Plymouth Girls Basketball League: Welcome


    March 8th UPDATE

    End of Season/Playoff Schedules

    Instructional Division
    Sunday March 11 - showcase game @PSMS ; 12:45 pm

    Junior Division 
    Finals March 11th @PSMS ; 8:30 AM : Shaughnessy Rental vs Cabbyshack
    All-Star Game: 10:30

    Intermediate Division 
    Semifinals Saturday-- March 10th @ PCIS 
     Game 1: 9:00 AM -- Stellar Medical vs. F and F Landscaping 
     Game 2: 10:00 AM -- Pilgrim Auto Sales vs. Rotary Club

    Finals March 11th @PSMS, 9:30 AM // All-Star Game: 11:45 AM

    Senior Division 
    Finals March 11th @ PSMS, 1:45 PM : Sealy Plumbing vs. Jolly Bean
    All-Star Game: 2:45 PM

    Championship/All Star Day is 
    Sunday March 11th at PSMS



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