Pittsford Hawks Soccer Club: History

About the Club
The Pittsford Hawks Soccer club offers opportunities for youth training and competition for children beginning at age five.

The club promotes sportsmanship and character through commitment and fellowship by the promotion of a fondness for the sport of soccer for the child and parent alike.

The coaches will teach tactics, techniques and laws of the game to players and parents for the enjoyment of the game of soccer.

The players and families will help to develop the quality and excellence of instruction leading to the highest level of skill in competition in which each player has the ability to reach his or her maximum potential.

The Coaches as role models teach the players fair play and sportsmanship relating to the laws of the game.

The player, parents, and coach should support soccer games that involve travel.

The emphasis of a high level of competition requires teamwork that necessitates active participation in all practices. A less than full time participant will likewise receive diminished playing time in game competition.

The parents of the players are encouraged to attend any practice, or board meeting, and play with the athletes as a family bonding.

The 5-9 year old instructional team will be encouraged to play local games with the emphasis being on laws of the game and sportsmanship.