Playmakers Bar & Grill: Welcome

 Playmakers Bar & Grill Features Recreational Sand Volleyball Leagues starting in April. Playmakers Atmosphere is what sets up apart from the rest! We aspire to give our volleyball players a Better, more Fun and Social Atmoshpere.  

Playmakers is where YOU COME PLAY TO HAVE FUN!

Playmakers 2014 Volleyball Teams!
Reserve your "Players" Party Today!
"Players" Parties are FREE  
if you played at least 1 League Session of VB in 2014!

Follow the instructions below to Book your Party


*"Players" Party Details & Instructions*  


  A "Players" Party includes a KEG of BEER & 100 wings with your choice of sauce
to in enjoy with Family and Friends

       Requirements for Registration: 

*Your Team must have completed at least 1 VB League Session in the past year (Spring, Summer, or Fall)
   to be eligible to recieve your "Players" Party.
*Teams will not receive more than 1 "Players" Party, regaurdless of the # of Leagues played.   
*ONLY the Team Captain, of this past years leagues, can reserve your "Players" Party.
**Please keep in mind that your Teams "Players" Party is a Private Party.  You are encouraged to
  invite whomever & however many people you wish.**

Registration Instructions: 

*Use the calendar below to select the date you wish to reserve for your "Players" Party
*The available dates will highlight green on the calander.  Click on the date to select it.  
*Wednesday & Thursdays are not available due to a high volume of Dart and Pool Players.  
*After you select your date, just fill in the brief information as requested.  You will receive a confirmation.      **ONLY your registered TEAM CAPTAIN can reserve your "Players Party.