Pleasantdale Little League: Welcome

October 12th, 2013

Dear Pleasantdale Little League Families,

Several weeks ago we were contacted by the new Burr Ridge Little League President with an unsolicited proposal. They have a completely new board for 2014 with the exception of their treasurer who has one year on the job. As a smaller league they face many of the same issues that we as a league have been facing. As a board representing all of you ,our number one goal has always been to try to the best of our abilities to make this the best possible experience that we can for our kids. Quite frankly while always well intended, our results have been mixed throughout the years.

Burr Ridge Little League has proposed combining our two leagues together. Last year they had 165 kids compared to our 135. We have spoken to the president of our District 9 as well as their District 11 president and were advised there would be no district issues in doing so. The only stipulation was that at tournament time we must separate again.

After careful consideration at our October board meeting we have voted in favor of merging our two leagues together for 2014. The board will consist of an equal number of representatives from both sides with two co-presidents.

Some of our reasons for doing so are as follows:

1)    Combined league with 300 kids

2)    Larger pool of parents to assist

3)    Larger balance sheet

4)    Combined usage of facilities

5)    Online registration

Our first combined board meeting is set for Monday October 21st.  Much work needs to be done to make this a success. We as a board believe now is the time to try something different and we are excited about the possibilities.

We will be piggybacking off their website and online registration which opens November 1st, verses our typical mid-January start. We will make sure everyone has plenty of time to get signed up. Our cost structure will fall in line with what we did this year.

Undoubtedly, as there always is, there will be some naysayers. I want you all to know that much discussion went into this decision. Ultimately however, we as a board believe there is enough benefit here to try it for 2014. If for some reason this does not pan out the way we anticipate we can always go back to what we did in past seasons in 2015.

I recognize this will be a big change for us and for them as well. Change can be difficult and unsettling. At this point until we begin the process there are probably more questions than answers.

That being said if you have questions, concerns or comments I would like to hear them prior to our next meeting on October 21st. Please email me at

As your President, I am confident with the support of all our great Pleasantdale families this will be a terrific experience for all our kids!


John Santaniello

Pleasantdale Little League Board President