Pitman Little League: Welcome


Important Announcements 

Thank you for your interset in Pitman Little League.  We are transitioning to a new website: www.leaguelineup.com/pitmanll

 Please click on the above link to visit the new site and make note of the new website address for future reference.  The eteamz site will not be no longer be updated effective April 2016.

Thank you!




Pitman Little League General Membership Meeting

The next Little League meeting will be Wednesday, December 9th at 8:00pm, Boro Hall.  


Rained Out
Rained Out - Click here to Sign Up

Text Pitman to 84483 to receive text alerts about field closures or changes during our 2015 Spring season.

You can register your cell phone number or email on the RainedOut site using our keyword Pitman.

As part of this free service, RainedOut will add an advertisement at the end of any text sent by Pitman Little League. Pitman Little League does not endorse or recommend any products or services advertised at the end of a text sent via the RainedOut service.

 Full details can be found in their FAQ section. RainedOut's privicy policy can be reviewed here. http://www.rainedout.com/privacy

Pitman Little League is now on Facebook - Click Here

Please take the time to check out our Facebook page and feel free to add your Little league photos to our wall of Fame.

2015 Updated Baseball Bat Rules - Click Here for more info