Piranha Football - A Winning Tradition: '10 Press Box: Piranha Named Team of the Decade

Thursday, June 3
Piranha Named Team of the Decade

Competing against over one thousand teams that were in the running, the Central Penn Piranha proved that they could sustain success over a long period of time.

The National Football Events organization selected the Central Penn Piranha as the Team of the Decade for the years 2000-2009. During that 10 year span, the Piranha ranked in the NFE Top 20 every single year, including 7 years ranked #9 or higher.

The Central Penn Piranha were the only team that could claim a NFE Top 20 ranking during the decade. The Brooklyn Mariners and Kane County (IL) Eagles each recorded eight years of NFE Top 20 rankings.

Another successful program, the Detroit Seminoles, finished ranked in the NFE Top 10 in eight years during that span.

NFE Team of the Decade Rankings
1.   Central Penn Piranha
2.   Brooklyn Mariners
3.   Kane County (IL) Eagles
4.   Detroit Seminoles
5.   Racine (WI) Raiders
6.   Southern Ogden (UT) Rhino Raiders
7.   Austin Gamebreakers
8.   Dallas Diesel
9.   Eastside (WA) Hawks
10. Atlanta Prime
11. Buffalo Gladiators
12. Marlboro (MA) Shamrocks
13. Monroe County (NY) Sting
14. SoCal Steelers
15. Nashville Storm
16. Prince William (VA) Monarchs
17. Albany Metro Mallers
18. Lowell (MA) Nor'easter
19. Wichita Falls (TX) Drillers
20. St. Paul (MN) Pioneers

The Piranha finished the recent decade with a .929 winning percentage, played in 4 league championship games, and won 2 of them. Both of those victories (2002, 2005) secured the National Championship for the “Men in Black.”

Stepping outside of the realm of Minor League Football, further research validates the “Decade of Excellence” for Piranha football. Please view the Team of the Decade Data Graphic at the end of the article.

Looking at winning percentages, only one team topped the Central Penn Piranha during the past decade. The Mount Union (OH) Purple Raiders had a winning percentage of .965, and claimed 6 National Championships.

Based on the following points system, the Piranha ranked in the Top 5 among elite sports programs during the past decade.

Championship Win = 4 Points
Championship Loss = 3 Points
Final 4 Loss = 2 Points
Elite 8 Loss = 1 Point

The SI Rank column refers to the 25 best sports franchises from the 2000s, as selected by Sports Illustrated. The 25 best overall teams from the four major professional sports (NFL, NBA, MLB and the NHL), D-1 college football, and men's and women's D-1 college basketball.