Plainfield Optimist Soccer: Coaches

Thursday, February 13
Coaches Tools/Help

We realize that many of you did not grow up playing soccer, so don't know a lot about the game, and are therefore reluctant to coach.  We have some great tools in place that, with a little bit of prep time, allow someone with zero knowledge of the game to lead a successful team and help all these kids develop skills that will help them in soccer, other sports, and with life in general.

YouthSoccer 101:  Every coach is emailed a weekly practice plan.  It is a complete agenda on exactly what to do to have an effective practice.  These are emailed directly to you, so you don't even have to go look them up, and they are age appropriate.  If you don't quite understand the activities in that plan, you can go to their website, and there are several videos with each plan we you can see that activity demonstrated.  These plans are written in a way where the kids play "games" to learn what is being taught.  For a sample plan, here the link:

 Youth Modules:  This is an online course offered by Indiana Soccer and as members, we do not have to pay a fee to do this course.  It takes about 3-4 hours to complete, and is mandatory for all coaches U10 and up. Here's the link to the website: 

Coaching Clinics:  We do 2-3 coaching clinics each season and run them with you coaches (and parents are also welcome) as if you were the kids and it is a real practice.  The old do it, then teach it thing.  These are taught by Adam Mathis, our Director of Coaching.  He is one of our Boys travel coaches and is holds his National D License (this is a pretty big deal).

National E License: This is a class offered by Indiana Soccer.  We typically host a class once or twice a year to make it easy for you to attend.  As far as anything soccer related, it was the best 3 days of soccer of my life.  You have to pay a $106 deposit to take the class, and upon completion, since we are members of Indiana Soccer, $100 is refunded back to you.  We require all our travel coaches to be E licensed.  Click on the same link above in the Youth Module section as the info for the E is on the same page as the Youth Module.