following jobs:

If you can help us with any of these job, please email us as soon as possible.  

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

Cathy Coleman cathydcoleman@yahoo.com
Jen Virmani JPeitzke@hotmail.com


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