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Winter Teams Assigned: 

Winter teams have been listed under the team rosters page. 

FIRST PRACTICE IS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25th @ 5:30 pm. We plan to size for uniforms so please bring your shorts and both jerseys so we can record numbers and make sure they still fit.

Practice will be in the fieldhouse at the high school.   

Players, Parents, and Coaches:
This message is to inform you of a change in direction with Plainfield IGHL. We have created opportunities for skill development that will be ran by our high school staff. A flyer detailing the dates of these sessions can be found by click the "Handout" link/button.
Our goal is to build a great fundamental base in the players before the winter season. Also, we will be using this period to be able to recruit and evaluate talent in our school corporation for Winter IGHL. We will expect teams playing in the winter league to participate in the IGHL State Tournament (held 2 weeks after the winter season.) In addition, the high school coaching staff will be putting together a series of coaching clinics to aid our IGHL coaches. Those dates will be announced soon.
We have decided not to organize Fall Teams. This is being done for the following reasons:
1) Difficulty in getting information out to the community and conducting tryouts before the fall season.
2) Some players not being able to participate in the Fall due to other commitments and then our coaches being tasked with splitting Fall teams up when new players register for the Winter season.
3) A gap in fundamental instruction that exists in our youth program.
Players and coaches from previous years are welcome to put teams together for the Fall. They will not be organized by us and we are not bound to those rosters and coaches when the Winter IGHL season starts. Those coaches will need to find their own practice dates, locations, and times. The high school staff can help facilitate finding practice locations, if needed. We always encourage playing the game of basketball whenever possible. Fall registration is due by August 26th. You can find the main IGHL website in the "Links" section of this website.
If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Coach Michael Menser will be taking over as the point of contact for Plainfield IGHL. His email address is mmenser@plainfield.k12.in.us
Thank you!