Pocahontas Flag Football: Welcome

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Flag Football Rules

PAFFL Gameplay

1) Two 25 minute halves, 5 minute intermission/halftime. 30 second huddle clock after each play. Each possession starts at own 5 yard line.

2) 7 player maximum per team on field, minimum of 6 players. One of the 7 players shall be a designated blocker and cannot go down field. Each player on field must wear flags, which should be on top of other clothing.

3) No blocking past 5 yards from line of scrimmage. Each play must begin with a snap.

4) Fumbles behind the line are live, fumbles past line are dead. On inadvertent whistle, offense may take ball at spot of ball at time of whistle or replay the down.

5) One foot in bounds is a legal reception. Interceptions may be returned for value of possession (touchdown, one or two point conversion).

6) Overtime – Each team has 1 possession (4 downs) from 15 yard line. If after both possessions the score is still tied, each team shall attempt 2-point conversions thereafter.


 5-Yard Penalties:
1) Illegal forward pass (and loss of down), 2) Delay of game, 3) Illegal motion-Offense (dead ball, replay down), 4) Intentional grounding (loss of down), 5) Too many players on field, 6) Defensive encroachment, 7) Equipment violation 8) Offensive holding

10-Yard Penalties:
1) Tackling a player, 2) Defensive holding, 3) Illegal contact after 5 yards, 4) Unsportsmanlike conduct, 5) Unnecessary roughness (tripping, clipping, charging, ball stripping, pushing out of bounds, illegal blocking, stiff-arms)

25-Yard Penalties:

1) Verbal confrontations between teams or players, 2) Excessive unsportsmanlike conduct, 3) Excessive and repeated unsportsmanlike conduct (player ejection), 4) Excessive and obvious roughing of a passer (player ejection), 5) Other Defensive pass interference (spot of foul), 6) Defensive pass interference in end zone (1 yard line, automatic 1st down), 7) Aggravated pass interference (spot of foul +/-10 yards), 8) Illegal Diving-defensive (spot of foul +10 yards), 9) Slapping or flag guarding-offensive (spot of foul -10 yards), 10) If penalty would place ball in end zone, yardage will be half the distance to goal line.
Penalties will be assessed before a first down determination.