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Friday, November 26
Who's #1?............

The Nashville Storm (118.8) will officially be the #1 ranked team in the nation according to the "Power Ratings +" ranking system.

The original Power Rating system was devised back in 1997 by NFL Statistician, Dave Kmiecik. It is used to measure the overall performance of a team by taking into consideration numerous statistical categories, including strength of schedule.

This Power Rating system was used by the Minor League Football News in 2004, as the official system for determining the MFLN National Top 20 Rankings. 

The PR + is an extension of the Power Rating System, and takes into consideration whether or not a team won its league championship, and current ranking in other national polls.

The PR + can only be applied at the end of the season.

The Top 12 teams are listed above.  The Central Penn Piranha (100.0) are currently ranked #7.

*  120.0 is the maximum rating.

*  The Nashville Storm are projected to remain at #1 even after the new polls are updated.