I do not catch with my glove; he who catches with his glove has forgotten the face of his father. I catch with my eye. I do not throw with my arm; he who throws with his arm has forgotten the face of his father. I throw with my mind. I do not hit with my bat; he who hits with his bat has forgotten the face of his father. I hit with my heart.

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Thursday, June 11
We're BAAAaaack!!!

It appears that the Gunslingers of old have returned to Heritage Yards.  Four games into the Summer season, the team that played like harmless little gnats has cranked it up like cowboys from hell. 


Latest victim:  7 ups- who went down for the count in the last inning when the GS put up 10 consecutive runs on 10 consecutive hits.   Final Score:  GS:27, 7Up :21.    In that last inning, every Gunslinger scored, and every Gunslinger had a hit to tie a 'Slinger record for runs scored in a game (27).   Leading the way offensively were the 3 and 4 hitters, Ken Belter and Paul Brand.   Each went 5 for 6 and had a HR, and each had game high 6 RBI.  Last time a Gunslinger scored that often (and easily) the DiFranco twins were in town and got introduced to Mr. J. Cuervo.  (Sorry, I digress...)

 This big win followed up perhaps a bigger win last week against St. Marks.   The Gunslingers found themselves in a 14-1 hole through 3 innings, but then put in some nice glove work, and went to town at bat.  They rattled off a 7 run inning, and a 6 run inning to get close, and brought the hammer down in their last at bat to win 17-16.  Like I said...the Gunslingers of old...instead of the old Gunslingers!



Wednesday, March 18
What the F*%# is Going On???

A casual observer of the Gunslinger website might look at our record and assume that the site was hacked.   Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Yes, the usually dominant Gunslingers have a combined record of 1-4, and sit in the cellar of AA+ with an 0-3 record.  Their only win so far this spring was a blowout, in which the team wrangled 13 walks.

 The last time the Gunslingers were this bad, we thought Alex was a good outfielder... 

 The record can be attributed to the bats.  They have been muted, if not silent.  For example, the combined team average for both leagues is an anemic .515, with a sub-.500 AA+ BA (.495).   The bright spot (or tallest midget, some might say) is Matt Kucholtz who is leading the team with a combined .667 avg over the 5 games.

 Hopefully the bats wake up soon, providing a couple wins this Monday.  If the GS wait until player/manager Paul Brand returns from the DL, it might be too late.  (Plus, we'll never hear the end of it that we couldn't win without him...PLEEAASE win this week!)